Chapter 3

by Krystal Watt 16:46,Nov 17,2020

Vishous breathed heavily through his nose and opened his eyes with a smile on his lips the next morning. From the scent that was surrounding him, he knew Ava was with him.

He loved every morning, every night, and every second of his life with Ava. He did not even want to imagine what would happen if Ava found her mate after six days.

His wolf was ready to kill everyone in his sight even at the thought of something like this. A selfish part in him wanted that either Ava turns out to be his mate or she does not find her mate ever and lives with him ever after.

He looked beside him at the beautiful temptation called his girlfriend. His hand extended and touched Ava's forehead. He smoothed the silky curtain of hair away from her face.

Ava's eyes opened and she beamed at him. She tried to get up but before she could even turn, she was grabbed and flipped under Vishious.

"I don't want to lose you. Ever." He whispered against her lips with an unknown emotion on his face.

"I don't either." Ava replied.

“You will find your mate in a few days.” Vishous stated in anger, and his right hand went up to cup her mouth from her chin while continuing to speak, “Do not speak the words that you will not follow, Ava. It makes me furious.”

His body had gone rigid at the mention of another male in her life that would become her life line, her destiny. After less than a week later she will be fucking another male.

She will wake up naked, showing him her beautiful breasts, her pretty pussy, her thick thighs and gorgeous neckline, ready to fuck whenever he wanted. Ready to give him whatever he wanted from her.

And that thought made him so furious that he wanted to keep her tied to the bed and never let go.

“I do not even want to say the words out loud that are banging inside my head right now.” Vishous growled,

“The one thing that I know for sure is that if you found him, let me tell you in advance, I will not stay still and watch you waltz inside his bedroom. He is going to have to go through me before touching even a strand of your hair.”

His pressed his cock between the lips of her pussy while emphasizing every word. Stimulating her clit with the hardness and watching her suck in a breath harshly.

“You know I am going to need to go to him, Vishous.” Ava replied while trying to take breaths through his assault, her words came out cracked and broken, “I am not going to be able to resist the pull of the mate bond.”

Vishous never was an understanding person. He wanted what he wanted and that was it in his world. He was the alpha of their pack and if he wanted to keep the love of his life beside him forever, he was ready to even fight a battle.

Her words fueled his anger even more. She was lying naked in his bed right now, her pussy was rubbing against his cock, the tips of her hardened nipples were rubbing against his chest and she was talking about going to another man.

“Repeat the words and I will kill you.” Vishous growled and he did not even give her a moment to breath out another word before he smashed his lips on hers.

Jealousy was burning him from inside. She was his and she will always remain his. How dare she think about fucking someone else? How can she even dare to think about giving her body to another male without his pemission?

Vishous pulled her hands above her head and captured them there. He grabbed the tossed away torn clothing of her panty and tied her hands with it on the headboard of the bed.

His lips moved down, kissing and biting her flesh. Her neckline was so pretty, so smooth that he wanted to put his mark there.

His mouth moved to the side of her neck, exactly where the mates were supposed to put their mark and started sucking on it.

His lips sucked and his teeth made sure to chew down on the skin so perfectly that it drove Ava mad of the sensation. She could not differentiate the power of pain mixed with pleasure.

“Oh God..” Ava groaned loudly when he kept sucking and chewing on her neck continuously on one exact spot, “What are you doing, Vishous?”

After giving one last bite to the place of his possessive marking he pulled his face up to look at her.

This innocently wild look on her face, this hunger for his cock in her eyes, this helplessness of her body to be unable to do anything but take everything that he forced upon her, how could he let anyone else take it away from him?

How could he let any bastard take his innocent prey away from him?

Vishous looked at the deep red mark that his bite had left right where Ava’s supposed mate were supposed to mark her.

But he was not satisfied. How could he be, when the love of his life was going to get snatched away from him by some fucking twat.

He was insecure and jealous. And all of his bad feelings were coming back together with full force and hitting him right in the heart.

As the day of Ava’s birthday kept coming closer, his wolf was getting impatient and angry and restless.

He had not told Ava about it, but his condition had become so worse that every time the topic of Ava mating with another man hit his mind, his wolf had started taking control of his emotions.

He had never experienced this. Before Ava he has had several of girlfriends who had found their mates or had cheated on him with another man or he had just dumped them out of his life for fun.

But at the mere thought of losing Ava, god save the bastard who even dared to snatch an alpha wolf’s prey from under its paw.

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