chapter 15 That's another little figure

by Beverly 10:29,Sep 15,2023
Anthea Wen was right. Back then, he brought that woman back and kept saying he loved her and married her in front of the old master. Then now he even brought her back, really not afraid that Anthea Wen would let him finish playing with that woman again?
But as soon as Anthea Wen finished speaking, this bitch stood up from the chair.
"Only you? Let me tell you Anthea Wen, you don't take yourself too seriously. In my eyes, there is no difference that you dead or you don't die. Just like if you don't show up today, I will take your body It’s the same thing when you take it back.”
This devil had a cold light in his scarlet pupils, and every words he speaked was so sharp and inhumane that it maked people tremble.
Anthea Wen's clenched fist turned even whiter, she closed her eyes, and finally, she said no more.
Five years later, what was she still looking forward to?
Hope he can say a decent word to her like a human being?
Anthea Wen was quickly taken off, and not long after, the ship also left the dock and officially set sail.
Originally, this time they went back by the boat.
Anthea Wen didn't take this matter to heart. She knew that she had no room to struggle anymore. After being locked up, she put on her clothes and lay on the small bed inside. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep.
"Little Young Master, this is not allowed, it is very dangerous, Little Young Master..."
"Shut up! Get aside!"
When Anthea Wen woke up again, she was awakened by hunger in her stomach and the sound of arguments outside.
Faintly, she also heard a childish voice.
Childish voice?
Anthea Wen immediately opened her eyes, and for a second, her consciousness was as clear as it had ever been.
Was it Austin Huo?
William Huo was on this boat, and they were setting off back again. It was not surprising that Austin Huo was also following them.
She remembered this, suddenly, a burst of ecstasy surged out of her heart, as if all her blood began to boil. She jumped out of the little bed and rushed to the window.
Sure enough, through the window, she saw two people standing outside.
One was wearing a black suit and a tall figure, he must be the bodyguard on this ship. The other one, standing next to him, was small and short, wearing a thick khaki blue coat and a black woolen hat on his little head. At first glance, he looked very cute and handsome!
That was not the young master of the Huo family, and so who was he?
Anthea Wen looked at this little figure and was so excited that tears instantly welled up in her eyes.
"Austin? Austin?
Austin Huo, who was concentrating on controlling the drone by the fence, suddenly heard someone calling his name and turned his head.
Sure enough, he had that cool little face, but he looked unhappy because he was disturbed.
Anthea Wen saw it and waved to him in the small cabin: "Here, Austin, mom... aunt is here, take a look."
She almost said she was his mommy.
Austin Huo finally saw her, but his expression did not show the surprise that Anthea Wen wanted to see. Instead, he was very cold, and what flashed out in his beautiful eyes that looked exactly like his father's impatience.
"Who are you?"
"Um...little young master, the time has arrived. Let's go back quickly, otherwise President will punish."
At the critical moment, the bodyguard stopped in front of the child.
When Anthea Wen saw it, she immediately became anxious: "Austin , it's me. We have met in the hotel. Do you remember?"
She gestured to the child at the window, hoping that he would remember her.
Fortunately, the child remembered it after her reminder.
"Oh, it's you!"
"That's right, it's me, Austin. Can you come over and let Aunt take a look? Just take a look." Anthea Wen was very happy.
"Little Young Master, it's time for us to go."
"Step aside!"
Austin Huo’s cool little face glanced at the bodyguard, then he came over.
Anthea Wen was extremely happy. She finally had a chance to get in touch with this child. The last time she was in the hotel, she didn't even say a word to him.
"Austin ..."
"Why are you locked up here? Aren't you here to treat daddy?"
When he came over, he was still quite cold. His little face exactly like Ethan's, without any smile. He was just so cold, looking at Anthea Wen with an almost indifferent expression.
Anthea Wen felt like his heart was stabbed by something again.
It was all her fault. If she hadn't left him in the hands of that man since he was a child, he wouldn't have become like this. He would have been like his brother, so cheerful and loving to laugh.
Anthea Wen stretched out his hand from the window tremblingly, wanting to touch him.
"Yes, I...I'm here to treat your daddy."
"Treatment? Why are you locked up? What is he going to do to you?"
This child was indeed as hard to fool as Ethan. Just by looking at the lock on the door, he already knew it was not what Anthea Wen said.
After Anthea Wen heard this, the tip of her nose felt sore again.
"It's okay, Austin, don't worry about mom... Aunt, your dad won't do anything to me. By the way, it's already very late. It's very windy and dangerous here. Go back quickly."

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