Taste me, Daddy

Taste me, Daddy

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What happens to girls who do not listen to their parents? They are punished. What happens to little girls whose father cares about them more than anyone else? They fall in love with their step-daddy. Maya was not any different. She was a girl with a drinking problem and an absentee step-father who came back home to find his little girl all grown up and sexy and her Daddy knew that she needed pain to introduce her to a world of pleasure. A different kind of world in which the girl became engrossed and she became a willing submissive to pleasure. However when she went to college, Maya was kidnapped and she was never found again. She was stripped of her name, of her dignity and of her identity. Still then she fought, and tried to escape but then she was sold to Master Jay Flint who was a Promethean in his field. She kept on fighting and he kept on trying to break her down. In this time they did not even know when they both fell in love….