chapter 7 Kill the Black-armored Giant Python

by Zachary 17:30,Oct 20,2023

Liu City, like Xiao City, relies on the Sunset Mountains, but there is a long distance between the two cities. It is really strange for the Liu Family family to appear here.

People in both cities rely on the resources of the Sunset Mountain Range to survive. Although there is no specific division on the surface, the area where they are now belongs to Xiao City.

Ethan Xiao gathered his thoughts and looked at the people of the Liu Family not far away with cold eyes.

"Huh? What about the Bloodmark Wolf corpse? Why is there only the Black-armored Giant Python left?" The boy in white looked at the pool of blood in the distance, but frowned.

"Second brother, forget about the Bloodmark Wolf body disappearing. As long as we get the Soul Crystal of this Black-armored Giant Python , my eldest brother will break through the Battle Master and find the Third-ranked Soul Beast for you." The burly man was full of energy, and he saw that his whole body was full of energy. The Black-armored Giant Python was blood, and he didn't take it too seriously.

"Okay." The young man in white nodded, and then waved: "Take this Black-armored Giant Python and reward each of them with two hundred lower-grade soul stones."

"Don't worry, Second Young Master. This Black-armored Giant Python has been seriously injured. It's very easy to kill him." A servant of the Liu Family said with a nonchalant smile.

The others were also very powerful. At this moment, the aura of the Black-armored Giant Python was extremely weakened, and it was impossible to display the strength that a Third-ranked Soul Beast should have.

They are all Peak-stage Warrior, and if they work together to kill, even the third-order mid-level soul beasts in their heyday will not take them too seriously.

"Kill!" The burly man waved his tomahawk, and in a flash he came to the Black-armored Giant Python. The tomahawk fell, sparks shot out, and the Black-armored Giant Python roared.

"It's true that he is strong on the outside but capable on the inside." When the others saw this, they immediately became extremely confident.

Ethan Xiao, who was hiding in the dark, frowned. There was something wrong with the painting style. The Black-armored Giant Python swallowed the body of the Bloodmark Wolf. It shouldn't be so thin.

However, the next moment, Ethan Xiao understood instantly.

When the man approached the Black-armored Giant Python, the Black-armored Giant Python suddenly roared wildly, and its domineering body was suddenly thrown across the air. The wind surged in the void, and nine figures were knocked away, vomiting blood.

"It's still strong enough to fight, run!" the burly man roared. Until now, he still didn't know that the Black-armored Giant Python just tricked them into approaching and would kill them with one strike.

Because its strength was greatly reduced at this moment, and it was indeed unable to exert its peak combat power, it deliberately showed its weakness to the enemy.

Unfortunately, it was too late to run away now. The Black-armored Giant Python went crazy, opened its mouth and swallowed the two Cultivator in an instant. The snake's tail stirred, and its soul power swept away, and it rushed towards the boy in white.

"Brother, save me!" The boy in white was so frightened that his face turned pale and his whole body was shaking.

It was too late, but soon, the burly man stepped in front of him, and a white shadow suddenly appeared behind him. It was an axe, a Fourth-grade Battle Soul thunder axe!

His body jumped high, mobilizing the power of the Battle Soul. The Battle Soul merged with the battle ax in his hand, and the explosive ax slashed down fiercely.

boom! A large amount of blood rained down, and the burly man was thrown away, vomiting blood from his mouth.

The Black-armored Giant Python stared at them with cold eyes, swam its body, and soon came to the two of them, but it had no intention of taking action.

The boy in white was pale and trembling all over.

"Daniel Liu, did you take something from him? Give it back to him quickly!" The burly man roared and spit out a few more mouthfuls of blood. The Black-armored Giant Python's blow almost made him lose his fighting power.

Daniel Liu, a young man in white clothes, looked horrified, and slowly took out a green and tender grass from his hand, which was Dragon Saliva Grass.

The Black-armored Giant Python roared, swallowing the snake letter, and stared at the Dragon Saliva Grass with burning eyes.

"Here's the Dragon Saliva Grass, let us leave!" Although Daniel Liu was extremely unwilling, a plant of Dragon Saliva Grass was much more valuable than a third-level peak Soul Crystal.

The Black-armored Giant Python nodded humanely, fearing that Daniel Liu would destroy the Dragon Saliva Grass.

"Let's go!" The burly man yelled when he saw this. The other severely injured servants of the Liu Family retreated towards the distance. Daniel Liu slowly put down the Dragon Saliva Grass, then turned around and ran away.

The Black-armored Giant Python let out a low roar and did not pursue Daniel Liu and the others. Its target was only Dragon Saliva Grass. Although it was seriously injured now, one Dragon Saliva Grass was enough to bring it back to its peak and even go further.

Looking into the jungle with cold eyes, it was sure that Daniel Liu and the others had left. Its momentum instantly weakened, and it hit the ground with a crash, leaving almost only one breath left.

"This Black-armored Giant Python is really smart."Ethan Xiao squinted his eyes, and nothing about the Black-armored Giant Python escaped his capture. "I guess it doesn't even have the second-level peak combat power now."

Seeing the Black-armored Giant Python slowly crawling towards the Dragon Saliva Grass, Ethan Xiao moved. The Ghost Battle Soul appeared behind him, and the terrifying soul power bloomed. He stepped on the Phantom Steps, reaching a speed of The ultimate, instantly appeared behind the Black-armored Giant Python, the Second-grade Battle Skill Feihong Sword roared out, and the sword energy surged.

puff! The sharp sword light stood on the head of the Black-armored Giant Python, a bloody mouth appeared, and blood flew out.

"Roar!"The Black-armored Giant Python roared, and the huge snake tail swept towards Ethan Xiao. Ethan Xiao felt the roar of the wind in the void. If this blow hit him, he would be seriously injured even if he didn't die.

Although the Black-armored Giant Python was severely wounded by the divine beast, its physical body was still extremely domineering. Even a Peak-stage Warrior would never be able to block this attack.

In the light of the calcium carbide fire, Ethan Xiao Phantom Steps forward, instead of retreating, and appeared sideways under the high head of the Black-armored Giant Python, sweeping away the dragon's tail.

Ethan Xiao was thankful in his heart. If he was still at the Peak-stage Battle Spirit, he would never have been able to dodge the attack just now. The Second-grade Battle Skill consumed a lot of soul power, and only Battle Warrior could withstand it.

"Diamond Finger!"Ethan Xiao shouted loudly, and the terrifying soul power bloomed on the Refined Steel Sword, turning the sword into a finger. All attacks were concentrated into one point, and the Refined Steel Sword stabbed upward.

With a puff, the Refined Steel Sword suddenly penetrated into the jaw of the Black-armored Giant Python, piercing the entire bone, and blood spurted out, dyeing Ethan Xiao's body red.

The Black-armored Giant Python struggled hard twice and then made no sound anymore. It was obvious that it could not die anymore.

Almost at the same time, Ethan Xiao soul power was exhausted, and the Ghost Battle Soul entered the Dantian. His feet became weak and he almost collapsed on the ground. He staggeredly picked up the Dragon Saliva Grass on the ground and carefully put it away, and then put the Bloodmark Wolf Holding the Soul Crystal in his hand, he began to quickly absorb and refine it.

In this battle, he really felt the power of the Third-ranked Soul Beast. If it hadn't been seriously injured, he probably wouldn't have been able to hold it in his teeth.

After a moment, he opened his eyes with a solemn look on his face, looked up at the body of the Black-armored Giant Python not far away, and walked slowly over.

After a while, he had another black Soul Crystal exuding a faint light in his hand. Compared to the Bloodmark Wolf, this Soul Crystal was purer.

"What a pity. This Black-armored Giant Python is full of treasures, but with such a big body, I can't take it away at all."Ethan Xiao sighed secretly.

The scales and sharp teeth of the Black-armored Giant Python are excellent materials for making sharp weapons. Likewise, the blood of the Black-armored Giant Python is also precious to alchemists.

"Captain, the sound of fighting just now came from this direction." Just as Ethan Xiao was about to leave, a voice sounded, and then, several figures entered the eyes of several people instantly.

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