Chapter 7 A Job

by Overnight 15:34,Aug 21,2020
"You fat motherf**ker! Let her go!"

I've been married to Wendla for two months. This was the first time I had spoken. With my accumulated anger, my voice had become low and hoarse. It should sound very special.

But the reason why I was in a threatening manner when I showed up was not that I was really bold when I put on a mask. I had to do it because I had to suppress him with my momentum as soon as I showed up so that he was stunned, then I would have a chance. In fact, I was nervous that my whole body was shaking.

As I expected, Sean Huang was stunned. He turned around and looked at me. His mouth was slightly open, as if he forgot to speak out loud.

And I seized the opportunity to grab the red wine bottle on the table, and without hesitation, hit Sean in the back of his head.

With a dull thud, the bottle was smashed, while Sean moaned painfully. Then he fell to the ground and covered his head with his hand. The blood came out.

Seeing this scene, I was totally dumbfounded. The color of the blood pricked my eyes and filled me with fear. Did I kill him?!

I couldn't care that much. I immediately went over and picked up Wendla, carried her on my back, and then rushed downstairs.

Soon I came downstairs. Fortunately, what happened upstairs did not attract everyone's attention, so I ran out of the bar in one breath.

After I ran out of the bar, I still ran all the way quickly. I didn't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I was running.

It wasn't until I ran several miles, and my whole body was soaked with sweat, I began to feel tired. My legs were weak, and I couldn't stand.

At this time, Wendla suddenly twisted her body on my back and asked me, "You saved me. Who are you?"

I shut my mouth out of instinct. But soon I realized that she didn't know who I was. My silence would arouse her suspicion because I had already spoken before.

So I said in a low voice, "It doesn't matter who I am as long as you're okay."

Wendla was obviously stunned. I heard her swallowing, which she might want to say something without knowing where to start.

Just then we came to a park, and I was exhausted, so I found a bench to put her down.

I saw that Wendla was almost recovered, so I turned around and left.

Wendla suddenly stopped me. She said, "Wait a minute. I never owe anyone. You saved me. How do you want me to repay you?"

I really wanted to take off my mask and let her be my real wife. But I knew it was impossible. Once I took off my mask, I would no longer be mysterious, and what was waiting for me would be a scolding and a beating.

I did not say a word and kept going. She might think I was cool and indifferent.

She stopped me again, said, "It seemed that you do not need me to repay, can you tell me your name? I want to know your name."

Wendla was a lesbian. But now she wanted to know a man's name. Obviously, saving her today really moved her. However, this was normal. At that helpless moment, she was almost defiled by that fat ass. However, a hero like a Prince Charming rescued her. Moreover, he was wearing a mask and full of mystery. Even if she was a lesbian, she would have some feelings for this man.

I just stopped and turned to look at Wendla. I didn't know if it was because of the effect of the drug. Wendla's face was flushed and looked very attractive.

I restrained myself, pointed to my face, and said one word in a hoarse voice, "Clown."

Then I completely ignored her and left quickly.

After I left, I immediately hailed a taxi and went home as fast as I could. I also hid the clothes and the mask I was wearing today.

Then I lay on the floor, but I couldn't sleep. My heart was pounding, and my mind was messy. If Sean was killed or seriously injured, would I be arrested?

And Wendla hadn't come back, which made me a little worried. Was there something that happened to her again?

Fortunately, at about three o'clock in the middle of the night, she came back with Sally Su.

Wendla obviously didn't expect that I was the one who saved her. Her attitude towards me was even worse. She just kicked me up as if I was a dog and asked me to go downstairs.

I went downstairs, obediently, but I went upstairs again after a while. I wanted to know Sean Huang's situation. I thought they would talk about it.

As soon as I stood at the door, I heard Wendla say angrily, "Sean Huang is audacious in the extreme! How dare he use the relationship between you and me to trick me! How dare he do such a thing to me! I will certainly make him pay for his behavior!"

After a pause, she continued, "Fortunately, you are okay. I thought you were really hijacked by him. Now that Sean's intention was exposed, you can't go to work there. I'll take care of the rest. "

Sal nodded and asked, "Wendla, who saved you?"

Wendla was silent for a moment and said, "I don't know who he is. He was wearing a mask, and he looked mysterious."

Sal continued, "Can it be someone who secretly loves you? Can't you tell who he is at all? "

Wendla said with a bit of regret, "It should not be. Maybe he just happened to see this. He had no interest in me and even refused to tell me his name."

Suddenly, Sal said with a bit jealous tone, "Wendla, you never talk about men. Do you fall in love with the man who saved you?"

Wendla immediately snorted, "Sal, what are you talking about? I just appreciate him. You are the only one I love."

Then Wendla added, "But this man really makes me feel different. I don't hate him as much as I do to other men. I like the smell of him. It smelled like my..."

Sal asked Wendla, "Your what?"

Wendla, who was silent for a while, continued, "Just like my dad, although I've never met him, I felt secure when I smelled it."

I was stunned to hear that. I thought I was your husband, not your father! However, hearing what Wendla said, she seemed to had grown up in a single-parent family since she was a child. No wonder her sexual orientation was not like most of the women, and her personality was also very strange.

Then she stopped talking about this topic as if she was going to sleep. So I went downstairs instead of staying.

I didn't fall asleep until about 4 a.m., and it was noon when I woke up. Wendla and Sal had already left.

After a casual lunch, I stayed at home and didn't dare to go anywhere. I kept thinking about Sean Huang.

How was Sean now? Was he in the hospital? Did he call the police?

Questions arose in my heart and made me a little out of breath.

And whenever I hear the sound of the siren outside the window, my heart would go up to my throat for fear that it would come to arrest me.

In this way, I endured a painful afternoon. In the evening, I couldn't sit still, so I changed my clothes and quietly went to Dim Light Club.

I pretended to be a customer and ordered two bottles of the cheapest beer. Even so, it cost dozens of yuan. Then I sat in the corner on the first floor.

I watched secretly for a while and found that no one mentioned Sean, as if nothing had happened.

Gradually, I was relieved. I thought that Sean would suffer a lot in silence. He didn't dare to make a big deal of this kind of bad reputation. And Wendla may have talked to Sean, and this may be over.

Now I felt much better. After drinking two bottles of beer, I was ready to leave.

But just as I was about to leave, I found that there was a recruitment advertisement at the bar, including cleaners, waiters, public relations, etc.

I had an idea. I had been looking for a job anyway. It was good to find one here. After all, for a rural loser like me, a bar was a place that could make me quickly integrate into society and develop contacts.

Since Wendla may also come here, in order to avoid trouble, I still pretended to be deaf-mute to apply for the job, which caused me some trouble. During the interview, they let me go as soon as they saw that I couldn't speak.

But in the end, there was a young lady who was like a manager who said that I was very good in all aspects except I was a deaf-mute. So she kept me as a cleaner, cleaning up the mess. Of course, the salary was very low. It was only 1500 yuan a month. However, adding the money from Wendla, it was almost 5000 a month. I was still very satisfied.

After successfully entering the Dim Light Club, my life had been enriched a lot. Every night I had to work until two or three o'clock in the middle of the night. They were not so nice to me because of my "disability". Some waiters liked to bully me and often asked me to help them with their work, but I didn't care. I could bear it.

As for Wendla, she only once saw me coming back late and asked me casually where I had gone. I said that I found a job, night shift, and I had to go home late every day. She didn't ask much about it. It was actually convenient for her.

Through working in Dim Light, I also learned that Sean was okay. He didn't pursue this matter, and Sally didn't sing here anymore. I thought it was because of Wendla. She should have settled the whole thing done. I had to say that my wife was really powerful.

What I didn't expect was that my relationship with the mother and the daughter, Yvonne Chen and Wendla Bao, was completely changed. All because I worked at the Dm Light Club.

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