Chapter 5 I Know Who Did This

by Overnight 15:34,Aug 21,2020
Although I did hate Wendla for her arrogance and cruelty, I had to admit that her large breasts, slender waist, and upturned buttocks were all tempting to men. And I was still longing for her body. If I could really have a baby with her, I thought I could totally bear with her.

Just when I thought about it, Wendla rushed up in her high heels.

I pretended that I didn't know what just happened, squeezed out a smile. And as soon as she saw me, she directly raised her foot and stepped on my abdomen.

In fact, I had guessed that Wendla would hit me, so I had prepared for this. I stood stably. Wendla's kick hurt me badly, but I didn't fall.

It was Wendla, on the contrary, who staggered and fell back because she was wearing high-heels. When she fell back, her long legs stretched out straight, although she was wearing safety pants, it still looked so sexy.

I didn't dare to enrage Wendla. I reached out my hand to help her. But I fell down in a hurry, and I subconsciously hold myself with my hands. Unexpectedly, I held on to Wendla's breast!

I felt that my hands were holding the softest and strongest thing in the world, and I forget to take my hands back for a while.

Wendla, on the other hand, jerked up her knee and gave me a sharp kick down there, right on my balls, which almost made me faint.

Then she slapped me in the face, then pushed me down, and finally turned over to ride on me.

This series of moves of Wendla was very fast. It felt like she has practiced Taekwondo or something. I thought I may not be able to beat her if she used her full strength.

Wendla was really angry. She completely lost her self-discipline as a stewardess. She rode on me and slapped me twice.
My face was burning with pain, but this time I didn't feel many insults. Because from my point of view, I could see Wendla's breasts ready to come out from her blouse. Moreover, I had already had my revenge today. Wendla had been slapped by her mother. The angrier she was, the more successful my revenge was.

Thinking about it, I couldn't help laughing.

Soon Wendla found out that I was laughing. She was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reached out her hand to grab my hair and asked me what I was laughing at, but I laughed more exultantly.

This time, Wendla was also confused, and immediately let go of me. She was probably afraid of hitting me into a neuropathy.

Then she realized that I couldn't hear, so she typed to ask if I was crazy, laughing while being beaten.

I typed with my cell phone: I am just a dog you bought. You should hit me, and I should laugh, too. I have no right to cry.

After reading what I typed, Wendla's face stiffed. Obviously, she didn't expect me to say such interesting words. I was neither humble nor arrogant but expressed my unyieldingness.

Finally, Wendla gave up. Maybe she had enough. She scolded me, "You want to be a dog? But you are not as good as a dog. The only thing you could do is to fawn on my mother." Then she got up and left me.

Soon she went to the bathroom to take a shower as if touching me stained her, which made her sick.

I just wiped the bloodstain from my mouth, which was slapped by Wendla. I licked my cracked lips and stood up. Although I felt pain now, I was not as sad as before.

Didn't I regard being beaten by a woman as an insult? Yes, I just felt like I've found a way to deal with Wendla.

I could always be timid and cowardly in front of her, but I could plot against her secretly. Now I still enjoyed the feeling of hiding in the dark, just like an assassin.

When Wendla came out of the bathroom, I was ready to take a shower, but she stopped me. She told me to go downstairs. She said her friend would come over tonight.

Now I was stunned again. Damn, Wendla was really driven by passion. Yvonne Chen just taught her a lesson today. She even dared to bring a woman back for a sleepover. She didn't take Yvonne's words seriously at all. However, I quickly came to know that as long as Wendla could give her a grandson, she would let Wendla do what she wanted.

Was Wendla really determined to have a baby with me?

According to her attitude towards me today, I thought it was totally impossible. Then my heart dipped a flip. Would she really go out to find a random man to have a baby?

Suddenly, I was a little afraid, because if Wendla really did this, my last male self-esteem would be gone. After all, we were married, and I may play the role of her husband all my life. If the child was not mine, then my life would totally be ruined.

I went downstairs muddleheadedly and was not in the mood to have dinner. I just laid down on the floor in a daze.

But Sal didn't come. Just when I thought Wendla was going to be alone tonight, Sal arrived at one o'clock in the middle of the night.

Tonight, she wore a set of nurse's suits, a short one. The space between her breasts was so deep that you could even put a cell phone in it. Sal was quite different from Wendla. Wendla looked elegant and cool, like a queen, while Sal's sex appeal was more direct and could ignite men's desires right away. No wonder Wendla had been fascinated by her. In a word, she was more coquettish!

Without looking at me, she went upstairs to Wendla. At that time, I was still very upset. Wendla really didn't take me as a member of the family, so that she gave our key other people without telling me.

At that time, I really had an impulse that I could be naked a home. This was my home anyway. Let's see if you dared to come so casually like this.

But I could only think about it secretly. I didn't have the courage anyway.

After Sal went upstairs, I couldn't help going upstairs again. I knew that my behavior was unhealthy and indecent. But as a man who was just in his twenties and married, I couldn't touch my wife's body. I really had that desire, and they were upstairs. I just couldn't help it.

I went upstairs and secretly stand at the door.

I found that they were not having sex, and I heard something that made me break out into a cold sweat.

I heard Sal say to Wendla, "Wendla, I know who did this, giving the video to your mother."

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