Chapter 11 You are so shameless

by Dadao Sanqian 16:19,Aug 20,2020
“What’s the matter?” Mark’s brow furrowed. He noticed Helen was behaving weirdly.

Helen felt her face was burning. She didn’t want to do that. She is a proud woman and she couldn’t betray her body and her soul. But how could she face her family if she went back home with a bad news? The whole family would blame her for her indecision and inability. They would heap insults on her. Even her parents would display a dismissive attitude towards her.

She is only a woman and it was too much pressure for her to burden. She was seized by terror when she thought how her family would treat her if she failed.


Helen opened her mouth but she couldn’t say anything slutty to seduce Mark.

Mark was not a silly man. He had been around. Helen’s blush and awkwardness made her intention very clear to Mark.

“You jerk!” Mark smashed a tea cup heavily on the ground. He pointed at Helen and said: “How dare you! Do you and your family even have a bottom line? How would my brother feel if he got to know this? Do you even think about him? How can you even do this to yourself? I’m so disappointed in you! This is it! There is no cooperation between me and your family. And there is also no cooperation between me and your own company!”

Mark was truly mad and he could not hold back his anger at all. Helen’s thought subjected both him and Mike to utter humiliation.
Helen and Mike had only been divorced for a few days, and had Helen already forgotten him totally?

After heaping insults on Helen, Mark left the room, banging the door behind him.

Helen was left alone in the room, froze. Tears were streaming down her face, but she didn’t make a sound.

“Helen Liu! Do you even have an ounce of self-esteem? Is it truly worth it to make this sacrifice for Liu Family!” She thought to herself. She hated herself at that moment. She found herself weak and disgusting. She slapped herself fiercely.


“What a crazy woman.” Mark’s anger didn’t subside when he got out of the restaurant. He wanted to call Mike but he checked himself at the last moment. Because Mike loved Helen passionately and it be a huge blow to him if he knew what just happened. Besides, Mike was already in a bad mood so there was no need to make it worse. So Mark didn’t call Mike, and he drove home alone.

The next day, when Mark got to the company, Verse Han brought him some documents to sign. And when Mark was signing all the papers, Verse asked: “I heard you meet Helen alone last night. What did she say to you?”

Mark and Verse are very good friends, so Mark didn’t hide it from her. He said angrily: “What else could she say? She was begging me for Liu Family. What took me by surprise was that the woman...... ”

Mark found it hard to say. He sighed heavily and said: “Forget about it.”

But Verse’s curiosity was aroused. She asked Mark to say it. “Come on, just tell me. What did she do? Did she kneel in front of you?”

Mark shook his head. “How is that possible. She is Mike’s ex-wife. How can I make her kneel. You wouldn’t even believe it. That woman tried to seduce me! I scolded her severely.”

Verse’s eyes widened in astonishment. And her face changed dramatically. “Are you serious?”

Mark sighed. “Do I look like joking? But I could see she was very hesitant. Maybe she was forced by Liu Family, so we couldn’t really blame her. But I do find this Liu Family unbelievable. They don’t have a bottom line.”

Verse couldn’t believe it. She doesn’t like Helen but she couldn’t believe Helen would do such a thing.

“How could she do this when Mike loves her so much! She doesn’t deserve his love at all.” Verse said angrily. “You can’t tell Mike this, or...”

Before Verse finished, the door was kicked open violently, which greatly frightened Mark and Verse. They looked towards the door, and saw Mike was standing there. His face was stony.

Mark was so frightened that he jumped up from chair and explained: “Big brother, I swear I didn’t do anything. I scolded her right then! If you don’t believe me, you can check the surveillance footage! ”

Mark could feel cold sweat trickling down his back.

“I believe what you said. I know what kind of person you are.” Mike said. He felt his heart was broken into pieces. “Obviously her family was forcing her to do that or she would never hesitate. This silly woman! She is nobody in her family, and she is always overwhelmed by the pressure from her family!” Now Mike’s eyes were bloodshot and he felt blood was racing through his veins.

Verse said in a hurry: “Mike, please don’t feel angry. She is not your wife anymore, so just don’t mind her business.”

Mike couldn’t let it go. He got divorced with Helen because he was truly pissed off, not because he stopped loving her. He was so nice to Helen and his attentions to her were unbounded. And he couldn’t allow anyone to hurt the woman he loves so much.

“Peter Liu! You bastard! I kill you!!” Mike was so angry that he was getting murderous.

Verse was frightened by what he said. Her face went pale and her legs were shivering. Mark dragged Mike into the office and said: “Big brother! Are you out of your mind! There are so many people in Liu Family, and how do you want to kill Peter! Just listen to me. Forget everything about Liu Family! Forget everything about Helen! She has nothing to do with you anymore!!!”

Mike froze. His eyes widened, and he got speechless.


It was in the hospital, Peter and the other family members were waiting for Helen’s good news. Peter’s complexion went from pale to ruddy when he saw Helen didn’t come back the whole night. He said cheerily: “This will work. Mark slept with our Helen, and he will surly help us this time.”

They all sighed with huge relief. Helen must slept with Mark since she didn’t come back the whole night. And Mark, as the director of Fengxing Group, would absolutely do something for her.

“Helen is so slutty.” Joe thought, lying on the bed. He despised what Helen did.

Xiaohui Yu also smiled happily. She disapproves what Helen did, but it was worth it because Liu Family could get a company!

Ben’s spirit sunk, and his eyes were red. He doesn’t want Helen to do that but he doesn’t have a say in this family, and he could help Helen with nothing. “Helen, I’m not a good father!” He thought to himself.

About half an hour later, Helen appeared. Her hair was dishevelled, she looked very tired, and her eyes were bloodshot from crying. She spent the whole night in a park, and she couldn’t forgive herself for trying to seduce Mark.

“Helen, you are finally back! Did Mark agree to continue our cooperation?” Everyone in the room stood up in unison, and looked at Helen expectantly.

Helen said in a shivering voice: “No, I failed. I didn’t protect Liu Family, and I lost my own company.”

Everyone froze when they heard that. Peter sat up from his bed and shouted hysterically: “What did you say?”

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