chapter 14 Huang Jiaqizi

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
There was only a loud noise, and Terry Lu's fist hit Charlie Huang's chest.
Charlie Huang vomited blood and flew out backwards.
"Master Huang."
Bodhi, who was like a mute, finally spoke, and strode to Charlie Huang side.
While supporting Charlie Huang, he took out a dagger, and stared at Terry Lu with a stern look in his eyes.
At this moment, Bodhi was extremely shocked. He knew of Master Huang's strength. He had never met an opponent in all these years in Xijing .
How many self-proclaimed masters are like chickens and dogs in front of Huang Ye. This person can seriously injure Huang Ye with a single punch. How strong is this person?
Blood was continuously overflowing from Charlie Huang’s mouth, accompanied by small pieces of minced meat. It seemed that the internal organs had been completely shattered, and the injury was extremely serious.
"Master Huang, you go first."
Looking at the situation, Bodhi made a decisive decision, ready to kill Terry Lu , and at the same time, he was prepared to die. Terry Lu's strength was far higher than Huang , and he is far away to match.
However, his life was given by Charlie Huang, so he just gave it back to Charlie Huang.
Charlie Huang stared at Terry Lu for a long time with distracted eyes, and when he heard Bodhi's words, he smiled wryly and Taoist his head, "No, let's go, he won't chase."
Charlie Huang knew in his heart that this punch had already killed him, and the opponent didn't need to make another move at all, Bodhi stayed behind, just to die.
When Bodhi heard this, he also knew that he was not Terry Lu's opponent at all, so he helped Charlie Huang up and prepared to leave here first.
With the support of Bodhi , Charlie Huang struggled to stand up, and said: "There are many heroes in the world, Huang has seen it."
With his hands behind his back, Terry Lu stood on the spot and said coldly, "I warned you."
"Thank you for giving me time to deal with the funeral."
After speaking, Charlie Huang covered his chest, which had obviously collapsed, and left with the Bodhi.
After the two left, Terry Lu looked at his fist and shook his head.
Since eating that dragon and practicing the Dragon Rise Technique, his own strength has grown too fast, and he still can't grasp his own strength very well.
Originally, he didn't want to kill Charlie Huang, he just wanted to seriously injure him, teach him a lesson, let him not bother him in the future, and at the same time give Evely Mu a warning.
However, under the punch, he still didn't control the strength well. Charlie Huang probably won't live long.
Charlie Huang and Bodhi left Chaowen Lane and came to the side of the road.
Charlie Huang coughed up blood and said, "Stop the car and take me to Villa South Mount."
Bodhi immediately stopped a taxi, dragged the driver off, helped Charlie Huang into the car, and then galloped away amidst the driver's yelling and cursing.
Bodhi was driving the car, his brows were furrowed.
He also could see that Huang Ye's injury was serious and his life would be in danger at any time. They had to get there as soon as possible. There was no one who could cure Huang Ye. The journey was fast and fast, running through countless red lights. Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at a villa at the foot of Chengnan Mountain.
Charlie Huang got out of the car, clutched his chest, staggered to the gate of the villa, and Taoist while vomiting blood.
"Huang Chao, the abandoned son of the Charlie Huang family, came to ask for help."
Charlie Huang is actually a member of the Huang family. If the Master in the world know about this, they will be surprised.
The two gates of the villa were closed tightly, and Charlie Huang coughed up blood and knelt in front of the gates and waited.
He knew that with his current status, he could not directly enter the Huang family, otherwise it would easily cause trouble to the Huang family, and he had to wait for someone from the family to deal with it.
After a while, the lights in the courtyard came on, the door opened, and an old man who looked to be in sixties came out surrounded by several people.
The old man was wearing pajamas and a long robe outside. It seemed that he had already lay down and got up in a hurry.
Seeing Charlie Huang's appearance, the old man and the people behind him all looked solemn.
Charlie Huang saw that he was the head of the family, and those who followed the head of the family were all core figures of the family. Knowing his true identity, he no longer concealed it, kowtowed and said.
"Charlie Huang begged the Patriarch to show mercy and rescue me."
Following this sentence, a large amount of blood mixed with minced meat was spit out from the mouth again, and the scene was horrible.
The person in the long robe was none other than Jansen Huang, the head of the Huang family. He frowned at Charlie Huang and spoke after a long time.
"You have been expelled from the house. You have nothing to do with the Huang family. Get out of here."
After saying this, Jansen Huang turned around and walked into the courtyard without hesitation, and the people who followed behind him were stunned for a while before turning around one after another.
The gate of the villa was closed again, isolating Charlie Huang's gaze and his life.
Charlie Huang was completely stunned. He never expected that the head of the family would refuse to save him!
For the Huang family, for so many years, regardless of his personal reputation, he walked in the dark, how many things he did that violated his conscience and conscience, and how much wealth he brought to the family.
He absolutely couldn't believe that when his life was dying, the family abandoned him like this.
Looking at the two pitch-black gates, Charlie Huang smiled wryly, knowing that it was useless to beg him. He was a dying man, and he was already an outcast. The Huang family wanted to completely disown him.
"Master Huang, let's break in."
The Bodhi on one side took out the dagger again and was about to rush into the courtyard of the villa.
Charlie Huang tried his best to stop the Bodhi, and then panted and said, "It's useless, I don't have much time, take me to Toko Kelontong Forget Worry."
"Toko Kelontong Forget Worry?"
Hearing this order, Bodhi was obviously taken aback.
"Stop rambling, let's go."
Following Charlie Huang's order again, Bodhi didn't dare to resist, quickly helped Charlie Huang into the car, and galloped all the way to Chaowen Lane.
At this time, in the living room of the villa, Jansen Huang and several others were sitting on the wicker chairs, all of them had solemn faces, and no one spoke.
After a long time, someone finally couldn't bear it and whispered.
"Patriarch, what Charlie Huang said, he has made great contributions to the family. Isn't it wrong to see death like this?"
Jansen Huang Taoist.
"I knew you would question this decision."
Jansen Huang got up, walked back and forth alone for a long time, and then spoke slowly.
"I've seen Charlie Huang's injuries. Unless he uses the Family Treasure, he can recover. Even if he recovers, he will probably be a useless person."
"As you all know, the family has produced a genius Jim Huang in recent years. He is talented and brilliant. He is very likely to step into the realm of a Grandmaster. I am going to save that treasure of the Family Treasure to help him."
"As long as someone in the family can enter the Master Level, what a glory and prosperity it will be. In the whole of China, the Huang family will be a first-class existence, which is of great significance."
"As for Charlie Huang, he is already a dying person, and he has the status of a Dark World. Which is more important to save him with the treasure of the town?"
Jansen Huang's remarks left everyone speechless.
From the standpoint of the family, Jansen Huang's actions are understandable.
However, in doing so, wouldn't it be chilling for a young man who has carried a bad reputation for many years for the family, is loyal to the family, and has made great contributions to the family.
Isn't it too cruel to Charlie Huang to do this?
At this moment, such thoughts arose in everyone's hearts.
"I know, you will say that I am ruthless and cold-blooded, but you have to remember that I did this for the sake of the family, just like Charlie Huang, I have a clear conscience for the family's notoriety, presumably Charlie Huang will understand. "
Chaowen Lane.
With the support of Bodhi , Charlie Huang stumbled to the door of Toko Kelontong Forget Worry, pushed open the two wooden doors, walked a few steps, and fell down in front of Terry Lu who was sleeping soundly with a "bang".
Terry Lu rubbed his eyes, opened his eyes with displeasure, looked at Bodhi who was lying on the ground and kneeling beside him, and said slowly.
"What's happening here?"
Like a fish on the wasteland, Charlie Huang panted violently and said.
"I've come to see you on business."
"Hehe, there are rules for asking me to do business."
Terry Lu lit a cigarette and said softly.
"I know, I'm willing to give you all my property and the influence of my subordinates. I just ask you to uproot the Huang family."
As he spoke, Charlie Huang's face twisted.
His heart hurts!
After so many years of hard work, what he got in return was just ruthless abandonment. He now hates the Huang family to the bone. If he hadn't held his breath in his heart, he might not have survived this meeting.
Upon hearing this, Terry Lu shook his head and Taoist.
"I can't do such a thing as destroying family, I'm sorry."
When Charlie Huang heard it, he looked disappointed, and then he seemed to remember something, and said.
"Don't you like old things? I know that the Huang family has something. It is the Family Treasure of our Huang family. I don't know how many years it has been handed down. It must be useful to you."

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