Chapter 5 He Was Fired

by North Star 16:50,Oct 30,2020
The school president knew very well in his mind that the student who could give out ten million in donations must come from a very rich family.

"I'm Josh." Josh sat down and then said.

"Mr. Zhou, I didn't donate this ten million for nothing. I have two requests."

"Please, go ahead," said the school president.

Josh took a sip of the tea handed over by the secretary, and then said quietly, "First, fire David Zheng. Second, don’t let teachers flunk me, even if I skip classes."

"No problem!" said the president. He didn't even think twice about it. Firing a teacher was a piece of cake for him.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhou. I hope you fire him soon." Josh stood up and was about leave.

Josh came here to have Mr. Zheng fired. Now that he had achieved his aim, there was no need for him to stay and waste time with the president.

"I'll see Mr. Lin off." The president followed Josh all the way out of the office.

After Josh left, the president instructed his secretary to investigate Josh. He wanted to know where he was from. With Josh's ability to donate ten million, the principal believed that Josh had an unusual family background.


In the classroom, Frank was worried that Josh would flunk his course, so he asked, "Josh, did you go to the office to see Mr. Butcher? Did he forgive you?"

"I didn't apologize to him. He's the one who should apologize to me," Josh said calmly.

"What? Are you crazy?" Frank looked puzzled.

"Don't worry. I'm sane now. He offends me, so he'll have to be fired." Josh had a smile on his lips.

"Josh, what are you all talking about? You'd better go and apologize to Mr. Butcher, or you'll really be in trouble if he gives you a hard time." Frank said anxiously.

In Frank's eyes, poor students couldn’t offend their teachers.

Josh and Frank's conversation was overheard by Tiger Zhang, who was sitting in the back.

Tiger was in the same class as Josh. His dad was in the building materials business, so his family was rich. He knew a lot of hoodlums, so he was usually very bossy in his class and no one dared to offend him.

"Josh, did you just say that Mr. Butcher offended you so he'll just get expelled? You're so good at bragging. What a joke." Tiger laughed loudly.

Immediately, Tiger stood up and spoke up.

"Hi, everybody, Josh just said that Mr. Butcher offended him, so he would be expelled from school. Do you guys believe him?"

Tiger's voice was loud. All the students in the classroom could hear his words clearly.

The students looked at Tiger and Josh after hearing the words.

"Yes, that was indeed what I just said. I’m just telling the truth. "Josh said calmly.

The whole class, including Tiger, burst out laughing.

"Josh usually seems so humble, why does he brag now?"

"I wonder how he’ll get Mr. Butcher fired."


Everyone in the class knew that Josh's family was poor. No one believed Josh had the power to get Mr. Zheng expelled.

Even Frank poked Josh and whispered, "Josh, why do you brag in class? You’ll be embarrassed."

"Frank, I'm really not bragging." Josh said seriously.

‘You're a little weird today." said Frank. He didn't know what was wrong with Josh.

Josh wasn't surprised by Fat Frank's reaction. After all, Frank knew his family well. He must not believe that Josh had the power to get Mr. Zheng fired.

Then the bell rang. The first class was still Mr. Zheng's.

When Mr. Zheng slowly walked into the classroom, Tiger suddenly stood up.

"Mr. Zheng, Josh just said in class that you offended him, so you'll be expelled from school."

After saying that, Tiger smiled and crossed his arm in front of him. He was ready to see Josh's joke.

Mr. Zheng's face darkened suddenly. He was already annoyed that Josh had confronted him in his office at noon, and now he was furious.

He slammed his textbook down on his desk and snapped at Josh.

"Josh, what's wrong with you? How dare you slander me? I'll let the school disciplines you."

At this point, Tiger and his friends whistled. Some students in the class were worried about Josh. They knew it was very unwise for poor students to offend a teacher.

"Josh! Get up and deny it and then apologize to him, or you're over." Frank was in a hurry to poke Josh with his elbow.

Then Josh stood up reluctantly. Then, with everyone watching, he said, "Mr. Butcher, Tiger was right. I did say that about you."

After hearing Josh's words, the entire classroom was in an uproar.

"He admitted it? He even called Mr. Zheng by his nickname."

"Oh my God, does he still want to study here? He doesn’t want to graduate?"


Bow Josh was a crazy man in the eyes of his classmates. No classmate had ever dared to call Mr. Zheng’s nickname in front of him.

Right now Mr. Zheng's eyes were filled with anger.

"Josh, I swear I will never let you graduate." Mr. Zheng yelled angrily.

Just then, a director appeared in front of the classroom.

"Mr. Wu, what are you doing here?" Mr. Zheng forced a smile.

"David Zheng, you've been expelled from the school! The president told you to get out of school immediately!" the director said indifferently.

"What? I am fired?" Mr. Zheng's face changed.

"Mr. Wu, you're joking, right? How could I suddenly be fired?" Mr. Zheng asked.

"I’m no joking with you." the director said seriously, and then motioned securities to kick him out of the school

Two security guards immediately moved forward to Mr. Zheng.

"Mr. Wu, you must be mistaken. How is that possible?"

Then he was taken out of the classroom.

Mr. Wu let the students in class study on their own, and then he left the classroom as well.

At this moment, the entire classroom was in a strange silence.

Many students couldn't help but look at Josh. They thought that Josh had said that Mr. Zheng had offended him, so he would be expelled from the school. At that time, they thought it was a big joke and even laughed at Josh's bragging. But now, Mr. Zheng had actually been expelled from the school.

"Tiger, Josh, the brat, isn’t lying. Did Mr. Butcher's expulsion really have something to do with him?" the skinny guys next to Tiger said.

"How is that possible? He must have overheard from somewhere that Mr. Butcher would be fired." Tiger said.

"Yeah, you've got a point." The few people around Tiger nodded.

"He's so poor. There's no way he has connections that can fire a teacher." said Tiger.

"Your analysis is reasonable." said the skinny man. “I think so.”

The class heard Tiger's words and thought he had a point as well.

"Josh, you're in luck. It's a good thing that Mr. Butcher got fired out of the blue, or you'd really be in trouble!" Frank couldn't help but say.

Josh laughed and didn't say anything. He didn't want to explain to Frank now that he was the one who made the school fire Mr. Zheng.

Then Mr. Zheng was kicked out of the school by two security guards.

"Mr. Wu, even if you fire me, you have to give me a reason." Mr. Zheng asked.

"The principal said that you offended the wrong person." Mr. Wu said calmly.

"Who is he?" Mr. Zheng asked.


"What? Josh. "Mr. Zheng was stunned.


In the classroom, students could only study themselves. Many of them took out their phones and played.

"Someone on the school posting said that a sophomore donated ten million to our school."

"Ten million? Seriously!"

"There's a notice on the school's website. The school groups are talking about it.”

"It's ten million. Who donated it? Which class is he in?"

Everyone was very concerned about whom this rich young man was. He can donate 10 million to school, so they guessed he must come from a very rich family.

Even Tiger was shocked. Although his family was rich, his pocket money was little. He didn’t have a million to make donations, let alone ten million. Tiger knew that the man was definitely richer than him.

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