Chapter 1 Embarrassment

by Diane LAN 10:28,Jun 08,2020
When your wife and adulteress fell into the water at the same time, which one would you save if you could only save one person?

May Song thought of the sentence and got sad again.

At this moment, hearing whispers of disdain and mockery surrounding, she stood in the ballroom stiffly with a wet exquisite blue dress.

She knew what they were saying even she didn't hear deliberately.

"Try to seduce their president."

"Too vicious to push the president's lover into the water."

     "So shameless."

In Sheng Yue Hotel's back garden, she was stopped by Sean Chu's new favorite adulteress, Kona, who was recently the most popular idol actress all over the country.

"May, I know you are Sean's wife, but you only have this title. Sean does not care about you at all. If I were you, I would divorce him because it is such a shame to lose your husband's heart, especially when you have to watch him flirting with other women every day in front of you. Funny, hmm?"

May Song had seen this kind of scene from the beginning of her marriage.

May felt pain in her heart. When she was about to say something, Kona suddenly got weak and shouted in an innocent voice with crying:" May, I know you love Sean. But he doesn't love you. It's not my fault! Oh! No! Stop! Help me!"

Kona shouted and dragged May into the water.

Then, the hero came to save the beauty, but the beauty wasn't May.

Seeing Sean hugging Kona gently, May Song rubbed her eyes. She could guess what a cherish expression on his face.

Now he would blame his wife pushed his lover into the water for jealousy.

May could feel sour and pain outflow from her heart. Her fisted hands with white knuckles held the painful part.

Back home, the nanny greeted her with a smile, "Mrs. Chu, welcome back."

     "Hmm." May nodded and saw a pair of black leather shoes at the entrance.

     Aunt Xu smiled ambiguously, "Ma'am has gone to play cards. Mr. Chu has just come back. He wants you to go to his study when you come back."

     Today was her birthday. But she experienced a terrible celebration.

     May Song looked at the expression on Aunt Xu's face, and her throat was a little dry.

     "Ah, young Mrs.Chu! How could you be such soggy? You should take a bath first."

    May Song nodded and went upstairs. She walked past the entrance of Sean Chu's study with her feet unpaused, then closed her eyes and escaped.

     She took a quick shower. When choosing clothes, May subconsciously chose a knee-length jumpsuit skirt, which was a light blue bottom.

     When Aunt Xu gave May the towel, she secretly told May that Sean bought a large handful of blue fairy roses tonight and put it in the study.

     May was nervous. She wondered:" Is that blue roses a birthday gift for me?"

     Before she knocked on the door, the study door opened first.

     Sean Chu stood at the door with no expression on his face.

     As long as he didn't smile, he always gives a stressful feeling to others. His eyes were long and passionate, but it made people feel stressed and nervous. He still wore his black suit, which fit him well. His whole person had a natural sense of dignity.

     "Why didn't you come over immediately when you came back?"

     May was stunned, and her ears became slightly warm for shyness. "I just got wet at the banquet, so back home I took a shower first ..."

     Before he heard the words, the man entered impatiently, leaving her with a straight back.

     May Song silently followed him into the room.

     The layout of the study room was a complete Sean's style: Magnificent. The whole was dark brown. The decoration was consistent, except for the handful of the blue fairy on the small table at the moment.

     May Song looked at the flower, paused, and walked to the man who was trying to take off his tie.

     "Sean, I thought you didn't remember today is my birthday."

     Her grievances at the celebration feast dissipated. May was about to take Sean's tie, but he staggered.

     "Your birthday?" It seemed that Sean just had noticed her skirt. He glanced at the roses, and turned to May sarcastically:" You think it is for you?"

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