chapter 15 Worship

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After leaving the Harris residence, Dennis called Carlos.
"Hey, Dennis! Carlos here. What orders do you have?"
"Notify the major families that after two days, we will go to the north slope of Mountain Hope to worship."
"All right, Dennis."
After hanging up the phone, in less than an hour, all the significant families were notified by Carlos.
It was scarce for Carlos to issue orders personally.
The content of the order is relatively simple. The representatives of each family are required to wear plain clothes when they arrive at the north slope of Mountain Hope Mountain at 9 am the day after tomorrow.
The major families were a little confused as soon as this order was issued.
9 am the day after tomorrow? What are you doing on the north slope of Mountain Hope Mountain?
Isn't there a mass grave?
"Did someone in Carlos's family die?"
"Are you kidding? Carlos's family passed away. Of course, they were buried in the cemetery. How could it be on that broken hill?"
"That's not certain. Carlos has a low profile so he may be buried in Mountain Hope."
"If this is the case, then we can't be negligent. In the morning of the day after tomorrow, we all wear black suits, and no one can be late!"
"Yes, it's an honor to be able to attend the funeral of Carlos's family. This shows that Carlos doesn't treat us as outsiders. This is a symbol of status!"
After hearing about this incident, the prominent families were relatively happy, thinking this event was honorable.
After Carlos's notice was issued, all the families treated it as a top priority.
This opportunity to meet with Carlos is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
However, it has yet to be stated how many people are limited to each family, so anyone who wants to go can go.
The Clarkson family also received the notice.
"Ben, shall we go?" Felicia asked.
Ben nodded, "Of course, we're going. This is a good opportunity to curry favor with Carlos. Because of that son of a bitch from the Buchanan, our Clarkson family has been isolated. We finally have such an occasion. Of course, we will go."
"First, I want to explain to the three major families that we have kicked Lily out of the house and drawn a clear line with her."
"Secondly, I will also take this opportunity to curry favor with Carlos. Maybe I can meet Hugh from the Zark Group and win over the relationship."
Everyone agrees with Ben's words.
This Dennis made the Clarkson family miserable and offended the three prominent families. The Clarkson family may be over if they don't embrace a new thigh.
That brat of the Buchanan is funny, threatening Ben to kneel and beg them to return.
What are spring and autumn dreams?
Lily and Richard tried their best to avoid the topic of offering sacrifices for two days because they had also been notified that after two days, Carlos and other families would pay respects to relatives in Mountain Hope.
That's Carlos!
With him present, the core members of other families would also be current. With so many people occupying the venue, Dennis had no chance to worship the Buchanan.
Everyone is a big man with a head, face, and prominent leader.
Dennis is just a commoner. I'm afraid there will be martial law on the spot, and Dennis will not even be able to enter the foot of the mountain.
Moreover, even if they got in, once the three significant families noticed, the bones of the Buchanan's old relatives might not even be able to stay in Mountain Hope.
Maybe they will dig up the grave, leaving the corpse in the wilderness, and there will be no peace after death!
Originally, Lily's father and daughter agreed for Dennis to go with him to worship the old Buchanan, but now they can only stop Dennis, hoping that he will not make trouble.
There was plenty of time to pay homage to relatives, so it was good to stagger this critical moment.
Therefore, Lily, father, and daughter try not to mention this matter as much as possible and hope that Dennis will forget it by then.
But it's a pity that Dennis will never forget the anniversary of the death of the Buchanan; how could he forget it?
He has studied art for ten years to return to make his former enemies kneel and kowtow in front of his parents' graves.
Two days later, on the tenth anniversary of the Buchanan family's death, Dennis got up early, changed into white clothes, and left the Clarkson residence before dawn.
After Lily woke up, she realized that Dennis had already left and immediately became anxious.
"Dad! What should I do? Dennis has already left; if he meets the three prominent families, Dennis may be in danger!
Richard also showed worry, "Dennis is a child who has no power and power and has a violent temper. Once he encounters him, something will happen. There were big figures like Carlos and Hugh in the scene. If Dennis were to go up and offend the two big shots, the consequences would be disastrous. Hurry up, let's stop him!"
However, just as Lily was about to go out, they suddenly received a phone call, and Richard's expression changed drastically!
"Lily! No, your mother has been arrested!"
Lily's face turned pale instantly, "What's going on? Who caught my mother!"
"It's the Reid! The Reid said that an eye for an eye, blood for blood, that they would break your mother's legs and let her beg for food!"
Lily's face was ashen. She knew that it was because she offended Reid at the bidding meeting that day that her mother was arrested!
"What to do, Dad?"
Richard frowned, thought for a moment, and said.
"I heard that the King family and the Reid in the provincial capital have a good relationship. Otherwise, I'll go ask the King family!"
Lily frowned. The King family in the provincial capital was the one that Lily had a marriage contract with.
Originally, Lily was a little disgusted, but now her mother's safety is more important, and she can't care about those things anymore.
"Dad, call them quickly!"
The duo couldn't care less about going to pay homage to Buchanan with Dennis, so they hurriedly called Mars.
Mars, the young heir of the King family, was also shocked when he heard this.
She crippled Warren's two legs!
That was too bold!
"Lily, I can only try."
It was a severe incident to break Warren's leg; It might not be helpful even if the King family had stood up for them. Anyway, what they could do now was to try.

At the same time, the northern slope of Mountain Hope was full of people.
The mass graves in this vast wasteland are inaccessible, and there are no roads. Everyone drives to the foot of the mountain and can only hike up.
But even so, no one complained.
It was almost nine o'clock, a Bentley stopped at the foot of the mountain, and a man got out of the car wearing a black suit and walked up.
"It's Hugh Zark from the Zark Group!"
He was the wealthiest man in Handong Province! A big man who could determine the economic lifeline of the entire Donghae City!
Only a few representatives of the significant families dared to come forward to say hello, and the rest didn't even have the chance to shake hands with Hugh.
The ACE Group was established in the past few days, and they will try their best to curry favor with Hugh.
It was just that Hugh's attitude toward them was icy, and everyone can'tould put a hot face on their cold ass.
As soon as Hugh arrived, a red flag stopped at the foot of the mountain, and Carlos also came here.
Everyone immediately crowded over, each one respectful.
Carlos also wore a black tunic suit, looking solemn.
After Carlos came up, Mountain Hope was immediately under martial law, and there were armed police officers and soldiers around the foot of the mountain, armed with guns, waiting in full force.
Looking at the representatives of the prominent families, all dressed seriously, Carlos nodded.
"Is everyone here?"
"Let's go."
Carlos and Hugh walked in the front, followed by people from prominent families.
All the people, dressed in black, solemnly followed the two men step by step and walked deep into the forest.
There were some earthen graves without tombstones in the forest.
There were many trees and mist.
In the depths of the clouds, a figure gradually came into view.
Dennis stood alone in front of the graves of the Buchanan.
They were standing proudly in fluttering white clothes.

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