Chapter 1: Going to Have a Baby with Her

by mangguomusi 18:11,Aug 02,2019
The room was decorated with classical elegant style and the lights were dim.

Evelyn Davis sat lazily on the sofa and sipped the red wine in her glass. Her eyebrows showed that she was a little drank and eyes were slightly blurred and her face was full of inexplicable sadness...

Today was the first day that she had entered the Hawk family instead of her twin sister Nora Davis.

This family is the most rich family in Jingdu.

Nora Davis was a real young mistress in Hawk family!

Two days ago, her father, John Davis, suddenly came to her door and asked her to disguise herself as her sister and lived in the Hawk family for a year.

Evelyn Davis thought it was funny.

When she was eight years old, her father abandoned her and her mother and took away her twin sister. For more than a decade, he ignored her and never looked at her.

Unexpectedly, he came to here again, but just for such a request!

If she could, she didn't want to have anything to do with such a father.

But she had to promise...

Her mother had a serious illness and needed a lot of medical expenses. She really had no choice but to agree to the deal.

"Joseph, forget me today! From now on, I will be the young mistress of the Hawk family..."

Evelyn muttered, pouring the last mouthful of wine into her mouth.

Spicy liquid got into the throat, and the light bitterness also got into the heart.

She slowed down for a while before slowly recovering and her eyes became firm.

She was willing to do anything for her mother!

From this moment, she would play the role of Nora Davis!

Although her character was quite different from that of Nora Davis, but in any case, she must be last for one year.

And this year, she hoped her nominal husband could stay in Europe and did not come back.

At that time, she took the money and left. And then they would no relation!


At this time, London Airport, England.

At night, a plane to Jingdu was about to take off.

Inside the first-class cabin was sat a man with a stern and forceful look.

He wore a tailored black suit with flowing lines which outlined his perfect stature. The black pants wrapped a pair of long legs which were slender and sexy.

Lights poured on his face, casting indelible shadows. He was so radiant unlike ordinary person.He may be God's most perfect masterpiece.

He closed his eyelids slightly, and frowned, as if he took a nap, covering with a cold and indifferent breath.

A uniformed stewardess happened to pass by. When she saw the scene, she put out the light on his head.

With a click, the man who closed his eyes woke up.

He opened his sharp eyes.

There was a dim light in the eye.

His breath stagnated abruptly, as if there was a dark whirlpool in front of him, an invisible tentacle sticking out of it to suck him in.

The man's breathing suddenly became rapid, and the cold sweat came out of his bright forehead.

He gritted his teeth and shouted out a name, almost in reproach, "Cater!!!"

A moment later, a slender figure came in from the outside and humbly said, "President!"

The man gasped and did not reply, but Cater realized he was not well and turned on the light in a hurry.

Soon, the light illuminated every corner.

"President? How are you?" Cater asked anxiously.

No wonder he was so nervous. His president was afraid of black for a long time.

Lucas Hawk was veined in his forehead and he didn’t calm down.

Cater took out a bottle of tranquilizer from his pocket quickly, poured one, fed it into Lucas Hawk's mouth, and took a glass of water to wait for him to drink.

It took a long time for Lucas Hawk to recover with a pale face.

Cater, with a slight sigh of relief, looked at the stewardess sharply and said, "Didn't I tell you that the lights in the first-class cabin should not be turned off? What did you do?"

The stewardess was frightened and apologized quickly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I only saw him resting before turning off the light. I didn't expect that."

"Can a sorry make up your fault? If something happened to our president, can you bear the responsibility?” Cater was aggressive.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean that." The stewardess continued to apologize, almost crying.

Cater snorted, "If our private jet is not being repaired, we don't have to come here..."

"Cater, that's enough."

At this time, Lucas Hawk interrupted Cater and his voice had an irrefutable dignity.

Cater had to shut up and said to the stewardess, "Don't go out yet?"

The stewardess got out in a hurry.

It was just them who stayed in the standby cabin. Cater asked with a concern, "President, how do you feel? Do you need to go back to see the doctor first? There is still time to get off the plane now.”

"No." Lucas Hawk responded faintly.

Cater looked at him with a slightly disapproving and said, "But you have meeting all day. You should go back and have a good rest first."

"I can rest here too."

"... All right." Cater couldn't persuade him, so he gave up. He asked in a puzzle, "President, I don't understand why does the old Hawk let you go home at this time? Our overseas business is developing very well. What happened at home?”

"It's okay at home, but Grandpa wants to hold his great-grandson. It's better to satisfy his wishes than to be urged by him everyday."

Lucas Hawk said lightly that his tone did not fluctuate too much.

Suddenly, Cater was not calm. "This... President, are you really going to have a baby with the young mistress?”

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