chapter 9 Flirting aunt

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The food on the table was very simple, just home-cooked side dishes, but looking into Viv Quinny eyes, it was like seeing a Manchu-Han banquet cooked by a chef in a five-star hotel.

"After your grandma and the others left, no one cooked for me. I forced myself to learn."Jeff Yale seemed to see Viv Quinny's thoughts and said immediately. In fact, she lied. Since Viv Quinny left, she started to cook on her own. He learned to cook, thinking of giving Viv Quinny a surprise when he came back, but he didn't expect that he would have to wait for six years.

Viv Quinny couldn't wait to reach out and pick up a piece of beef and put it into his mouth. His face suddenly showed a very satisfied look and said: "The craftsmanship is really good, much better than those so-called chefs."

Jeff Yale quickly patted Viv Quinny's hand that continued to grab vegetables, and said coquettishly: "How old are you, and you are still so unhygienic? Go and wash your hands."

Viv Quinny chuckled and ran into the kitchen to wash his hands. Jeff Yale face suddenly lit up with joy, looking like a happy and sweet little woman. No matter how much flattery others gave her, it was not as good as Viv Quinny simple words. commend.

While eating, Jeff Yale took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet. While she was sipping the red wine, she watched Viv Quinny eat like he was swallowing a jujube. Two rosy clouds had already appeared on his delicate face, and his eyes were blurred with drunkenness.

Wine does not intoxicate people, people intoxicate themselves!

After eating and drinking, Viv Quinny touched his slightly bulging belly with satisfaction. This was the most satisfying meal he had had in six years. At this time, Jeff Yale had unknowingly drank two large glasses of red wine, which was smooth and white. His skin revealed a light pink color under the influence of alcohol.

"Auntie, stop drinking."Viv Quinny was only focused on eating just now, but when he realized it , Jeff Yale was almost drunk.

"No, my aunt is happy today because the little bastard is back." With that said, Jeff Yale drank all the red wine left in the glass, leaving traces of wine on his sexy and thin lips.

Viv Quinny had no choice but to stand up and try to take away the bottle of red wine. Knowing that Jeff Yale reacted even faster, he grabbed his hand and pulled it hard.


Viv Quinny's head went blank for a moment, because Jeff Yale suddenly reached out and hugged him tightly. Qin Yuan inhaled suddenly, and the body fragrance mixed with the smell of alcohol was inhaled into his lungs, making Viv Quinny feel confused and crazy.

"Auntie misses you very much, I have always missed you."Jeff Yale murmured with his head buried in his head, seeming to express the endless grievances in his heart.

Viv Quinny used his only shred of reason to push Jeff Yale's body away. His proud and firm willpower became vulnerable in front of Jeff Yale at this moment.

"Auntie, you are drunk, I will help you to rest."Viv Quinny said distressedly, then grabbed Jeff Yale's arms and gently pushed them away, supporting her limp body.

"I'm not drunk, give me the wine, come on, let's continue drinking."Jeff Yale was already a little delirious at this time, his peach blossom eyes were intoxicated and he was struggling hard in Qin Yuan's arms.

Viv Quinny had no choice but to bend down and pick up Jeff Yale, and walked towards her bedroom. After struggling for a while, Jeff Yale seemed to have no strength, and allowed Viv Quinny to hold her and place her on a large cotton bed.

The bedroom was filled with Jeff Yale's unique body fragrance, and Viv Quinny's heart was filled with excitement. After putting Jeff Yale down, Qin Yuan was about to leave when he happened to see Jeff Yale's regular clothes from the corner of his eye. Stained with red wine, a large trace of wine seeped out.

Viv Quinny hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and walked to the wardrobe nearby, took out a pink pajamas, then walked to the bed to help Jeff Yale, who was already sleeping, and took off her soaked clothes. Come down.

Soon, Jeff Yale's alluring body was displayed in front of Viv Quinny. His flat belly was like a piece of natural jade, round and smooth, slender without losing the flesh and bone, with a faint crystal luster, and the most deadly thing was, pink. The hollow bra wrapped two big white rabbits that were about to come out, revealing a large piece of snow-white tender flesh, which trembled with the even breathing.

Viv Quinny suddenly went dry, and he could clearly hear his violent heartbeat. A stream of hot breath exhaled from Jeff Yale's nose, and just sprayed on Viv Quinny's neck, making him feel trembling.

Closing his eyes, Viv Quinny opened his mouth and took a deep breath, suppressing the demonic desire in his heart. Then he put the pajamas on Jeff Yale's body, slowly put her down and covered her with the quilt. , and ran out of the bedroom like a fly.

Viv Quinny couldn't imagine what the consequences would be if he continued to stay there.

"Grandma, this is more tiring than fighting with those old guys!"Viv Quinny sat slumped on the wall outside the door, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead.

If it weren't for Viv Quinny's willpower that is beyond ordinary people, I am afraid that what was happening at this moment would be a thrilling scene.

After sitting on the ground for a full hour and forgetting all the previous scenes, Qin Yuan went to the bathroom and took a cold shower to completely extinguish the remaining desire. Then he walked into a guest room, cleaned up a few times and lay down. on the bed.

After running around for several days, Viv Quinny's body was very strong, but his spirit was also a little unsustainable. As soon as he closed his eyes, he fell into a drowsy sleep. He had not slept so comfortably for a long time.

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