Chapter 2: They Met for the First Time

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Lucas glanced at him coldly and said, "Who else would I have a baby with?"

Cater hesitated and said, "But I heard that the young mistress not only had a chaotic private life, but also she was obstinate, arrogant and domineered. Everyone in the family had been offended, even the Mrs. Hawk and the chairman..."

Living with such a woman whole life, it was a disaster!

Lucas 's eyes darkened, and apparently he had heard a little about his wife's affairs.

However, he said without care "I do not care about before. When I go back, she does not have that opportunity. Go ahead and give her information to me first."

He hasn't even met his new wife since he got married.

It was time to get to know her!

Cater saw that he had made up his mind and could not say anything more. He immediately got the tablet computer and quickly transferred the information about Nora Davis to Lucas .

After a dozen hours of voyage, the plane finally landed safely.

After coming out from the airport, Lucas did not stop. He went to meet an important customer, and then arranged a meal. After that, it was dark outside.

Lucas drank some wine. He was slightly tipsy.

Cater helped him get on the car and sent him straight back to his family.


At this time, Evelyn Davis just finished her dinner and went upstairs.

She was a little drunk and her steps were staggering.

She was a wimpy drinker, but Nora Davis liked to drink. She drank two cups of wine at the table just now.

Unexpectedly, the wine had a strong delayed effect. At this moment, her cheeks were dizzy red, like blooming flowers, stretching down her neck to the bathtub.

Her white and tender skin was also beginning to penetrate powder.

Evelyn Davis felt a little hot, so she put down her glass and went into the bathroom, filled with a bathtub of water.

Then, she took off her clothes and soaked herself in.

Warm heat was coming, and she was more dizzy...

When Lucas came in from outside, he saw the empty room and thought nobody at home.

He tore his tie at random, unbuttoned one by one, took off his clothes neatly, then loosened the belt on his trousers and strode into the bathroom.

Soon, he was stunned.

In the mist, a delicate and beautiful figure was lying in the bubbling bathtub.

Her cheeks were red and her skin became more tender.

Perfect clavicle was clearly visible, attracting people to pick.

Lucas recognized her immediately.

It was the little wife he had never met!

They married for one year. Their marriage certificates were handled by their families and their looks were only known through information.

Unexpectedly, they meet in this way!

The picture in front of him was so beautiful. Lucas who had strong control ability, was full of agitated.

Anyway, the purpose of this return was to have children.

So, he could just go straight to the subject.

Thinking of this, Lucas strode forward and stepped into the bathtub.

Evelyn Davis's head was already dizzy.

After soaking in hot water, the eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of water mist. With the whole person in the mist,she was a little confused.

Lucas had never touched any other woman in his life. He had abstinence for more than twenty years and once thought he didn't need this kind of thing.

But now, his senses were subverted.

The feeling of intense desire to take her for himself, like a germinating seed, took root in his heart.

A sense of pain spread to Evelyn Davis's limbs and bones, and she finally woke up.

First of all, what came to her eyes was the beautiful and divine face.

Evelyn Davis turned pale with surprise. "You... You..."

"What? Don't you know me?"

Lucas asked in a hoarse voice, but he did not forget to ask for what he wanted.

Evelyn Davis was trembling with pain.

How could she not recognize him!

Lucas !

Her nominal husband for the next year!

How did he come back???

What was the situation right now?

How could they be ...

Evelyn Davis was so frightened that she wanted to push Lucas away.

But the man stood still. "It's too late."

Evelyn Davis felt as if her whole body was being run through by electric current until the nerve endings.

She was in his arms.

Evelyn Davis's resistance was nothing to him.

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