Chapter 6 Don't Piss Me Off

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Some of the girls in the class were curious as to whom this rich man was. As long as they knew who he was, they should definitely try to befriend this rich man. Once they were related to him, then they would have a chance to enter the rich man's class.

"What a pity, the notice only says that this student donated money anonymously."

"People in various school social groups are eager to know who the rich young man is, but unfortunately no one knows who he is."

Josh couldn't help but smile when he heard that his classmates were talking about him. He hadn't expected so many students to know about it so soon after he made donations.

Josh was now glad that he instructed the president not to expose his name when he left the president's office, otherwise maybe a lot of people would harass him.

When Tiger Zhang heard what everyone was saying, he said, "What a fool. Why did he make a donation anonymously? If I were him, I would have let the whole school know that I donated the money." Frank, next to Josh, chuckled, "This young man is so rich. I also want to have a rich friend."

Josh smiled, but didn’t say anything.

"Frank, here's the money I borrowed from you before." Josh took out ten hundred and gave them to Frank.

"Josh, I don't need this money at the moment." Frank said. He knew Josh's family was poor and desperate for money.

Frank's father had a small business. His family wasn't very rich, but it was richer than Josh's family.

Josh was a little touched by what he heard. He used to have a poor family and no one cared him, but Frank was willing to be his friend and help him.

"Thanks, but I’m not short of money now." Josh put the thousand dollars on Frank's hand.

Josh had wanted to pay Frank back ten times as much, but he knew that Frank would never take the extra money he gave him, so he decided to help him out more in the future to repay his kindness to him.

"Okay, if you're short on money, let me know," Frank said.

"Josh, you become rich? You can pay back a thousand at a time. I guess you sell yourself for money." Tiger laughed loudly.

"Tiger, you better talk politely." Josh said with a frown

"Fuck, you dare talk back." said Tiger. “You are challenging me?”

Tiger slammed the table down, angry. He seemed to be about to hit Josh. In his eyes, Josh was a coward so he could bully him.

"Tiger, if you bullied me today, I'll make your miserable soon." Josh stared at him. “So don't piss me off.”

Tiger's behavior before had already made Josh feel a little angry. In the past, Josh really didn't dare to offend Tiger, but now that Josh was the grandson of the richest man in the Southwest, he wouldn't be afraid of Tiger anymore.

"Ridiculous. What confidence do you have to say something like that? I'd like to know how a poor boy like you is going to make my end miserable after I beat you." said Tiger arrogantly.

Frank was busy standing in front of Josh. "Josh is a little out of his mind today. I'll apologize to you on his behalf. Please forgive him."

"You fuck off! Or I'll beat you up too." The Annoyed Tiger pushed Frank away.

"Stop it!" Just then, someone called out.

Josh saw Jane, the monitor, stand up.

Jane was petite in appearance, with a fair complexion and long dark hair. She was about one and a half meters tall and had a very good figure. She was considered a beauty in the school.

"Tiger, this is the classroom! And it's class time. If you dare bully classmates, I'll tell the guidance counselor," Jane said.

Jane's outburst made Josh feel a little surprised. He wasn’t a friend of Jane and they two had never even spoken to each other. Now what she did would offend Tiger.

"You're helping him? His family is poor, and you don't get the benefit of helping him." Tiger said. He felt disappointed in Jane.

Jane bit her lips, "As the monitor, I can't let you bully my classmates."

"Oh, so what? I just want to bully and beat him." Tiger looked arrogant.

Then he swung his fist and he was about to hit Josh.

"Josh, look out!" Frank yelled in panic.

Jane also looked worried as she saw the scene.

Under the gaze of the class, Josh dodged Tiger's fist, and then he picked up the pen on the table and poked Tiger's shoulder with it.

With a miserable scream, the pen pierced directly into Tiger's shoulder, and then his wound was bleeding.

This scene frightened the students present. They all turned pale.

"He's so cruel."

"How dare he hurt Tiger? Doesn’t he know Tiger's background? He really didn't want to live."

Josh used to give his classmates the impression that he was a very cowardly man, so no one expected Josh to dare hurt Tiger. Even Tiger didn't think Josh would dare to hurt him.

"Tiger, I'm not afraid of you." Josh said coldly.

"You guys help me kill him!" Tiger yelled wildly at the people behind him.

"Stay away from me, or I'll kill anyone who comes near me." Josh picked up another pen and yelled at the same time.

The few people behind Tiger were clearly a little scared. The ferocity with which Josh had just hurt Tiger had completely shocked them.

Tiger's men were usually rampant, but they were scared when they met someone who was even more powerful than them.

"Tiger, you've lost so much blood. We’d better take you to the hospital first." One man said.

The others nodded and moved forward to assist Tiger. They didn't want to fight Josh at the risk of their life.

Tiger could only nod when he saw the blood on his shoulder and felt the severe pain.

"Josh, how dare you hurt me? Just wait for my revenge." Tiger yelled in anger.

Then Tiger was helped out of the classroom by his man.

Tiger was furious. He made up his mind that when he got back from the hospital, he would take revenge on Josh to relieve his anger.

"Well, I'll wait for you!" Josh smirked.

At that moment, all the students in the classroom looked at Josh with admiring look.

Josh's behavior made them feel very excited. After all, Tiger was bossy in the class and most of the students hated him.

But they all knew that the consequences of hurting Tiger were definitely not something Josh could bear.

"Josh, well done." Frank said excitedly.

Then Frank was worried. "But we can’t mess with Tiger. You've just hurt him. He's bound to get back at you, what should you do then?"

"I'm not afraid of him getting back at me." Josh grinned. "I'm just waiting for him to get back at me."

Josh was now confident that he could deal with Tiger. He didn't want to be bullied by Tiger all the time. Now it was the time for him to use his power to get back at him.

However, Frank let out a long sigh, "You're bragging again. Things have gone this far. There is no good way to solve your troubles. I can only wish you good luck."

In the president's office, the secretary handed a file to the president. "Mr. Zhou, this is Josh's file."

The president took the file and examined it carefully. "He comes from a single-parent home and a poor family?"

The president was filled with surprise after reading the file. According to the file, Josh had applied for a scholarship in the previous two years.

"How could someone who has ten million to donate comes from a poor family?" said the president.

"Mr. Zhou, perhaps this file is a fake. It's easy to create a fake dossier. He's supposed to want to keep a low profile, so he made donations anonymously." The secretary said.

The president nodded, "Maybe. I think that his identity is not simple. Remember not to offend him.”

At night, Josh sat at Starlight Bar.

“Miss, I want a profile of Tiger Zhang, a sophomore at Qingyang University." said Josh. Then he handed money to the beautiful woman inside the bar.

The woman had burgundy wavy long hair. She had thick eyelashes, seductive eyes, which revealed her voluptuous. She was a very beautiful woman. She seemed to attract man’s attention all the time

It was the woman who gave the information about Huading Group's branch in Qingyang to Josh yesterday.

“Sir, it's you again. Please have a drink first. I'll give you the information right away." the woman smiled and then took the money.

Josh was drinking while thinking about how to deal with Tiger. He knew that Tige would definitely retaliate against him. Josh needed to get specific information about his family first so he could better deal with Tiger.
Ten minutes later, Josh got the information about Tiger.

According to the information, Tiger's father's name was Guoming Zhang, the owner of Qingyang Hongda Construction Materials Company with assets of nearly 100 million. His father's company was one of the main suppliers of building materials to the Huading Group’s branch in Qingyang City.

"That’s Interesting." Josh smiled. He didn't expect the company of Tiger’s father to be one of his company's suppliers.

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