Chapter 1 I need a divorce

by Dadao Sanqian 16:14,Aug 20,2020
"Mike, get that case of wine over here."

"Mike, go clean the kitchen. Why are you standing there, you idiot?"

A young man slammed his broom down on Mike and cursed arrogantly.

After Mike was hit with a broom, he was a little angry.

He said, "Aunt asked me to carry the wine over there, so wait me a few minutes."

"How dare you talk to me like that? Letting you do something is just like killing you." Joe walked up to him and slapped him,

"A stupid live-in son-in-law. You live in my family and spend my family's money. Who gives your courage to talk to me like that?" He cursed.

After getting a slap and suffering such an insult, Mike threw away the case of wine he was holding and rushed towards Joe, grabbing him by the collar and shouting angrily.

"Joe, you’d better don’t mess with me.” said Mike.

The box of wine was all shattered in an instant.

Mike, however, had no time to worry about the price of that case of wine at this point. Facing Joe's ridicule, he didn't want to remain silent anymore.

For the past two years, everyone in the Liu Family had not treated him as their family. Even Joe Liu, who was the same generation as him, had often insulted him. And now they were in a public place. This was a banquet hall and there were guests everywhere. But Joe hit him in the face.

Joe was startled by Mike who was suddenly furious. In the past two years, Mike had always been compliant. How could he have the courage to lose his temper today?

"What the hell do you want to do? Do you dare to hit me?" Joe pretended to be calm.

At this moment, the other members of the Liu family all came up and blamed Mike, including the aunt Mike just mentioned. His father-in-law and mother-in-law also accused him.

"Is Mike crazy? Today is the old man's birthday, he dares to hit Joe?"

"Let go of Joe. What are you doing? You are shaming us." Mike's father-in-law Ben Liu stomped his feet with anger.
Mike’s father-in-law is the youngest son of the old man and the least valued one in the Liu family. His inability and his live-in son-in-law makes he become a big joke in Liu family.

"Mike, Let go of Joe. He is your uncle’s child.” Xiaohui Yu shouted, “You have shamed us. Do you want my daughter to lose her face completely here?"

Xiaohui Yu, Mike’s mother-in-law, did not spoke for Mike, but scolded him in front of so many people.

They think that because of Mike, a good-for-nothing live-in son-in-law, their family has no status in Liu family.

Actually, even if Mike wasn’t their live-in son-in-law, they still had no status in Liu family. Mike’s father-in-law was incapable and his mother-in law did nothing every day. For several years, they have no right to use the various resources of the family, and only those resources that the other elders in the family do not want to use will be given to them.

However, Ben and Xiaohui didn’t reflect on why they were belittled by the members of the Liu family. They just blamed Mike all the time and treated him badly.

Even the pet dog that Xiaohui raised ate better than Mike, which showed Mike’s low status in their family.

"Mike Yue, you dare to beat me?"

Seeing that Mike was blamed by everyone, Joe suddenly showed a sinister smile and looked at him contemptuously.

Mike widened his eyes and looked at the group of Liu family who made him feel sad.

At this moment, someone slapped Mike in his face. It was his wife, Helen Liu.

"Mike, you have a temper now. How dare you hit my brother, are you crazy?"

Helen saw something going on and rushed over. Then she saw Mike want to beat Joe.

“Today is my grandpa’s birthday. How could you be causing trouble at a time like this?” Helen didn’t understand. She thought Mike was causing trouble for her family deliberately.

Helen’s family already had no standing in the Liu family, so she didn't want their family to be embarrassed in public anymore.

This slap in the face made Mike completely sad and also made him realize that it was time to give up on his marriage that he had so carefully maintained.

He didn't understand why Helen, who didn't discriminate between right and wrong, humiliate him. As the eldest son of prestigious Yue family in Capital City, he had come to the Liu family for love, but he was treated like this by the woman he loved.

He suddenly felt a bit pathetic. Why did he have to endure all this humiliation?

Liu family was just a third-rate family in Chuzhou City. It is a small city that is no match for Capital City. The Liu family is not even comparable to any other small family in Capital City. However, Yue family is one of the top four big families in the country. As the eldest son of the Yue family, Mike Yue has the power and highest social status.

When Mike Yue was in high school, he was sent to Chuzhou City by his family for training. His grandfather Zhenting Yue was known as the King of Hell, who was very strict with the family's offspring. He was so fond of Mike Yue that he decided to let Mike’s father inherit the family while he was still alive.

He told Mike's father to train Mike well and made him the next heir of the family when he grew up. So even if Mike was the eldest son of the Yue family, he didn’t live a rich life since he was in high school.

But no matter how big the challenges were, Mike had overcome them all.

When Mike came to the Chuzhou City, his father did not give him any money. He had to work part-time, but the money he earned was not enough to feed himself. Helen often helped him.

At that time, Helen was the nicest woman in the world to Mike, except for Mike's mother.

After they graduated from college, they got married.

Maybe Mike and Helen were destined to meet each other.

Helen's grandmother was Mike's grandfather's first love, so Helen's grandmother was the only person in the Liu family who knew Mike's identity. She asked Mike to take care of Helen before she died. After graduation, he marries Helen and joined the Liu family.

The purpose of his marriage was to help the Liu family. After all, the Yue family is one of the four big families in the country. Actually, the Liu family is not good enough for the Yue family. Mike didn't want others to say that the Liu family let Helen marry him in order to flatter him. So he didn't tell the Liu family his identity.

After the family's test was over, Mike used the money his father gave him to set up Fengxing Group in Chuzhou City. This company is small compared to the Yue family's company, but it is the largest enterprise in Chuzhou City.

Mike has been helping the Liu family through the Fengxing Group, but the Liu family didn't know it.

Mike’s father had told him that his test was over, but that the real trials had only just begun when he left school. Now Mike had understood what his father meant.

Now Mike was disappointed in the Liu family after his two years’ life in the family.

"I'm not doing it. I’m gonna leave here."

Mike, who was slapped by Helen, was completely angry. He vented all the grievances and humiliation he had accumulated in his heart for two years at this moment.

He grabbed a chair next to him and slammed it to the ground. The wood chair was suddenly smashed to pieces, and the Liu family surrounding him, including Helen, backed away in terror.

"Mike, you..." Helen’s face was pale and looked at him incredulously.

"Are all of you hard-hearted?" Mike pointed at the Liu family and cursed, "Even if you raise a dog for two years, you should have love for it, let alone I'm still Helen's husband."

"I joined your Liu family for two years. I have done all hard work. It was me who went to the hospital to take care of the sick old man. I'm also the one who repaired sewers and changed the taps for you in the middle of the night."

"I treat you as family, but what do you think of me?" Mike said sadly, “Am I just a machine in your eyes?"

Now Mike didn't care how many guests there were. At this moment, all his anger broke out.

The Liu family, who was usually arrogant to him, was shocked by his aura at this time, and no one said anything. Ben Liu and Xiaohui Yu also looked at him in amazement, speechless.

Helen cried out of anger, and looked at Mike with tears.

"Mike, did our family treat you badly? You live in my family and also spend my family’s money.” Helen said, “Today is my grandpa’s birthday. Why do you have to embarrass our family today?"

"You get out of here, now!"

Helen got angrier as she spoke, and he pointed to the door and said to Mike loudly.

Mike felt completely disappointed in her when he saw this. He looked at Helen with a sneer:

"Helen Liu, for two years, I took better care of you than I did for my mother, but you are mean to me."

"Okay, I'll go now, but I need a divorce." Mike said angrily, "Tomorrow, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to file a divorce, and then we’ll have nothing to do with each other."

"Fine, remember what you said. We're getting divorced tomorrow." Helen roared.

"Bye.” Mike, looking determined, was about to leave.

Just as he turned to leave, a thick voice full of authority sounded.


The crowd followed the sound and was startled. It was the old man who had spoken.

Peter Liu, the old man of the Liu family, is still in charge of the Liu family despite his age. Everyone in the room held their breath, Mike's father-in-law and mother-in-law didn't even dare to raise their heads.

Mike, who was now holding his head high, turned around and looked at Peter Liu.

"Mike, how dare you cause trouble at my birthday party?" Peter Liu said. "If you dare leave here now, then that means you are be kicked out of my Liu family.”

He continued, “You've done nothing for the past two years. It is Liu family that has raised you. Do you think you'll still have the face to stay in Chuzhou City in the future?"

The old man looked at Mike with cold eyes.

Mike also looked at him coldly and spoke coldly.

"When grandmother was still alive, she told me that you are incompetent and have bad temper. She wanted me to tolerate you." Mike said, "Now it seems that not only are you incapable, but also you're an old fool. The Liu family will be ruined by you. Tomorrow, your family will regret what you’ve done to me."

"It's your birthday today, and I wish you a long life for the last time, goodbye."

After saying these words, Mike calmly left the place without looking back, under the gaze of hundreds of pairs of eyes.

Peter gasped in exasperation and pounded his cane on the floor three times.

"The bastard." He cursed.

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