Chapter 4 Beat Her

by Richman 16:08,Aug 29,2020
"Who is Mr. Chou?"

Gage's voice was even trembling.

The people around were all stunned. Mr. Chen, who could quake Donghai City by stomping his foot, was so panic that even his voice trembled at this moment!

Abe opened his mouth at this moment, "I am!"

Gage immediately rushed to him, bowed, and said, "Mr...."

Before he finished speaking, Abe immediately said, "Mr. Chen, some things should not be said here."

When Gage heard this, he trembled in shock.

Damn it; he was such a fool! The identity of the young master must be highly confidential. He almost exposed him. If young master blamed him, wouldn't he be doomed?

So he hurriedly corrected himself. He still respectfully said, "Mr. Chou, welcome to Yinhu Club. Please go to my office and have a detailed talk with me."

Only then did Abe realize that his identity had become really different.

Even the person admired by the people of the entire Donghai City became like a submissive ant in front of him.

Cara was scared. She couldn't accept this, but this was truly happening right in front of her eyes.

What was the origin of Abe? Could he even make the big boss of the Yinhu Club treat him respectfully?

She ridiculed him just now. Would he hold a grudge against her?

With that in mind, Cara hurriedly put on a flattering expression and said to Abe with airs and graces, "Monitor Chou, it's really an honor for Yinhu Club to have you here. As your old classmate, it's also my honor to see you. Please come in...."

She thought that by complimenting Abe, she could make Abe forget or ignore what she did just now.

However, Abe was not as kind as she thought.

When Gage heard Cara's words, he asked in surprise, "Cara, you were Mr. Chou's classmate?"

"Yes!" Cara hurriedly said, "Mr. Chou was our monitor when we were in college, and our relationship was very good!"

Gage immediately said, "Report to the president's office tomorrow, and you'll be the personnel director of our Yinhu Club!"

In Yinhu Club, from the group leader to the personnel director, she had to cross at least three grades. Her salary would increase more than ten times. Moreover, she would have the power to fire or hire most of the employees. The personnel director was one of the executives.

When Cara heard this, she was so excited that she almost passed out.

At this time, Abe said coldly, "Mr. Chen, do you know how I am related to Cara?"

Gage thought that Abe was not satisfied with the arrangement, so he said, "Mr. Chou, if you are not satisfied, Cara'll be the vice president tomorrow!"

In Gage's view, Yinhu Club was Abe's, and the entire Chou Group was Abe's. Even if he wanted Cara to replace him, he had to give his position up tamely.

However, Abe suddenly said, "She is a snob. I asked her for help, but she humiliated me in every way just because I don't have a membership card. She even tried several times to ask the security guards to beat me. You actually want her to be the vice president. What do you mean?"

Gage's heart sank.

He wanted to flatter him but displeased him instead...

Then, he looked at Cara with angry eyes.

He slapped Cara in the face fiercely, and snapped, "How dare you offend Mr. Chou? You want to die, don't you?"

The gentleman, who was admired by the people of Donghai City, suddenly became a rude man who beat women because of Abe.

Cara was so scared that she felt like jelly all over. She knelt on the ground, kept kowtowing, cried, and apologized, "Mr. Chen, Mr. Chou, I was wrong. Please forgive me. Yes, you are right. I'm the snob. Please forgive me, please! I will never do that again!"

Gage was exasperated. If he offended Mr. Chou because of what Cara had done, then his future would be all ruined!

So he kicked Cara violently, kicked her a few meters away, and cursed, "What an ignorant moron! I will let you know the price of offending Mr. Chou!"

After that, he shouted to the security guards beside him, "Beat her up! Thrash her within an inch of her life, and then destroy that face she got out of plastic surgery. Tell everyone in Donghai City that any company that dares to hire her in the future is my enemy!"

Cara was scared to death and hurriedly said, "Mr. Chen, I was wrong. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Gage was furious and shouted, "Now you know you were wrong? Why the hell didn't you realize that earlier? Is Mr. Chou someone whom you can offend? Damn it; I'm already merciful to you by not killing you!"

Cara cracked up and burst into a rage of tears. She knelt on the ground, crawled to Abe, and then kotowed repeatedly, "Monitor Chou, please help me. I'm sorry!" Please help me for the sake of our old relationship..."

Abe snorted and said, "Cara, when you ridiculed me just now, it must have never occurred to you that you will end up like this, right?"

Cara said with a snotty nose and tears, "Monitor Chou, I was wrong. I beg you to plead for me. I will never dare to do that again. Please..."

Abe said coldly, "It's too late. Just finish the bitter wine you've brewed yourself!"

After that, he said to Gage blankly, "My wife was brought here by someone named Dale Chen. I need to find him right now!"

Gage hurriedly said, "Mr. Chou, come with me!"

With that, he pointed to the security guards beside him and snapped, "Beat her up!"

"Yes, Mr. Chen!"

The security guards didn't dare to disobey him. They rushed up to grab Cara and beat her violently.

Cara kept crying piteously, but Abe completely ignored her. He followed Gage into the clubhouse.


"Mr. Chou, I'm very sorry for making you wronged."

When entering the clubhouse, Gage kept apologizing to Abe, being obsequious and subservient.

Abe said with a cold face, "Take me to Dale immediately!"

Gage hurriedly called the supervisor, and after some inquiries, he said to Abe, "Mr. Chou, they are on the ninth floor."

Abe nodded, "Take me over there!"

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