chapter 9 Good brothers, come together

by Arthur 15:54,Sep 26,2023
"Yes, Mr. Dong, that guy Allen Chen was really arrogant just now! We have to teach him a lesson!" The followers also joined in the uproar.
Ben Dong took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. The person next to him immediately lit it for him. "Brother Dong, please."
"Hiss!" He took a puff and said coldly, "He'll regret it tomorrow!"
"Let's disperse for today."
"Yes, Mr. Dong!" The followers were relieved.
Ken Dong was still dissatisfied, "Brother, don't we know where that guy lives? Can't we do something tonight?"
"Should we be the ones to handle this kind of thing?" Ben Dong glanced at him, feeling annoyed. He couldn't understand why he, who was so capable, had such a foolish brother!
Ken Dong hesitated for a moment, then smirked. "Heh heh, big bro, you're always one step ahead! I'll follow your lead."
"Yeah." Ben Dong nodded slightly. Before he finished smoking the cigarette, he threw it on the ground, stepped on it with his foot, and twisted it a few times.
Allen Chen, let me see how arrogant you can be!
The next morning, as Allen Chen was about to enter the company building, Fred rushed over in a panic.
"Brother Allen, haven't you checked your phone? Why are you still coming to work?"
"What's wrong?" Allen Chen asked.
Fred smiled bitterly and said, "You've seriously offended Fatty Dong."
"He's got a bunch of security guards waiting at the entrance. As soon as you step in, they'll break your legs!"
"So, that troublemaker is causing a scene, huh?" Allen Chen chuckled and strode towards the company.
Fred was startled and grabbed his hand. "Brother Allen! I'm not kidding you, Fatty Dong is really..."
"Fred Jiang, what are you doing?" Ken Dong walked out with a group of people, each wearing a sinister grin.
Several security guards had already drawn their batons, their faces showing no kindness. "Allen Chen, you've got some nerve to come to the company today!"
"What's there to be afraid of?" Allen Chen said, walking towards them.
When Fred saw this scene, his face turned pale, sweat dripped continuously, and he let go of Allen Chen's arm. But after two seconds, he gritted his teeth again and caught up with Allen Chen. "Damn, I must be an idiot!"
"If you end up getting me killed today, Brother Allen, you'll be my son in the next life!"
"Good brother," Allen Chen laughed, feeling somewhat relieved.
Fred was someone he had mentored, and they had formed a bond like a master and a disciple. In this cutthroat corporate world, a disciple not betraying the mentor was already a rare thing.
To think that in this situation, he would still dare to stand by Allen Chen's side – that was even better than a blood brother!
"Listen, from today on, I, Allen Chen, will make it big. No one will go hungry with me!"
"Even at a time like this, you're making promises. Brother Allen, only I could be this foolish not to run away!" Fred joked.
Allen Chen smiled and said, "May fortune favor the foolish. Your luck will be cashed in soon."
"Allen Chen, you've got some guts!" Seeing that they were still approaching, Ken Dong's anger distorted his features.
He didn't take them seriously!
Allen Chen smiled and said, "Fatty Dong, take it easy. I'm going to show you what real guts look like!"
As he said that, he grabbed a security baton and smashed it against Ken Dong's nose.
"Ahh!" Ken Dong immediately screamed and fell to the ground.
Everyone at the scene was shocked! "Brother Dong!"
"Allen Chen, how dare you!"
"Oh my!" Many employees in the company who were familiar with Allen Chen widened their eyes. Some even had mouths agape that they could fit several goose eggs in!
In their eyes, Allen Chen had always been a quiet and honest guy.
They were worried he wouldn't even fight back if someone hit him.
Who would have thought that he'd do something like this in front of so many people?
But most people secretly cheered, especially female employees. Over the years, hadn't they endured Ken Dong's harassment enough?
If it weren't for fear of damaging the company's reputation, some of the more attractive female employees might have been raped by Ken Dong!
Seeing the reactions of the people around, Allen Chen chuckled, knowing he had done the right thing.
He smiled, then walked over to Ken Dong's body and said to Fred, "What are you waiting for?"
"Huh?" Fred's eyes were still wide.
"What 'huh'? Kind people get taken advantage of, and horses get ridden by others. You used to have no one to rely on, but from now on, I, Allen Chen, am your support!" Allen Chen said. "Whatever I can do, you can do too!"
"Brother Allen, I..."
"Step over him!" Allen Chen pointed at Ken Dong on the ground.
"Have you forgotten what happened at the company's annual party? This guy tried to get your wife drunk. Can you forget that?" Allen Chen reminded him.
Fred's face turned red. "Damn it, I'm in!"
"You, you dare to try it?" Ken Dong was lying on the ground, his nose was bleeding and he couldn't get up.
Fred was hesitant at first, but after hearing what he said, he was immediately stimulated and said, "Let's give it a try! I've already offended you, so there's no turning back now!"
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!"
"What the hell… Ah!"
Before Ken Dong finished speaking, Fred stepped on his face and then stepped over him!
"Brother Allen, I'm here."
"How do you feel?" Allen Chen smiled.
"It feels amazing, like I've never felt before!" Fred's excited face turned red. He felt a sense of triumph he had never experienced before.
Ken Dong's face turned from green to purple, then from purple to blood-red. He clenched his teeth and said, "Damn it, what are you waiting for? Attack these two!"
"Yes, Brother Dong!" The lackeys were about to rush at Allen Chen and Fred.
Many people in the crowd felt a sense of impending disaster.
No matter how capable Allen Chen was, he couldn't stand up to so many people at once.
But Allen Chen remained frighteningly calm. He raised the security baton toward Ken Dong's head and said coldly, "Anyone takes one step closer, and I'll smash this guy's head!"
"You!" The lackeys were immediately frightened and dared not move.
Allen Chen said coldly, "Back off!"
"Allen Chen, don't go too far! This is a company, not the underworld! Violence won't solve our problems here!" Ava Liu, who had been observing the situation, finally intervened. She wanted to see how Ken Dong would deal with Allen Chen, but she didn't expect Allen Chen to be so different from before. He seemed to have found a way to take control in the face of absolute adversity. First, he surprised everyone by taking the initiative, and then he quickly seized control of the situation!
Such a calm attitude and execution ability frightened Ava Liu, and she could only step out and take charge of the situation. "I advise you to stop immediately, otherwise, if Mr. Dong comes, your end will not be much better!"

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