Chapter 4 Hysteria

by Cloud 15:15,Jul 24,2020

It shocked everyone, even the manager himself.

This guy here is the well-known good-for-nothing live-in son-in-law of Chen’s family?

Daisy Chen was gloating over people’s astonishment. Pointed to Victor again, she continued sneeringly:”He had been mooching off my family for three years like a worthless termite, he could’ve starved to death if it weren’t for my family! And now you’re telling me that he’s got a diamond card of this place? Ridiculous! Where do you think he could get that much money to buy it?”

She looked like she was sure that people’s would be on her side.

Meanwhile, Carl started adding fuel to the flames, sneeringly as well:”That’s all damn true. Here’s something you guys didn’t know: half an hour ago, this exalted diamond card owner of yours just asked Daisy, my girlfriend’s younger sister, for money! She’s just a second-year college student! It took her months of frugal life to save just a few thousand bucks. And this shameless bastard asked her for money just to buys gifts for her grandma’s birthday! What do you think such thing is?And do you really think a penniless filthy stray dog like him can afford a goddamn diamond card of the Ivy Loft?”

Carl knew everything about Victor’s comedown.

Half an hour before, Daisy was still scolding him because of a few thousands bucks he asked for.

Half an hour later, he became a diamond card owner?

No one would ever believe such thing.

“No way he could afford a card, not even silver!”

“Of course. A loser who ask for money from a college student? It’s just impossible that he has a membership card, let alone a diamond one.”

“I guess it’s either a stolen or a fabricated one.”

The crowd got angry,too. They all started condemning Victor.

It even confused the manager. Was he really mistaken? He threw a embarrassed look at Victor, ready to ask him to take the card to the reception to check again since there did lie such a possibility that it was an invalid card.

But Victor take a step up to Daisy and said:”So you don’t think I can afford a diamond card?”

Daisy raised her head:”To hell you can!”

“Hmm...” Victor smiled and give the card to the manager and said:”Run whatever checks you can on it, then tell them whether I can really afford a diamond card of yours.”

“Will do, sir. A moment, please.” The manager took the card and went downstairs.

“Well, let’s all see how far you want to keep your drama going.” Sneered Daisy.

Two minutes later, the manager showed up again.

“How did it go, manager Wu? It’s got problems, isn’t it?”

The manager took a look a Daisy indifferently and said nothing, then he returned that card Victor with all due respect.

It irritated Daisy.

“Hey, I’m asking you! Does this loser’s card have problems?” Asked Daisy, again.

“Mr’s Chu’s card is perfectly valid and authentic, no problem at all.”Replied the manager, indifferently still.

“No way!”Exclaimed Daisy, who sounded a hundred percent sure:”I’ve known him for three years and I know exactly who he is! There’s no damn way he could afford a diamond card!”

“Do you really think you know him well?” Said manager, with subtle sympathy in his eyes.

“What do you mean?” Said Daisy, as her face turned gloomy.

“I didn’t mean anything.” The manager shook his head and took out a receipt from his pocket,”It says here that Mr Chu paid one million for a diamond membership card of the Ivy Loft, on cash.”

“That’s bullshit!” Shouted Daisy, incensed. She snatched the receipt before the manager finish his words.

After she saw the name and the number on it, her face turned pale.

“ way.”Murmured Daisy, looking absent-minded,”Fake, it’s got to be fake!”

She had become a bit hysterical. She tore the receipt apart and shouted at the manager:”He had paid you, hadn’t him? You’re all part of his drama right? Isn’t it!?”

“No and no, miss.” Said the manager, frowned. What made her think that a silver card owner like her could stand against the Ivy Loft?

“Cut the crap!”Exclaimed Daisy, after which she turned to Victor and said:”Listen up, you trash! Tell them the truth and stop your stupid drama, then you’ll have a chance of earning my love and respect again!”

“Daisy Chen, I admit...”

“You hear that, manager? He ADMITS it!” Before Victor finished, Daisy interrupted excitingly.

“What’s damn wrong with you and your little brain, Daisy Chen?” Victor couldn’t stand up with it anymore.

“What?” Screamed Daisy.

“What’s wrong with you and your little brain?” Victor repeated smilingly, out of anger, of course.”I was trying to say there must be something that went wrong in my brain that I chose you. Now my brain’s working fine, and if you please, get the hell out of my sight!”

“You bastard!” Shrieked Daisy, who had went completely hysterical and sprinted toward Victor.

Victor stood still and showed no expression. As Daisy was getting near, the manager showed up and stood in front of him.

“Miss Chen, please mind your behavior!”

“Fuck off!” Incensed as Daisy, she raised her hand again and was about to slap the manager.

But the manager stopped her as he grabbed her hand.

“This is our last warning, miss Chen. This is the Ivy Loft, not your house! If you need a place to let go of your anger, get back yo your own place!” Exclaimed the manager, who was clearly pissed, too.

Carl walked up and stopped Daisy as he noticed how the things would go:”Honey? Easy, honey, there’s no need to waste our time on these losers.”

“But, but they bullied me!” Said Daisy, nearly crying.

“We’ll get back at them, I promise.” Continued Carl.

Daisy nodded, looking less angry. Then she pointed at Victor’s nose and scorned:”Especially this one! He has to pay for this! ”

“Of course he will, baby. I’ll show him a lesson and make him apologize like a slave tomorrow at grandma’s birthday.”

“Okay,” Daisy;s arrogance was back again. She looked to Victor and said:”Damn you loser! I don;t care whether these people are part of your drama today or whatever, you’ll get your ass kicked tomorrow and get the hell out of our family! You’d better not beg for mercy by then!”

Daisy left a sneer and walked away with Carl.

“Sir, we’re sorry what happened...” The manager tried to apologize again, but Victor stopped him with a smile:”It’s alright.”

“Take me to the sixth floor, I still have something on my shopping list.”

“Sure sir, please follow me.”

The manager took Victor to the sixth floor, also with all due respect.

The next day, the Chen’s family’s house was crowded with their relatives and also their business partners.

Victor ran into Dinah as he left his house.

She looked mature that day: dark brown skirt and a pink tube top, which gave her the beauty of both youth and maturity, also a bit of sexy taste.

“Victor, Daisy met my brother yesterday and she took his money. Did you bring a gift to grandma? If can take mine to her. It’s really important, most of our relatives will be there, but they just wants to see you being mocked at, because, you know, your reputation here isn’t that good.”

Victor was all ears. Dinah might be the only warmth he had in the three years he spent there.

“My gift for grandma cost quite much, so you don’t have to worry about price.” Dinah explained seeing Victor remained silent, and gave him a delicate box made jade.But Victor noticed the jade bracelet on her tiny white hand was gone.

“You sold that jade bracelet?” Victor looked stern. It surprised him that Dinah sold her favorite bracelet just to buy a gift for grandma.

“, I didn’t.” Said Dinah, looked like she was trying to hide something as she drew her hand back.

“Dinah Chen!” There came a angry voice form her back.

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