Chapter 16: It Cannot Be Blame on Her

by Po Charen 14:29,Jul 22,2019
Marian glanced at the diamond ring in her hand and smiled proudly. She just said, “Tyrone hasn’t come back yet. I’ll show you around.”

“When I came up just now, I saw him come back, but I don’t think I need to see him.”

After seeing through everything, Cathy’s was not so upset. She took off the hot ring on her finger and put it in Marian’s palm:” He bought it. I don’t need to keep it. Remember to give it to him for me.”

Watching Cathy leave, Marian face darked bit by bit.

Finally, she took off the ring on her finger and put it in the velvet box, with Cathy’s one next to it.

When the express arrived, she went to get it. When she saw that the velvet box contained rings and they are Tiffany, she refrained from taking it out and putting it on her hand. Unexpectedly, Cathy came in just after she had just put it on.

She didn’t say that Tyrone gave it to her. She just chose not to speak. It was Cathy Lawson who wanted to misunderstand.

It cannot be blamed on her.

Cathy Lawson led Mila away from Wealth Center and called Mr. Brown when she went out:” Mr. Brown, send someone else. I am not suitable to negotiate this job and I don't want any money.”

She hung up the phone before Mr. Brown spoke.

From entering Wealth Center to coming out in just ten minutes, but Cathy seemed to have experienced a century.

Mila saw that Cathy Lawson’s expression was very sad. She came over and gave her a hung. Her soft little hand touched the corner of her eye.

“Auntie is fine.” Cathy Lawson smiled, but her voice choked with sobs:” Are you hungry? Shall we go to lunch?”

Mila nodded.

Cathy Lawson took Mila to Pizza Hut and Mila was picky about food, but she didn’t seem to dislike the restaurant very much and could accept pizza and pasta.

At noon, there were many people in the restaurant, many of them were still in the rest area, a little noisy.

When the meal was ready, Cathy Lawson had no appetite and Mila handed her a piece of pizza.

Cathy Lawson reluctantly smiled, pizza on her mouth but she can't bite down, even the faint seafood taste made her a nausea. She ran to the bathroom covering her mouth.

She didn’t eat anything in the morning, so all she spit out was water.

Cathy knew her body, this unusual nausea she vaguely guessed what it was, and her face was a litter pale.

After Mila had finished her meal, Cathy took her to the hospital, registered and collected urine.

The two bars on the early pregnancy paper hurt her eyes, making her tottering and almost falling down.

The nurse glanced at Mila beside her and smiled,” It is good to have a second child at this time when your daughter is so big. Please remember to avoid wearing high heels for the sake of the baby.”

“Thank you.”

Cathy collapsed and sat on the bench for a long time.

Tyrone didn’t want child very much, so they were very careful when have sex. How did they get it? This is ridiculous.

She wanted child, but now she was going to divorce Tyrone. She couldn’t let her child be born without father’s love.

Tyrone Raman called.

“Where are you? I’ll find you.”

When Cathy heard his voice, her tears fell and she said with a determined voice:” Tyrone, I want a divorce! I don’t want anything. As long as you divorce, if you don’t agree, I’ll see you in court.”

After hanging up the phone, Cathy directly blacked out his mobile phone and Facebook connection .

After crying, Cathy was much better. She wiped away her tears and took tranquility to the airport.

Bought the ticket and returned to Chicago at 7:30 that night.

Matt hasn’t come back, so Cathy took Mila back to the place where Cathy’s mother lived and told her that Mila was Matt’s daughter, 2.5 million dollars also borrowed from Matt.

After learning about Mila’s life experience from Cathy, Cathy’s mother sighed:” Ah, your senior brother’s life is not satisfactory. If he is busy, I can help him take care of the child. After all, he has lent us so much money.”

“It’s okay. I also teach Mila to write occasionally.” After a few words with her mother, Cathy cut to the chase,” Mom, I’m divorcing Tyrone. It's a shame to let you saw how bad a marriage I have.”

She concealed the pregnancy, because she did not intend to have the child anyway.

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