Chapter 2 Yinhu Club

by Richman 16:07,Aug 29,2020
Abe deeply hated his father, whom he had never met.

He abandoned him and his mother in his early years. He didn't appear when his mother was seriously ill. If it wasn't for Helen's help, his mother would have died long ago.

Therefore, he did not want to inherit the property of this strange man!

It never occurred to Albert that Abe would refuse. He immediately said anxiously, "Master, you are the only legal heir of the Chou Group. If you don't come to the United States to take over this position, the Chou Group will have no leader!"

Abe said coldly, "What does that have to do with me?"

Albert couldn't help asking, "Haven't you had enough of the life of depending on others?"

Abe said indifferently, "No, because Helen is my wife, and I love her."

With that, Abe angrily hung up the video call.

At this moment, Abe was somewhat regretful, but on second thought, he was quickly relieved.

The favor Helen did him was tantamount to giving him a new lease on life. Moreover, she was the only woman he loved deeply. He just wanted to stay with her and live a peaceful life.

Then he came to the ward and chatted with his mother for a while.

However, he did not tell his mother what happened.

His mother was not well, and she must keep in a good mood.

When it was almost time for work, he left the hospital and was about to go to Mingyang Corp...

"Ding..." it was a call from the security guard of Helen's company, "Mr. Chou, Dale is in the company again to see Mrs. Chou!"

Hearing these words, Abe trembled fiercely, and his heart seemed to be squeezed fiercely by an invisible giant hand.

Abe never dared to say with confidence that Helen loved him, because in a strict sense, he could only be considered as a substitute that Helen found when she was in grief.

But at this moment, a strong rival, Dale, appeared. Abe didn't know whether Helen could withstand Dale's crazy courtship.

Abe hurriedly asked, "Is he in Helen's office?"

"No, they are going to go out together in Dale's car."

That security guard and Abe had a pretty good relationship. Perhaps because they were at the same bottom of society, and were quite sympathetic to each other, whenever Dale went to see Helen, he would give Abe a tip-off.

Abe asked again, "Where are they going?"

"Yinhu Club."

Yinhu Club?

That was the most famous top club in the city's upper class.

Its owner behind this club had a stunning background. Countless wealthy and influential people scrambled to get into the club to get closer to the owner.

This club adopted a membership system for consumption. If you were not a member, even if you went there with a sack of cash, you could not enter it.

If you wanted to join Yinhu Club, it was not enough to have money. You had to apply first.

Yinhu Club would evaluate applicants' property situation, business situation, and comprehensive strength in all aspects. Applicants would be rejected if there was any deficiency.

Moreover, the members of the Yinhu Club were divided into several ranks. The highest level was Diamond Member, followed by Platinum Member, Gold Member, Silver Member, and Brass Member.

Even being the lowest rank, Brass Member, required at least tens of millions of property, and the size of the enterprise must be more than 50 people.

Although Helen was a successful businesswoman, she did not even qualify to be a Brass Member.

Abe knew that a poor guy like him would definitely not be able to enter Yinhu Club.

However, he was worried that Helen would be harmed in some way.

Abe had a specific understanding of Dale. He was not a good guy and had always coveted Helen's beauty.

When he was with Helen, the only thought was to have sex with Helen. However, Helen insisted on keeping her virginity before marriage, so he never succeeded.

Therefore, Abe was afraid that he would deliberately use the opportunity to rape Helen with the excuse of helping her solve her business crisis.

So, he didn't dare to delay and hurriedly took a taxi to Yinhu Club.

When Abe was still a little away from Yinhu Club, he saw Dale's car stop in front of its entrance.

The door opened, and Dale, who was elegant and handsome, got out of the car first. Then he opened the door of the assistant driver seat in an extremely gentlemanly manner.

Then, Helen got off the car.

The black evening dress thoroughly outlined Helen's slender figure.

With delicate light makeup on her face, Helen was a fairy who fell into the world in the hazy moonlight.

In the taxi, Abe clenched his fists and said to the driver, "Please drive faster!"

Dale smiled elegantly at the entrance of Yinhu Club and was about to put his arm around Helen's slender waist.

The next second, Helen frowned slightly and avoided Dale's hand without a trace.

The actions in the silence even made the flowing air strange.

A faint wisp of disappointment appeared in Dale's eyes, but it quickly turned into almost perverted confidence and fanaticism.

Looking back inadvertently, Dale saw Abe, who got out of the taxi and was walking over quickly.

When they saw each other, Dale smiled with contempt and made a "you are a loser" gesture to him.

Abe ran desperately but still couldn't catch up. When he reached the door, outside Yinhu Club, Dale raised his hand, pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and said with a gentlemanly expression on his face.

"Helen, some of the investors I arranged for you have already arrived. You go up with the waiter first. I will come after I say hello to a friend."

A complicated look flashed across in Helen's eyes. Then, she nodded gently.

When Abe rushed to the door of Yinhu Club, Dale was the only person with a scornful look.

"Abe? A loser like you is supposed to be in Yinhu Club?"

At this moment, Dale completely removed the mask of a gentleman, and his mean words were full of provocation.

"Dale, let Helen come out. Otherwise, I will never let you go!"

"Abe, what are you? You're not even qualified to enter Yinhu Club. And you are threatening me? What a loser without self-knowledge."

The real provocation was never a verbal humiliation or a physical beating, but one's dignity being degraded.

When Dale saw Abe become red in the face, he laughed and said coldly, "Don't worry, I have asked someone to install the cell phone jammer in the private room upstairs. Even if you call Helen, you can't get through. In ten minutes, she will be mine!"

After saying that, Dale sneered, "You loser. You have been married for three years, but Helen is still a virgin. Don't you understand why? Because Helen is keeping her most precious virginity for me!"

Abe was furious and tried to punch him. However, he walked directly into Yinhu Club.

Abe subconsciously wanted to chase him in and beat him, but as soon as he arrived at the door, two men in black who looked grim stopped him without hesitation.

"Sorry, sir. Please show your membership card."

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