Chapter 5 Liu's Family was in Danger

by Dadao Sanqian 16:15,Aug 20,2020
“ way! They would never do it!”

Said Peter, thunderstruck as he picked up his walking stick from the ground.

Not just him, everyone of the Liu’s didn’t want to believe it.

If it was true, it would be starting from the very beginning again to everyone in Liu’s family, but could they really achieve anything without the help of Fengxing Group?

“It’s...true, grandpa.” Said Helen, after calming herself down after the shame,”They didn’t even allowed me to enter the building, I tried calling Mark, but he had put me on blacklist. Their security guards told us that there would be no cooperation between us and them anymore.”

Peter almost lost his footing hearing what Helen said.

Chengfeng immediately got near him and helped him from falling:”Easy, dad, don’t be too worried. There’s got to be misunderstandings, otherwise they wouldn’t just do it this way. They just confirmed couple of days ago that we would sign the contract, something may happened in these days that led to this. We can get the contract back if we explain that we’ve done nothing wrong to Mark.”

Clever was Chengfeng indeed that he came to the conclusion so precisely.

“Yes, that must be it! Just don’t worry, dad, we’ve been working with them for two years anyway, they won’t cancel it that easy.”

“Yeah, we’re one of the top families in Chuzhou now, well they did help us before but we’ve also grown. They won’t just abort cooperation like that, they have to think over the pros and cons.”

The others continued, trying to console Peter.

Helen nearly laughed out hearing those ridiculous thoughts. It was more of stupidity then audacity that other people showed, Fengxing made them, therefore Fengxing could also destroy them. Would a elephant care about how many ants it kills in each step it takes?

It wouldn’t change anything even if the Liu’s was already the most influential family in Chuzhou, for Fenxing was ranked the first place among all the cities around, and it had special connection to Yue’s family, on of the top four families of their country. There were even sayings that Fengxing actually belonged to Yue’s family.

In comparison with the Yue’s, the Liu’s people were menial.

“That’s...yes, that could be it! Great idea, Chengfeng!” Patting on Chengfeng’s shoulder, Peter sounded elated again.

But Rose was not elated at all. As much as she loved her son, the others just didn’t seem like it. People were just talking about how to get the cooperation back, none cared about Joe.

“Wait, you guys! What about Joe? Is that it? Nothing should do about it?” Exclaimed Rose, which broke the joyful atmosphere and brought silence down onto everyone again.

Peter raised his eyes and stared at Rose after her complaint, which sent shivers down her spine. Chengfeng walked near Rose and gave her a quick and hard slap:”Cut the crap! What do you want then, a revenge for your son? Don’t you have any ideas where it would lead to?”

Being slapped by her own husband was surely shameful, but she would not dare challenge Peter, so she just left the ward.

But that did elated Helen, even though it wasn’t her that slapped rose. If there’s anyone who could talk some sense into Rose other than Peter, it would be Chengfeng, her husband.

“I’m sorry for this, Joe, but you have to live with it, it’s for the good of the whole family.”Said Peter, as he got to Joe’s side.”

“Sure I will, grandpa, I always put the bigger picture on the priorities. As long as we could resume the cooperation, these bruises and wounds would worth it.”

That was Joe, he always knew what role he should play given the situation. His look of a lamb that volunteers to sacrifice himself for everyone gained him people’s trust again.

“How considerate you are? And someone among us only cares about the interest of her own company, and we’re just ignored!” Said Lisa, with spite as usual.

There’s no need to beat around the bush, everyone had already laid eyes on Helen again. Helen was the only one who ran the bushiness with Fengxing Group, devising projects and signing contracts. Of all the companies of Liu’s family, Helen’s always got the most resources from all the contracts she signed.

Everyone was doubting that Helen took advantage of the personal relationship she had with Mark to take extra resources, because Mark even send people to her company to give her what she asked for.

Helen could only kept her head down, puckered her lips and stayed silence, since none would listen to her. What she had in mind was the interest of the whole family every time she had meeting with Mark, and Mark, strange as it may seem, was generous that he granted anything Helen asked for without any doubts, which Helen never figured out why.

“Anyway, let’s all take a look back on these days and see if there’s anything that may lead to misunderstandings so that we can settle it with Mark. And I’ll go with all of you, we’ll have to apologize even if we’ve done nothing wrong, for the sake of everyone’s good.”Said Peter, after a long contemplation.

And everyone started reminiscing to see what went wrong, including Helen.

But none came to any conclusion.

“You people should thank grandma that your family is still in upper class of Haidong City, for she was the only reason that I keep you people alive!”

Suddenly, Helen thought back on the day she divorced Mike, and Mike’s word which she didn’t take seriously because she thought it was just a anger-talking.

Helen found it weird that Fengxing decided to abort the cooperation right after she divorced Mike in the morning.

“But, how is it possible? He’s just a parasite in our home...he...”

Helen started sweating, totally unwilling to think of the possibility.

It was just impossible to her that Mike would have the power to manipulate Fengxing like that given what she knew about him.

Meanwhile, what happened yesterday on the birthday party hit Peter’s mind.

It there were any big events, that would be the only thing.


“No! It can’t be him!” Peter shouted in shock, frowned.

People all gathered up and asked what Peter meant.

Peter barley opened his mouth in formidable astonishment:”Could it be...Mike?”

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