chapter 1 Crash an affair

by Arthur 15:54,Sep 26,2023
"It's so late, Fatty Dong is still in the company?"
Allen Chen finished working overtime to write his copy and it was already 9 PM. After coming out of the restroom, he noticed that the lights were still on in the Vice President's office.
As he passed by the office, he heard faint, suppressed female voices coming from inside. Allen Chen peeked inside curiously and saw his immediate boss, Ava Liu, being pinned on the office desk by the overweight Vice President, Ben Dong.
"Ava Liu?"
He never expected that Ava Liu and Ben Dong would have an affair.
At this moment, Ava Liu's upper body was almost naked, and her heavy breasts pressed against the large desk like two lumps of dough. Her long hair covered half of her alluring face, giving this usually beautiful woman an irresistible charm.
Allen Chen never thought that Ava Liu, who usually acted aloof and often brainwashed her subordinates, and insulted people in public if the person did anything wrong, would have such a charming side.
Allen Chen instinctively erected.
Although Allen Chen didn't like Ava Liu at all, the scene in front of him was too stimulating and tempting for any normal man to resist.
Inside the office, Ava Liu panted, "You're always in such a hurry, you're hurting me."
Ben Dong chuckled, "I can't help it; I can't wait any longer. It's been a week without you, and I've been yearning for you." With that, he lifted her skirt and pressed against Ava Liu's peach-like buttocks.
Sounds of heavy breathing filled the office.
"You adulterers, you're a shameless couple."
Allen Chen, who was slightly envious, suddenly had an idea. He took out his mobile phone, positioned it well, and pressed the record button.
"Humph, you adulterers, didn't expect me to catch your affair, did you?"
It wasn't Allen Chen being nosy; it was because neither of these two was a good person.
Allen Chen used to thrive in the company, being the top salesperson for three years and getting promoted to sales manager.
But unexpectedly, as he reached middle age, a young upstart joined the company and directly replaced him as a manager.
At first, Allen Chen was angry and went to find Ava Liu and Ben Dong, but Ben Dong was splitting hairs and suppressed them. In the end, Allen Chen found out that the young guy was Ben Dong’s younger brother.
Allen Chen was unwilling to give in, but when he reached middle age, he had to support his family and had a mortgage and car loan. How could he dare to resign just because he said he was resigning? To survive, he had to endure all this, but since he was no longer in charge, he had been treated with indifference.
Just when Allen Chen was recalling the past, Ava Liu suddenly stopped moaning and started complaining while hitting Ben Dong, "Why are you so quick? I was just starting to feel it."
"Baby, I'm too tired today. I will satisfy you next time." Ben Dong pulled up his pants with satisfaction and responded perfunctorily.
Ava Liu pinched the man hard and said, "You say this every time. If you keep this up, I'll find someone younger."
Allen Chen suppressed his laughter. He didn't expect Ben Dong to be such a loser and ejaculated in less than three minutes.
It's too bad, that although Ava Liu often targeted him and she was a typical vicious female boss, her figure and appearance were glamorous.
At almost thirty years old, her body was still youthful, with smooth, fair skin, delicate features, and an alluring figure.
Especially that scene on the office desk, Allen Chen was sure he wouldn't forget it for a long time.
While fixing her hair, Ava Liu said, "I heard that one of the vice presidents is retiring soon. Don't forget to recommend me when the time comes."
Ben Dong hesitated for a moment, then put on a fake smile. "Of course, we have a good relationship. I'll take it seriously; you can trust me." He took a sip of water and then headed for the door. "I have to go now."
Allen Chen quickly hid behind a cabinet and turned off his phone.
As soon as the door closed, Ava Liu's eyes showed an expression of disgust and helplessness. She quickly put on her clothes and cleaned up with a wet tissue.
Seizing the opportunity, Allen Chen quietly emerged from behind the cabinet and left the company.
When he came downstairs, he saw that Ben Dong's car had just driven away. Allen Chen took out his mobile phone and admired his masterpiece again. Then he put it away with satisfaction and rode his electric scooter home.
He thought that with this ace up his sleeve, his days at the company would likely get better, and he might even find a chance for a comeback.
Thinking about this, Allen Chen's mood improved. His heart was also burning with the desire to go home and 'celebrate' with his wife and released the pent-up desire that Ava Liu had just stirred up.

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