Bedding the Billionaire

Bedding the Billionaire

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★Sutton-  I know for a fact that nothing in this life comes free. When you live in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of town. You know a thing or two about hunger, fear, and despair. Ever since Mama passed away, I have gotten along just fine. I go to work, keep my head down, and do my best to stay out of trouble.  But he always seems to find me... trouble, that is. When Mr. Hot-shot New York turned up telling me that I had inherited a bunch of money, I laughed in his face. I knew down to my toes that something had to be wrong. Nobody, nowhere, no-how had ever gone out of their way to leave me so much as a dime. This was far too 'happily ever after' for my liking. I just wished that he wasn’t so insistent…  -or clearly the best looking man I'd ever seen.  -or smelled so darn good.  - or easily my greatest mistake waiting to happen. ★Mark-  I was groomed to take over the boss’s company. I’ve worked, no slaved, for years making Sutton Industries the most lucrative, sought after, and most coveted fortune five hundred company in New York.  Then out of nowhere, the old man tells me on his death bed--no less, that he has a long lost daughter. Not only was I tasked with finding the girl, I was also expected to hand over half the company. My damn company! Well, I found her. Living in the middle of Hillbilly Hell, working as a waitress, and living in a single wide. The sharks on Wall-street would eat this chick for breakfast. How was I supposed to bring this girl up to task when she didn't even own a pair of shoes that didn't once belong to somebody else? This girl is trouble. Walking away would be the sane thing to do. But there is something vulnerable about her. I can't put my finger on it. Won't put my finger on her, no matter how badly I am itching to touch her. I hated being the nice guy. It wasn't in my DNA.