Chapter 2 Lost your memory

by Nan Yu 08:00,Jan 01,1970

“Then? Memory loss?” Munanshen looks at her sarcastically, “playing this kind of trick in front of me, have you figured out the way you die?”

Shenwei seemed hears nothing, still immerses herself in her own world.

She didn’t die, she is still alive, and her body is intact.  What went wrong? Why Munanshen call me “jiangci”?

Munanshen is intolerant when he saw shenwei’s look. He loosens shenwei and takes a step back,” this is the last chance, if you still try anything funny, I promise, you will feel as if you are not living!”

After finish the talking, Munanshen leaves directly with the door slammed.

Shenwei was scared by the loud door shutting, a while after, she picks up the mirror again and sees the face carefully, when she sure that this is her face, she finds out the phone and check the time. At first, she is staggering, then is complex.

She located herself just now, it’s a personal hospital in Tong city. Tong city, its Munanshen’s turf. However, she grew up in Yun city, she still remembers that when Xuru injected her with medicine, she was in Yun city, it’s strange that she is in Tong city now!

Shenwei holds the phone, trying to figure out what happened.

“Miss, you are awake finally!”

The door is pushed open, a girl who is about shenwei’s age entering in, with a pair of red eyes, she seems cried a while. But now, when she saw shenwei is awake, a joyful smile appears on her face.

Shenwei frowns and points at herself, says: “please talk to me?”

Xiaotao nods, “Yes, Miss, you have been in coma for two days, xiaotao was so worried about you, why you run to lakeside in the mid of night?”

Xiaotao hurries over and takes out a heat preservation container.” This is chicken soup the madam Zhang did, Miss, drink it and u will feel better!”

She pours a bowl of soup but shenwei pushes the bowl away and shakes her head, “Are you recognized the wrong person? I’m not your Miss, besides, why I am here?”

“Miss, you must hurt serious? I’m xiaotao! Do you remember me? “After listening these words, xiaotao is so worried that her eyes become red.” Miss, don’t scare me, I will find a doctor for you.”

Shenwei finds that she is not pretending, then stops her, says “you said I’m your Miss, but do you know who I am. Who is my husband?” shenwei looks at xiaotao, whispered “please not as the same as I thought”.


Xiaotao blinks and look at her suspiciously” Miss, you are jiangci, my Lord is Munanshen, the eldest son of Mu family. Miss, what’s the matter with you?”

“Jiang...jiangci? Miss?” Shenwei is still incredible, but xiaotao’s eyes are so pure that nobody will think that she is a liar, besides, the words Munanshen said are also evident. Shenwei swallows her saliva, says” Munanshen... I mean my husband, we are in a bad relationship? “

Finally, shenwei thought something about Munanshen. She heard about Munanshen when she was in Yun city and know what kind of people he is. It’s all because of Shenjingteng, she worked in Shen Company when Shen and Mu had a cooperation.

Thinking of Shenjingteng, Shenwei becomes gloomy and clench her fist.

Xiaotao doesn’t have the heart to say her depressed look, says” Miss, don’t worry, cheer up, Boss just doesn’t find your charming places.”

Shenwei has no choice but lifts the corners of her mouth, “I’m fine”

She hangs her head and blinks her eyes with tears in the corner, but it is joyful tears, all of these evident that she is still alive, maybe, her rebirths in the woman called Jiangci. 


Shenwei smiles, finally nods head after seeing xiaotao’s expectant eyes. 

Xiaotao catches her breath when shenwei became normal. “Miss, u just wake up, eat something now, I will call u a doctor”

“Ok, “Shenwei has a few sips of chicken soup, then picks up the phone to search about Munanshen and jiangci after xiaotao going out.

What’s pity is that there is few information about Munanshen, let alone jiangci. People just know that Munanshen got married two years ago, but no one knows her wife.

Then she searches about Shenjingteng and herself, finding that there is a extensive report about her accident death. Shenwei’s heart aches again.

She opens the video, in the phone, shenjingteng and xuru stand together in front of the Shen Company to accept the interview, they pretended extremely sorrowful, xuru repeated that she is Shenwei’s best friend again and again, she never thought that her best friend would suffer a car accident. 

Then Shenjingteng stood beside her and echoed each other that they will never forget her.

Staring at the two fake people with scarlet eyes, shenwei clenches her fists.

A pair of big hands take the phone out, causing the sound disappears suddenly. Shenwei looks up at the man, finding that it’s is Munanshen, which scares her, especially his eye sight is on the video.

She grabs the phone subconsciously, however, she draws back her hands in horror when Munanshen’s sharp sight shifts to her body.

Munanshen half squinting, putting his sight on the two people in the video. A little surprised thrills through his Inky black pupil, but disappears in time.

His fingers tap the screen, but the eyes are still staring at Shenwei, which makes shenwei a little embarrassed. She grabs the bed sheet tightly and frowns her eyebrow, says” give my phone back”

“Why are u watching this?” Munanshen asks indifferently.

“None of your business!”

Shenwei has a bad impression to Munanshen, no matter the past or now.

Munanshen bends his brows after hearing that, staring at Shenwei directly, seemed to know something from her eyes.

Shenwei is a little nervous, her body has already become stiff. Because his eyes are so sharp that can look through the heart. Shenwei looks him over while rolling her brown eyes.

Munanshen cold hums to her,” no matter what games you play, i would not give you a glance!”

He throws the phone to Shenwei, but the phone just hit in her chest!

“auh! “

Shenwei is hurt, covering her chest with her hands and scowling at him,” lothario!”

Munanshen frowns and his eyes glances over her.

Shenwei feels a stream of cold air rises from her feet, she gasps and says,:” why do you stare at me? Want to compare whose eyes is bigger?”

Shenwei throws the phone to the bed violently, opens her eyes and looks into him.

Munanshen is a little surprised,” oh, new way?”

Shenwei’s heart rate rise, then she becomes angry and fierce, “that’s impossible!” she can know from the words that Munanshen doesn’t like her wife jiangci, what’s worse, he hates her.

And, the former Jiangci also do something like jumping from a building and sinking in a lake, so , that’s why Munanshen thinks i use a new way to attract him?

“Do I have the necessary to plot?”

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