Frame Me

Frame Me

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Jocelyn 'Jo' Turner is the leader of a street gang called the Sky Hawks. She has one secret- she uses her gang for good. She is filled with nothing but disdain for other gangs who terrorize the city of Odton. That is, except for Asher Mason, a hot charismatic gang leader who is too hot for his own good. Not that she'll let him know, she's sworn off the likes of him. Asher is the leader of the Sopranos, a street gang with the aim of stopping illegal activities in Odton. There's nothing he hates more than the other gangsters, so why is he attracted to Jocelyn? Things go sideways when Jo and Asher are framed for murdering a cop and they have to team up in order to save their lives. Will they be able to do that before they run out of time?