chapter 6 Yuanlai is a classmate?

by Arthur 15:54,Sep 26,2023
"Yes! I wonder if it's convenient?"
"Sure." Fred agreed directly without thinking. He picked up the glass and said, "Brother Allen, I'll help you to clear your wife’s name."
"I really don't believe my sister-in-law would do something like that."
Allen Chen nodded earnestly. He knew that Fred Jiang was an honest person and wouldn't make fun of him, even if he found out the truth.
They clinked glasses, and before long, they had finished several rounds of beers. Fred had drunk enough that he was swaying a bit, and Allen Chen, after settling the bill, was about to leave on his electric scooter.
Just as Allen Chen was about to ride off on his electric scooter, he suddenly saw a beautiful woman in a business suit staggering out alone across the road.
He found her oddly familiar but couldn't place her immediately.
"Ella Chu?"
"Be careful."
Just when Allen Chen remembered who she was and was about to ride away, he suddenly found that she was drunk, shaking her body, and almost rushed off the road.
He quickly rode over and supported Ella Chu.
"Who are you? Let go of me."
Ella Chu, seeing a strange man approaching, pushed Allen Chen away.
Her face was rosy, with delicate features, her hair elegantly tied up, and her skin smooth and fair. Her attractive figure had the perfect curves. A natural scent mixed with the smell of alcohol was in the air, leaving anyone who smelled it feeling refreshed and delighted.
"I’m Allen Chen, don't you remember?" Allen Chen shook his head helplessly and said.
They had been classmates in college. However, Ella Chu had been the typical rich and beautiful girl, while Allen Chen had been an ordinary student.
"Allen Chen?" Ella Chu slowly raised her head and looked at Allen Chen with blurred eyes.
Suddenly, she threw herself into his arms and burst into tears.
The street was bustling with people passing by. Under the night sky, many onlookers stopped to see the scene. Allen Chen didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention and quickly pushed her away.
"What's wrong? Has someone been bothering you?"
After being pushed away, Ella Chu was still shedding tears, and she didn't speak for a long time. Finally, she wiped her eyes with her hand and spoke.
"It's nothing. Can you drive?"
Once he confirmed that, Ella Chu threw the car keys in her hand directly to Allen Chen and said, "Send me home."
Initially, Allen Chen wanted to refuse, but as an old classmate, he couldn't leave her alone in her drunken state on the street. He couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to her.
He found a spot to secure his electric scooter, then took a white G-class sedan parked nearby. Ella Chu was already sitting in the passenger seat, with her eyes closed and appearing to be asleep.
"Where's your place?" Allen Chen started the car and asked softly.
But Ella Chu remained silent, leaning back in her seat and starting to snore softly.
In order to send her back as soon as possible, Allen Chen had no choice but to pick up her phone, unlock it with her face, and attempt to check her frequently visited locations.
However, when he opened the phone, the wallpaper stunned him.
It was the wedding photo of Ella Chu and Carl Li, the two of them looked very intimate.
To confirm further, Allen Chen quickly checked her photo gallery, where he found pictures of Ella Chu and Carl Li in intimate moments, including some private photos.
Ella Chu and Carl Li were playing in the water together.
After looking at it for a while, the phone gradually slipped down. Allen Chen never expected that Carl Li was actually her husband.
Many things were coincidences. He tried to get close to Carl Li, but he unexpectedly met Ella Chu, who was his classmate.
Thinking of this, Allen Chen suddenly frowned and picked up the phone again.
He, Nora Bai, and Ella Chu had all been classmates in college. Could it be...
Allen Chen opened her photo gallery once more and found candid photos of Nora Bai and Carl Li.
"So, she's been investigating them too?" Allen Chen's face darkened even more. After contemplating it for a while, he started the car and drove directly to a nearby hotel.
It seemed like meeting Ella Chu was a stroke of fate, and Allen Chen couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't taken this opportunity more seriously.
After a long struggle, he finally managed to carry Ella Chu into the room. By this time, she was completely unconscious, and in order to make her more comfortable, Allen Chen undid two of her buttons.
Suddenly, Ella Chu's fair and smooth skin was exposed, which ignited an inexplicable fire within Allen Chen, who had already consumed alcohol.
If it weren't for his high self-control, he would have been unable to control himself and rushed forward.
"Carl Li, you bastard, I love you so much, but you..." Ella Chu was lying on the bed, constantly cursing her husband. She placed all her good things on that man.
But what she got in exchange was betrayal.
Seeing Ella Chu's painful look, Allen Chen sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. Now that the two of them were connected by the same fate, it felt really uncomfortable to be betrayed.
After graduating from college, Ella Chu, as the heir to the Chu Group, naturally joined the family company. As a top student who returned from overseas, Carl Li caught the aloof Ella Chu’s attention.
The two quickly got together and became an admired couple. They eventually entered into marriage. However, Carl Li's restless nature began to surface.
After Ella Chu hired a private detective to look into the matter, she discovered that he had cheated on her more than once, and this time it was Ella Chu's college classmate.
This made the proud Ella Chu completely collapse. She was completely despairing and resorted to drowning her sorrows in alcohol.
"I'm so hot, I..." Suddenly, Ella Chu began to fidget. Her hands were roaming all over her body, and her eyes were now looking at Allen Chen seductively.
"What’s wrong with you?"
Allen Chen didn't understand what was happening and threw his cigarette into the ashtray. He got up and went over to check on her.
The hotel room was dimly lit, and it was impossible to see her face clearly from a distance.
But just when Allen Chen was approaching, Ella Chu suddenly threw her arms around his neck and said coyly, "Allen Chen, didn't you have a secret crush on me back in school?"
"Now I'm giving you a chance."
Looking at her delicate face, Allen Chen aroused a strong desire to conquer in his heart. Ella Chu had been a renowned campus beauty and still maintained her good figure and looks today.
Conquering his once dream girl, even for just one time, would be something to boast about.
"You're drunk. Get some rest first." Ultimately, Allen Chen's rationality overcame his desire. He didn't want to take advantage of her in this state, nor did he want to be anyone's rebound.
Now that both of them had been betrayed, it was not the time to consider such a thing.
After saying that, he fixed Ella Chu's clothes, covered her body with a blanket, and prepared to leave.
"Allen Chen, if you walk out of this room today, I will call the police and say that you molest me." Just when Allen Chen was about to leave, she suddenly pulled off her clothes and threatened sternly.

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