Chapter 3: Wanton(2)

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Lucas regained his composure and went to open the door.

Outside the door stood Cater Wood with a respectful face."President, Mr. Hawk is looking for you."

Lucas squinted his eyes and looked at him with some unkindness. He said: "You said that the Evelyn liked to buy famous brand clothes, cosmetics and high heels, is it a lie to me?"


Cater Wood was puzzled and couldn't react well."This... I didn't lie to you. According to the past consumption records of Mrs. Hawk , she would go shopping once in two or three days. She must buy a lot of things every time. What happened? What's wrong?"

He snorted and said: "It seemed that your business ability had dropped recently. Even this information could be mistaken, and one month's bonus was deducted for punishment."

After the words, he turned back and changed his clothes, and then left without returning.

When the calm footsteps went away, Evelyn moved out of the bathroom.

She looked helpless and depressed.

What a loss this time!

Not only lost her innocent body, but her also had to live with Lucas for a long time.

If this continued, could she really hold on a year?

Evelyn's mood suddenly became chaotic.

Just then, the doorbell was ringing again.

Evelyn thought it was Lucas who returned back and didn't intend to pay attention.She didn't expect to hear a sweet voice coming from outside. " Brother Lucas, have you got up? It's me, Amelia ”

When Evelyn heard this name, she was shocked slightly and immediately turned out the matching information from her mind.

Amelia Morgan, the young lady of Morgan family in Jiangnan.

Because they were friends with the Hawk family, they were respectable and lived here several years ago. For others, she was called Lucas's sister. In fact, everyone could see what kind of thoughts she had about Lucas.

See, Lucas just returned home, she could not wait to find him.

Although Evelyn did not want to be with her, but her current identity was Nora Davis, so she could only barely tidy up her appearance and go to open the door.

When Amelia Morgan saw that the door was opened, she immediately raised a bright smile and said, "Brother Lucas , when I heard you were back, I came to see you in a hurry, you......"

But only half of what she said, Evelyn's figure suddenly broke into her sight.

"Nora Davis......why were you here?"

Amelia Morgan's smile suddenly froze and her eyes stared at her with a slightly disgusting anger.

Evelyn leaned on the door frame and asked, "How could I not be here? I had not been sleeping in this room all time?"

"Not the same, now Brother Lucas was back, how did you still have a face to stay? Get out!"

Amelia blamed sullenly and her eyes were burning.

"Why? I was his wife, what was wrong with sleeping in his room?"

Evelyn responded with aggressive look and no compromise at all.

At this time,her style of doing things basically imitated Nora Davis.

According to the information, Nora Davis had been quarreling with this Amelia more than once.

Amelia always bright and stealthily wanted to take off her wife's name and replace her.

"Nora Davis, didn't be too proud. Didn't think I don't know your broken things. Just your wanton character and personality of engaging in love affairs with others?!You just don't deserve Brother Lucas .

Amelia said with grinding her teeth,there was some satisfaction in her eyes.

It seemed that this woman was busy reporting when she came early in the morning.

Evelyn frowned eyebrows,with a slight stern look and a fierce voice,she said:"Amelia Morgan,to make it clear,who was wanton and engaged in love affairs with others?"

"Still pretending!Did I have to show you the evidence?"

Amelia ironically ridiculed the lips,took out two photos from her pocket and slammed them into the chest of Evelyn,"Took a careful look."

Evelyn took a look and saw her who in the photo was shouldering a shoulder with a handsome man,the scene was particularly intimate.

She did recognize the man, the elder son of the Wilson family, Austin Wilson!

Also with extraordinary birth and distinguished status!

Evelyn frowned and thought to herself."It seemed that Amelia Morgan was not speaking or acting on hearsay evidence,she really got the evidence of Nora Davis's chaos, it seemed that I had to take the blame for others"

But at the moment it's impossible to acknowledge it.

"Miss Morgan, just casually made a few composite photos, who were you cheating?Did you think Lucas would believe?"Evelyn threw the photos back with a smirk.

Amelia did not expect that she would be so calm,she was very angry.

This bitch woman! Instead, she played a good show!

Still did not recognize at this time.

Did she think it's possible to escape?

Just dreaming!

"Nora Davis,You really couldn't see the coffin without tears.Waited for me until I listed all the evidence of your derailment. Then I would see how you can argue!"

After Amelia finished speaking, she angrily turned to leave.

Evelyn stood in the same place, twisting her eyebrows and suddenly felt a slight crisis.

This substitute did not seem to be as good as she imagined.

Not only to worry about the disclosure, but also to face all kinds of aim and difficult.

It's not a good thing to go on like this.

It seemed that she had to ask John Davis what the hell was going on with Nora Davis and when she would appear.She also can be assured.

Thinking of this, Evelyn immediately returned to the room and gave John Davis a call to ask.

Unexpectedly, John Davis just said coldly, "Didn't ask what you shouldn't ask, just played your role well, didn't forget your mother's medical expenses.

After that, he hung up without waiting for Evelyn's reaction.

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