chapter 4 was discovered

by Beverly 10:29,Sep 15,2023
Dean, "..."

After Beryl Gu heard this, anger welled up in her eyes. Immediately, she screamed at the doctor from behind: "What do you say? Say it again?"
She was full of threats and warnings!
It was a pity that Anthea Wen won't pay attention to her.
She even turned around and walked away without even raising her eyes.
Bitch, you didn't deserve to talk to her!
"What's her attitude? What's wrong with her? She doesn't want to work anymore, does she?"
"No, no, Mrs. Huo, please calm down. Doctor Cathy (Anthea) may have some misunderstandings. I will go and explain to her now and ask her to treat Mr. Huo tomorrow. Don't worry!"
The dean was so anxious that he could only explain on one side and hurried out to chase Anthea Wen.
Who I treat? Mrs. Huo or Mr.Huo?
Hehe, what else was there to cure? It’s been five years and this couple is still not dead? Shouldn't they had gone to hell long ago?
Anthea Wen walked faster.
However, even she herself didn't notice that she was trembling all over as she walked.
Her head was clenched so hard that her joints turned white. It wasn't until she quickly got into her car and closed the door tightly that she leaned on the steering wheel and tightly closed her already red eyes!
Five years, five whole years!
She thought that she had already forgotten, but when this woman appeared, she realized that the original scar was still there, and its hatred stretched so far that she wanted to stab this on the spot!
William Huo, what qualifications did you have to ask me to save you? A person who would rather step on the bones of a child, even if I save a dog, I would not save you.
Anthea Wen waited in the car for a long time before she became calmer. Then, she drove home.
When she got home, the two children were already asleep.
Ethan was very good. He not only took care of his sister's meals, but also gave her a bath. At this time, he hugged his sister and slept together in the children's room. He didn't know how fragrant the smell was.
"Mommy, are you back?"
He was talking in his sleep.
Anthea Wen hurriedly lowered her head and kissed his little forehead, "Yes, Mommy is back. Be good, baby. Go to sleep."
The little guy then rolled over and continued to sleep.
When Anthea Wen saw it, the corners of her mouth raised again unconsciously, and she tucked the quilts for the two of them. She stared at the two treasures for a while, and finally got up and went to the study.
"Fanny, are you asleep?"
"No, what's wrong?"
"Can you do me a favor? Go to the hospital tomorrow morning..."
Anthea Wen quickly booked three tickets to Japan online while calling this friend.
Downtown, on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel.
William Huo was staring gloomily at the crying woman in front of him who had just come back from outside.
His long legs folded sitting in the sofa, inside the white shirt collar ironed straight, collar tied with a black dark tie, the whole person through the overriding reserved elegance.
This man, five years later, was even more outstanding in appearance and temperament!
"Ms. Gu, what you're saying is that Clear Hospital didn't even have a good doctor for us? And that it doesn't match the legend? It's not a famous hospital at all?"
Caleb, the president's special assistant, also came over at this time and saw this
After the woman kept crying there, he asked first.
However, he called her Miss Gu, not wife of President.
"Yes, you all don't know that their attitude is very bad. I just ask a few questions to a small doctor, but she actually started scolding me! She say she never intended to treat William!"
Beryl Gu immediately added fuel to the fire.
As soon as he finished speaking, William Huo's eyes turned sinister!
"who is she?"
"Cathy (Anthea)! I hear the dean call her Cathy (Anthea) and say that she is the only doctor in their hospital who know Chinese medicine."
Beryl Gu couldn't wait to say her name again, with the evil look in her eyes, as if she wanted to drag Anthea Wen in front of this man immediately and make her pay the price!
Cathy (Anthea)?
William Huo's expression was indeed ugly.
He had suffered from a severe sleep disorder and has been for many years, often unable to sleep all night long and had to rely on medication to fall asleep. But this kind of medicine, everyone knew that you couldn't take too much of it, and if you took too much of it, there were a lot of side effects, such as being even more grumpy, as well as the fact that it often gave him a splitting headache, and he wanted to kill someone every minute of the day!
That was why he found this place.
But now, a little doctor actually said that he was not going to treat him?
This man's bloodshot pupils were filled with a layer of cold murderous aura.
"Caleb Lin, go check on this person named Cathy (Anthea) and see where she comes from?"
"Yes, President!"
"Also, tell Ferrero to come over to me immediately!"
Ferrero is the president of Clear Hospital.
Caleb Lin trembled and went to do this immediately, while Beryl Gu, seeing this, immediately showed a victorious smile.
How dare a little doctor dare to be so presumptuous in front of her?

Anthea Wen didn't sleep so well that night because she had something hidden in her heart.

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