Chapter 9: End the Wrong Marriage Early

by Po Charen 14:27,Jul 22,2019
After disappointment, Cathy was very calm,dealt with discharge from hospital, returned home and enter the bedroom directly, pull open wardrobe forcibly.

She had brought very few things with her when she moved to Tyrone Raman's apartment. Now she packed everything in two suitcases in less than half an hour.Only a few heavy clothes were thrown into the wardrobe.

Cathy glanced at the apartment they had shared.It seemed that every corner had their shadow, she left the key on shoe ark, pushing a suitcase to leave without lingering.

She had been through so much, she should understand that she spent three years can not warm his heart.But think of the woman who answered the phone, she sneered,she can't do it doesn't mean someone else can't.

Besides, the marriage was a mistake. Let it end early.

After leaving, Cathy dragged things directly to her mother's place, she did not want to live with Tyrone, but the current financial situation can not support her to go to a hotel.

Cathy rang the doorbell for a long time, but no one answered, she frowned and dialed the phone to her mother.

The call was quickly put through.

Cathy heard some noisy miscellaneous, she involuntarily asked: "mom, you are not at home?"

"Ah?I'm not at home. I'm working out."Her mother said prevaricatly, "What's up?if there is nothing wrong, mother will call you later."

Cathy did not believe her, asked,"mom, where are you, I want to find you."

"No, it's far away."

When she minced her words , Cathy acutely heard someone shouting in a loud voice over there.”What the fuck are you calling?Go clean the table”

"Mom, I hear it all!"Cathy repressed the anger in the heart, calmed down and said "Tell me where you are.."

The famous judge's wife of the Chicago lived in luxury half a lifetime, but now become a waitress, Cathy could not help choking, standing stiffly, "mom."

"You are here.”When she saw her daughter, she was a little embarrassed.After clearing the table very quickly ,she went to the corner with Cathy

Cathy found her mother's left hand was swollen and grabbed her arm and asked, "what happened?"

"Nothing, it's just a burn."

Her mother tried to cover up, it seems that do not care about burns.Cathy could not help but directly dragged her mother out of the restaurant and took a taxi to the hospital.

Fortunately, she made the right decision. The doctor said that the high scald could fester without proper treatment.

"Mom, I want you to stay at home." Cathy painted her mother's wound with medicine, and her voice was choked when she spoke.”I have the money to give you a good life.”

“It is better to work than to be idle at home.I can make hundreds of dollars a day.”

"If your father hadn't done such a stupid thing, our family would still be happy now.”Her mother chocked,”I am afraid.”

"You quit your job and I'll pay you."Cathy said, "no matter how down-and-out our family is, I won't let you suffer.I'll figure out a way to get dad out of debt.”

“You might as well let your father die in prison.Two million dollars is such a big sum.”Said her mother angrily.Meanwhile, her mother was gratified by her filial piety.

“I'll pay off my father's debt before the deadline. Don't worry too much“She knew her mother spoke in angry, and she was worried about the amount of money her father owed.

Her mother family background was very good.Her mother knew her father at the age of 18, married him at the age of 20.After giving birth to Cathy, she has been taking care of her wholeheartedly.Her life depends on her husband.When her husband was arrested, she panicked, fortunately,her daughter was calmed enough.

After hearing her daughter's words, she nodded.

After taking the medicine for a week, Cathy left with her mother and saw unexpected pictures when she got out of the elevator.

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