Chapter 7 Danger Shows Up

by North Star 16:51,Oct 30,2020
“Think about this, my lady: What would happen to Tiger Zhang’s company if Huading Group ceases the cooperation with it?” Asked Josh to Meifu.

“It’s going to be the end of it. His company couldn’t live on without Huading’s help.” Answered Meifu.

“Is it so?” Said Josh as his smile seems more delighted and a scheme popped up in his mind.

“Call me Gail if you don’t mind, everyone around here call me this way.” Said Meifu as she smiled back.

“Sure, Gail.” Said Josh like a gentleman.

“May I know your name now?” Said Gail. At first she thought that Josh was just a ghetto boy judging by the sloppy clothes on him, bu doubts hit her after witnessing how Josh squandered his money as he was collecting information.

Josh drank the cup of alcohol to the bottom and said:”Josh, Josh Lin.”

Gail checked her memory and found no Josh that she knew of in the QIngyang City. Josh put the cup back and asked:”How much dose this cup of liquor cost?”

“Don’t bother, drinks on me.” Smiled Gail.

“My Thanks.” Said Josh as he rose to his feet and was ready to leave, he didn’t like bars that much. But he stopped as he noticed the girl singing on the stage.


It immediately reminded him of what happened that afternoon when Jane stopped Tiger as Tiger got pissed and threatened Josh.

“What the hell is she doing here?”

Jane had always been a hard-working straight-A student to Josh, and seeing her working in a bar just nearly blew his mind off. Josh checked her out twice and came to a conclusion that it was definitely Jane, as surprised as he was.

“Well...she’s really a good singer.”

Josh knew that Jane has a nice voice but didn’t know that she sings well. He turned around and hid himself in the crowd where there are naughty youngsters cheering up for Jane, shouting out dirty talks and flirting lines, but they were mostly just joking since they all knew it’s better to behave themselves in places like bars, there are eavesdroppers.

Josh stepped up to Jane as she got off the stage, she looked much more beautiful with make-up on her face.

“What a coincidence, Jane, didn’t know that I would see you here.”

Jane seemed nervous:”I’m not...Jane, you must have mistaken me for her.”

Jane chose to work in this bar since it’s quite far away from the school, but there she was with Josh, as much as she tried to be away from her classmates.

“I don’t think so, Jane. People could be looking alike, but could they be having the same, say, signature on their body? They mole on your collarbone, I saw it.” Smiled Josh.

He continued as Jane was still in shock:”This is a chance for me to return the favor you did for me this afternoon. Drinks on me now, if you don’t mind.”

Josh was curious about why was Jane working there in a bar where doesn’t look like a place that she would even visit, meanwhile he could feel it that Jane must have something to tell about it.

“I don’t drink, Josh, if you really want to return the favor just don’t tell anyone that I work here, okay?” Said Jane, nearly begging.

“Sure, but could you tell me why you’re working here?”

“I need money.” Said Jane, head down.

“There are other options! You know what this kind of place is like and what kind of people could be here, it’s not safe for you.” Said Josh.

“We have protection here, hardly had anyone caused any trouble here, but thank you anyway.” Said Jane as she looked up.

Suddenly a man in suit and tie walked near them, Jane turned to him and greeted immediately:”Manager Zhou!”

Okay, a manager.

The man glanced at Josh and the said to Jane:”Don’t waste your time here, fix your make-up and get ready for next song, chop-chop!”

As Jane nodded and was ready to leave with the manager, Josh walked up and patted on the manager’s shoulder:”Wait! Her job is done here!”

The manager frowned and uttered:”Who the hell are you to make the call?”

“Sir, he’s my classmate, he’s just joking!” Said Jane hurriedly.

“Classmate? Could be your boyfriend, huh? Is that why he doesn’t want you to work here?” Said the manager as he checked Josh out,”Piss off, you ghetto boy!”

“Ghetto boy?” Sneered Josh, soon he took out a pile of cash and tossed it all at the manager,”Does this cover your loss of her working here?”

Noticing that the manager was in shock, Josh took out another pile of cash and smashed it at the manager’s chest and shouted:”How about now? Is it enough?”

The manager gulped out of surprise, for he had never seen anyone doing such thing in the bar. Soon he was met with another pile of cash from Josh, along with his voice:”How, about, now!”

“Yes, yes!” Said the manager as he nodded, he was smart enough to know that it’s better not to mess with people like Josh, let alone all the money he threw at him.

“Then take the money and get lost!” Exclaimed Josh, after which he left the bar with Jane.

“ did you get that much money? Is it something illegal you’ve done?” Asked Jane as they got outside, still confused. She still remembered that Josh just applied for financial aid in school, and Josh always seemed like a poor boy to her.

“Will you believe it that I’m the grandson of Moses Liu?” Smiled Josh.

“The Moses Liu of Huading Group?’re kidding, right?” Asked Jane.

“It does sound like kidding, but nah. I don’t even believe that either.” Said Josh as he shrugged, then he handed Jane a pile of cash, twenty thousand in total,”Take that, and don’t ever come back to this place again.”

“No, Josh, we’re just classmates, I can’t take it!”Said Jane.

“You need help, and I don’t want to see you compromising your dignity working in places like that because of shortage of money.” Said Josh as he grabbed Jane by her hand and placed the money on it,”And I will never tell anyone this little secret of yours, see ya.”

Josh smiled and left, Jane looked lost as she fixed her eyes on Josh.


Josh thought back on the old days as he’s waiting for a cab, back when he always dreamt about having his own car. It used to be nothing more than a fantasy to him, but now he could actually buy any car he wanted, which was also was he was planning about.

Suddenly, a black car parked near him, from which came four men in black.

“Get in there, boy!” Said on of them as they grabbed Josh into the car.

“Who...who are you?”Asked Josh worriedly as the car drove away.

“You don’t need to know, for our order is to beat the crap out of you until you’re braid-dead.” Said a bald guy in the car.

Josh felt a tinge of fear in his heart, it was true that he’s become wealthy, but money didn’t make him physically stronger. He’s like half a batman, the money half.

“Did Wu’s family give you the order? Or the Tiger?” Asked Josh, frowned, those are the only enemies of him that he could think of.

“Shut up!” Said the bald guy as he laid a intimidating glare at Josh.

“Fine,whatever they promised to pay you, I’ll double it, then you take whoever gave you the order to me!”

“I said shut up! And don’t you know what professional ethics mean?” Shouted the bald guy.

“Five times!” Said Josh as he reach his hand out and showed them a five.

“Five times?” Murmured the other guys, even the bald one was wavering.

“Okay, ten! Just tell me who gave you the order!”

“He said ten times, bro! We can’t miss such a deal!” The other three guys had swayed.

“Ten times? That would be ten million, are you sure?” Asked the bald guy.

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