chapter 11 No one can bully Mommy!

by Beverly 10:29,Sep 15,2023
Ethan withdrew his gaze and stared at the group of people expressionlessly again, "I understand, you can go."
"Huh? Go? But..."
"You want me to call daddy?" Ethan imitated Austin Huo's disapproval of relatives and said this again.
As a result, this group of people heard this, they immediately shut up. Then Ethan stood there and saw them all looking at each other. After a second, they really left!
Ethan, "..."
It was amazing, this little old-fashioned guy had such a powerful power!
Ethan walked into the presidential suite proudly, but what he didn't know was that the reason why these people listened to Austin Huo so obediently was entirely because in the Huo Family , as long as the little ancestor was dissatisfied, there would be no one except William Huo and the old Master of Huo would come to visit.
Oh my god, was this a joke? Double kill!!
So, just ran!
Ethan went in, not interested in admiring the beautiful view of the presidential suite of the world's top hotel, but immediately started looking for his mommy.
Fortunately, as soon as he screamed, he heard Mommy's voice. In an instant, he happily ran towards the source of the sound on his short legs.
"Mommy? Huh? What's wrong with you?"
"Ah! Ethan, why are you here? How do you find this place? Have you been discovered by anyone? Get out of here quickly, it's very dangerous here!"
Anthea Wen, who was hiding on the floor behind the sofa and hugging his knees, immediately got up when he heard her son's voice. In her hurry, she forgot to wipe away the tears hanging from the corners of her eyes.
When Ethan saw it, his handsome little face suddenly fell!
"Mommy, who bully you? Is it the big bad guy?"
"No, no, Ethan, mommy is fine. Why are you here? Are you here to save mommy? Then let's leave quickly."
Anthea Wen quickly shook her head and quickly wiped away the tears on her face before she was about to leave with the child.
However, at this time, Ethan was already very angry! How dare this big bad guy bullied his mommy? He would never let him go. The woman, he Ethan Mo wanted to protect could not be bullied by others if they wanted to.
The little guy, who was only five years old, glanced angrily around the apartment, then went to the coffee table and picked up a pen.
Anthea Wen, "Ethan, what do you want to do?"
Ethan, "It's okay, just leave him a message."
Then the little hand held the pen and quickly and smoothly wrote a string of English on a piece of paper——
(You are dead!)
Anthea Wen: "Ethan!"
William Huo went to see another doctor.
He hadn't slept much for a whole week, especially after knowing that the damn woman was still alive last night, and he hadn't closed his eyes all night. This kind of pain made him almost unable to hold on.
However, the doctor had no way to cure his disease.
"Mr. Huo, with all due respect, your problem may be more psychological. Even diazepam can't work now. The situation is already very serious. Why not try a psychiatrist?"
William Huo, whose eyes were bloodshot, frowned sternly as soon as he heard these words, showing obvious resistance.
When the doctor saw this, he could only sigh and say nothing.
Mental illness was indeed something that everyone rejects, because no one would admit that they were mentally ill, especially when the cause of the disease was a secret that they were unwilling to disclose in front of others.
In the end, the doctor only gave him some diazepam pills, which were a little heavier portion.
William Huo took it and was about to leave when he got a call from the hotel.
"President, it's bad, your former...that woman ran away!"
"What do you say? Run away?"
"Yes, we find a note in the room with this written on it."
Caleb, the assistant on the other side of the phone, gingerly took a photo of the note in his hand.
When William Huo saw it, the veins on his forehead suddenly jumped violently, " this woman is just looking for death! Who do this? Go to find out for me! What are you doing there? Wait for me to go back and give you a certificate? "
"No... no, President, we checked and find out that all the surveillance cameras in this room are gone. Then we ask, and except for the young master who come back, no one else come in!"
William Huo felt as if his head was buzzing and his blood vessels were about to explode.
However, this was not the worst news. The most exciting thing was that after a while, his assistant told him that he also liked to mention the headlines here today!
"President, I don't know who dug up the video of the woman we arrested in the dean's office this morning, and then put it online. Now the whole Internet is searching for you, saying that you were beaten for... The female doctor seeks justice..."
To say "search" was an understatement.
In fact, it was human flesh. One of the world's leading business empires has been human flesh ......
William Huo's head felt severe pain two times. Finally, the phone fell from his fingers to the ground with a "pop" sound.

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