Chapter 9 Mom Was Discharged

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The news of Damon's dismissal was quickly sent to every employee of Mingyang Corp. via internal mail.

Bonita herself wrote the email. In the email, she said that Damon was fired for abusing his power and oppressing his subordinates, which was a great relief to the employees of the entire sales department!

When the news got out, the entire sales department was seething. Everyone knew that it must be Abe who went to the chairman to make a complaint!

Thus, he became a hero in the eyes of the employees of the entire sales department.

Later, in Bonita's office, he signed a cooperation agreement with her.

In the agreement, he became the head of the whitening and anti-aging project. He held 60% of the shares in the project, having the final say on everything about the project.

However, Abe deliberately asked Bonita to keep it a secret. He didn't want anyone to know it for the time being.

Subsequently, he began to prepare to start the whitening and anti-aging factor project. At the same time, he was making to select partners for this project.

He naturally wanted Helen's company to be the partner to get help from Mingyang Corp. and tide over the crisis.

So, he asked Bonita's secretary to release the news to the public, informing all the cosmetic companies in the country that Mingyang Corp. had obtained the whitening and anti-aging factor patent from the America Stanford Lab and was preparing to start the whitening and anti-aging product project, as well as bidding for partners nationwide!

This news sent tremors through the cosmetic industry worldwide!

No one had expected that the patent that big corporations all over the world were desperately competing for would be obtained by Mingyang Corp. quietly.

This was truly shocking!

Mingyang Corp. had also leaped to become the most popular cosmetics company in the country. The other large cosmetics companies in Huaxia was really envious and jealous of this. In contrast, some small and medium-sized companies desperately wanted to cooperate with it.

Including Helen's Yueji Cosmetic Corp., as well as the son of a bitch Dale's beauty makeup company.

In the next few days, companies all over the country were preparing for Mingyang Corp.'s bid, and Helen also spent all her time on it. In her opinion, this might be the last chance to save her company.

Although the strength of Yueji Cosmetic Corp. was very weak and the chance of being selected was very slim, she still regarded it as a lifeline and prepared to have a last-ditch attempt.

In order to do her best on this project, she even moved from home to the company, eating and living in the company every day, working 24 hours a day, and preparing bidding documents. She was afraid of missing this opportunity.

It never occurred to Abe that Helen would work so hard for this project. He felt distressed for her. Meanwhile, he thought that since Helen wanted to go all out, he must help her secretly!

As for Dale, no matter what he did, it was impossible for him to become the partner of this project!


In these days of preparing the project, he received good news from the hospital.

The right kidney Abe's mother had been waiting for was finally found!

Abe's mother had uremia and had been finding the right kidney. He thought his mother might fail to find the right kidney in this life, but at this time, he received the good news!

Thinking about the fact that Albert paid over a million dollars for his mother, he guessed that it was probably the Chou family found the kidney.

After the kidney was delivered to Donghai City, the hospital arranged a kidney transplant for Abe's mother as quickly as possible.

The surgery was very successful, and his mother went through the post-operative rejection period very smoothly.

Afterward, in the next a whole week, apart from taking time every day to go to Mingyang Corp. to participate in the whitening and anti-aging factor project discussion, Abe spent the rest of his time in the hospital, taking care of his mother.

During this time, Helen lived in the company and was busy with work, and Abe lived in the hospital to take care of his mother.

After Dale heard about it, he took time out of his busy schedule and began to please Abe's mother-in-law earnestly.

These days, he gave Abe's mother-in-law gifts daily, such as bird's nests, jades, and shark fins and sea cucumbers, which pleased Abe's mother-in-law to the extreme.

Originally, Abe's mother-in-law was very dissatisfied with him. After Dale spoke ill of Abe in front of her, she hated Abe more and more.

She was even thinking of quickly persuading her daughter to divorce Abe and then letting her marry Dale, the excellent rich young man!

The day Abe's mother was discharged from the hospital happened to be Helen's birthday.

Helen personally came to the hospital to pick up Abe's mother from the hospital and even invited Abe's mother to attend her birthday party.

Abe's mother, who had just been discharged from the hospital, still had a sickly pallor on her wrinkled face. She knew that her son had been bullied in the Xie family, so she didn't want to go and bother the Xie family.

After all, to bother the Xie family was to bother her own son, which would make her son's life more difficult.

His mother's look made Abe's heart full of complicated feelings.

Seemingly knowing that Abe had a terrible life in the Xie family, his mother patted his palm, and said to Helen, "Helen, forget it, I wish you a happy birthday. I'm not fully recovered yet. I will cause you trouble if I go, so I'd better not go."

At this moment, Mrs. Chou's words were like an invisible giant hand, squeezing Abe's heart to pieces little by little.

Helen hurriedly said, "Mom, today you are discharged from the hospital, and it is also my birthday again. The two happy events come at the same time. I hope you can go home with me."

Abe also persuaded, "Yes, mom, please go back with us!"

Under the persuasion of them, Mrs. Chou finally nodded.

It was just the lingering worry between her eyebrows kept stabbing Abe's heart.

After they got back home, Abe's mother-in-law immediately said with a gloomy face, "Oh, you still remember your home is here?"

Her scornful voice made Abe's mother look a little more nervous.

Seeing his mother-in-law's mean attitude, Abe stood at the door, looking very embarrassed.

Watching her son being ridiculed, Mrs. Chou felt bitter. She hurriedly said with a fawning tone, "It's been a long time. Mrs. Xie..."

Abe's mother-in-law looked at her scornfully and said sarcastically, "Oh, stop that, don't try to flatter me."

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