Chapter 7 You Are Fired

by Richman 16:13,Aug 29,2020
The next day, Helen was somewhat ashamed to face Abe, so she went to the office early.

Abe casually ate some breakfast outside and rode his electric motor to the sales department of Mingyang Corp..

In fact, Helen's Yueji Cosmetic Corp. was just a street away from Mingyang Corp..

At the door of Mingyang Corp., Abe raised his head and glanced at Helen's company.

"You were absent from work yesterday for no reason. Are you still in the mood to watch the scenery today? You think our company is a place where raises good-for-nothings?"

Suddenly a hostile voice rang behind Abe...

Looking away, Abe slowly turned around and saw a black car parking at the side of the road.

A middle-aged man, with a center-parted hairstyle and a mercenary face, stuck his head out of the car window and looked at Abe with a face full of disgust.

The middle-aged man named Damon Li, who was the director of the sales department of Mingyang Corp., and was considered Abe's supervisor.

Because Abe once saw Damon threaten one of his subordinates to have sex with him. Damon had been hostile towards Abe and wanted to drive him out of the company.

Forcing down the anger in his heart, Abe opened his mouth and called him director Li.

Damon snorted coldly and said, "Abe, you were absent from work for no reason. This time, no one will be able to help you. Get ready to be kicked out of here!"

With that, Damon stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

Looking at Damon's rear lights, Abe shook his head repeatedly.

Damon, Damon, if it were before, it would be fine for you to pretend to be cocky. However, today I have the most potent patent of the America Stanford Lab, and you are still so cocky in front of me. Then don't blame me for being cruel to you!

As soon as he entered the sales department of Mingyang Corp., he felt a depressing atmosphere.

Everyone seemed to have just been scolded by Damon, and their expressions were very depressed.

A female colleague whispered to Abe, "Damon scolded everyone as soon as he walked in, and said that he would fire you as a warning to us. You'd better go to him and plead for mercy!"

Abe smiled, "No need. Just let him do whatever he wants."

As he was talking, Damon came out of the office with a dismissal letter in his hand. He stood right in front of the hall and shouted, "Abe has been formally fired because he was absent from work for no reason. What I have in my hand is the dismissal letter! Whoever doesn't work well in the future will be kicked out just like him!"

As he said, he looked at Abe and said coldly, "Abe, take the dismissal letter and go to the personnel office to complete the procedures!"

Abe asked him, "Director Li, single absenteeism is only a three-day pay deduction according to the company's regulations. What makes you think you can fire me?"

Damon sneered and said, "Company regulations? I'm the fucking regulations! If I tell you you are fired, you are fired! And you have to get out of here without a single-halt!"

Abe scornfully said, "You are just the sales director, not the personnel director, let alone the chairman. Why do you dismiss me in violation of the company regulations? Believe it or not, I'll go to Ms. Shen and let her judge who is right and who is wrong?"

"Bah!" Damon said contemptuously, "Seriously? Do you think Ms. Shen knows you? Tell you what. Just be Judicious and leave here. Otherwise, I will tell companies in the industry not to hire you in the future!"

"Okay!" Abe nodded, "You are the boss. You've scared me. Give me the dismissal letter, and I will go through the formalities."

Damon threw the dismissal letter at Abe's feet, and said coldly, "Get out of here. Don't be a fucking eyesore!"

Abe smiled coldly, took the dismissal letter out of the sales department, and went straight to the chairman Bonita's office.

Bonita was in the office at this time, worrying about the performance of this year.

Although Mingyang Corp. was a top domestic brand in Huaxia, it was indeed in an embarrassing situation under the impact of other foreign brands and big brands.

Mingyang Corp.'s products lacked competitiveness and brand recognition, so its market shares were affected continuously.

What was worse was that the R&D department was utterly disappointing. No good products had been launched. In contrast, foreign international companies were continually innovating and launching attractive products. Mingyang Corp. couldn't compare it with them at all.

If this continued, Mingyang Corp. may only be able to produce some cheap skincare products.

At this time, Abe knocked on her office door.

Bonita rubbed her temples helplessly and said, "Come in!"

Abe pushed the door in and said, "Ms. Shen, good morning."

Bonita was fashionable and coldly elegant and had a curvaceous figure. She was simply the most gorgeous among women.

In fact, in Donghai City's business world, there were two women who were the most famous for their beauty. One was Abe's wife, Helen.

The other was Bonita, who was in front of Abe at this moment.

Bonita asked in surprise, "Who are you?"

Abe said, "Ms. Shen, I am Abe Chou, a salesman from the sales department."

"Oh, hello." Bonita frowned. She didn't understand why a small salesman would come to her. Although she felt a little disgusted, she still asked politely, "What can I do for you?"

Abe said, "Ms. Shen, I'm here to discuss cooperation with you."

"Oh?" Bonita smiled and asked, "What kind of cooperation is it?"

Bonita looked kind, but she thought in her heart that this salesman was too unruly.

A low-level salesman came directly to the chairman to discuss cooperation? Are you kidding? Don't you ever take the management of the company seriously?

So, she secretly thought that after hearing him out, she would just call the HR department and tell them to fire such an unruly employee.

Abe said calmly at this time, "Ms. Shen, you should know that the America Stanford Lab has a new patent about whitening and anti-aging factor."

Bonita looked at him in surprise, "How do you know this?"

Abe smiled and said, "Since I am engaged in this industry, I have to pay more attention to industry news."

Bonita couldn't help taking him seriously.

Cutting-edge technology was only of concern to the top management of the company as well as the research and development department. The employees in the sales department generally promoted products outside, but a small salesman actually paid attention to the information about the top cutting-edge technology in the industry. It seemed that this young man was not simple.

So she asked curiously, "What do you mean by telling me about this patent? Suggest me to get it?"

Abe smiled and asked, "Ms. Shen, do you want to get it?"

Bonita scoffed at herself, "Sure, but I have no way to do that." Shiseido in Japan, Chanel in France, and several top Italian brands are all trying to compete for this patent. I don't have the ability to get it."

Abe said seriously, "Ms. Shen, to tell you the truth, this patent is now in my hands. If you are interested in it, we can talk about the cooperation plan!"

Bonita laughed and said, "Don't make fun of me. This patent is owned by the America Stanford Lab, not by any individual. If it's a prank, you may go out."

Abe smiled and said, "You can check the International Patent Network to see who the current owner of this patent is."

Bonita frowned, opened the International Patent Network, and entered the patent number.

In fact, she dreamed of getting this patent, and she had already studied it for a long time.

When the search results came up, her pupils immediately contracted!

"How is this possible!"

She stared at a string of words on the screen and was dumbfounded!

Originally, in the column of the patent owner, it was the full English name of "America Stanford Lab." At the time, there were only two words, Abe Chou!

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