chapter 8 dog man

by Beverly 10:29,Sep 15,2023
"You still think you're justified, don't you? Okay, someone come and bring her back to me!"
William Huo suddenly shouted loudly in the office.
Anthea Wen was stunned, "Where are you taking me? Let me tell you William Huo, I am now a legal citizen of M Country ,If you arrest me casually, you are breaking the law!"
The man sneered coldly: " Law? Here, what I say is the law!"
"William Huo! Where are you taking me? Are you sick? You are the one who wish you are gone without me, so why are you taking me back now? Do you want to be a bitch and build an arch? Do you want to show off yourself? How much love do you have to have three wives and four concubines? William Huo, you are a lunatic, let me go now—"
When Anthea Wen was finally taken away, everyone was carried to the first floor, and her curses could still be heard in the office on the third floor.
When assistant Caleb heard this, he saw the veins on the forehead of the boss in the office twitching. He wanted to rush out of here immediately, as far away as possible.
Wasn't it too scary?
This former wife was really tough ah, even this kind of words were cursed out, this in the Lu's that was absolutely to point the heavenly lamp.
In the end, Anthea Wen was taken away.
The hospital, which had been struggling all morning, finally calmed down after Doctor Cathy (Anthea) was taken away.
In a certain high-end apartment in the center.
Ethan and his sister had been picked up by Fanny. According to the message Anthea Wen had left for her, she did not send the two children to their home, but took them back to her apartment.
"Ethan, Erica, Aunt Zhong has to open the store. You stay at Aunt Zhong's house and watch TV. Aunt Zhong will buy you delicious food."
"Okay, Aunt Zhong."
The snack foodie Erica immediately agreed.
Ethan also nodded, but as soon as Aunt Zhong left, the little guy immediately went to the phone and prepared to make a call.
Erica came to her brother with the doll in her arms: "Brother, what do you want to do?"
Ethan picked up the phone: "I want to call Mommy to see if Mommy is in the hospital?"
Erica: "Huh?"
Erica’ little head was still not as smart as her brother. She didn't understand why mommy wasn't in the hospital? Didn't Mommy say she would go back to the hospital to work?
After the little girl looked at her brother blankly for a while, she felt a little bored and went back to watching her cartoon with the doll in her arms.
Ten seconds later, the hospital answered the phone.
"Hello, I would like to ask, is Doctor Cathy (Anthea) here today?"
"Doctor Cathy (Anthea), I'm sorry, she's not here today. If you are her patient, you can make another appointment with her."
The nurse gently told Ethan on the phone that his mother was not in the hospital.
How was this possible?
Where else could Mommy be if she wasn't at the hospital?
Ethan didn't quite believe these words, but he knew it would be useless to ask any more, so he simply climbed down from the stool and went into Aunt Zhong's study.
A few minutes later, in the computer in this study, the surveillance images of the entire Creel Hospital appeared in this computer.
Sure enough, as soon as these pictures appeared on the computer, he was in the lobby soon
Mommy's figure was seen in the door, elevator, and at the door of the dean's office on the third floor.
But why did Mommy go in? When she came out again, she was carried out by the men in black who went in?
The little guy's little eyebrows tightened!
And the Hilton Hotel at this moment.
Since Anthea Wen was brought in, she had never given up her struggle.
However, her struggle seemed so weak in front of those tall men in black, so in the end, she could only be forced to be taken to the top floor and pushed in together with the dog men in front of her !
"William Huo, I won't treat you, so don't worry!"
When she came in, she didn't look at how luxurious and spacious the top floor was. After rubbing her pinched wrist, the first thing she said was this.
After the words fell, William Huo said nothing, but a small figure walked out of the ridiculously large living room.
Anthea Wen, "..."
"Are you back? You’re late for 38 minutes. Today's children Kindergarten canceled! "
This was a child who looked more like William Huo. He had a small face and a cool expression, but also a coldness, just like his father.
And what's even more amazing was that even the tone of his words was no different from this bitch!
Anthea Wen was stunned. For a moment, she even forgot what she wanted to say.
William Huo ignored her and patiently came to his son: "Daddy has something to do this morning and is delayed for a while. Daddy will make it up to you later, okay?"
Austin Huo was expressionless: "Do you also go back on your word with others when you signed the contract?"
William Huo, "..."
Anthea Wen, "..."
Just when one was so angry that his blood was rising, and the other was dumbfounded, suddenly, the child's eyes glanced directly at Anthea Wen.
"who is she?"
Anthea Wen suddenly felt that the heart in her chest was beating so fast that it was almost coming out of her throat, and her ears were full of"

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