Chapter 14 Mu's birthday party

by Nan Yu 08:00,Jan 01,1970

Munanshen’s birthday party is in Mu family’s villa. It’s worthy to say that the villa is really big and occupies a large area, ancient and majestic. There are four partial curtilages around the major villa. The elder boss choose a partial house to hold the party, because he doesn’t want too many people gather in the major house. Only the elder boss and Munanshen can live in it. As for others, like Muqian, they can only live in the partial houses except meal time.

Shenwei is staying at the major villa alone now, everyone seems have forgotten her, which makes her relax and pleased. It’s really troublesome to take part in a party.

However, the southern curtilage is very lively.  Everyone comes who received invitations, as for those who don’t have an invitation, they did everything to get one only to join the party to enter in the rank. So people who can come here is really capable or has a better family. Only if having connections with Mu family, they can get many benefits from it.

Muqian tells Minglan about the situation of the party early and carefully, however, Minglan didn’t come in but stays in her car alone in front of the major villa. She has told the security personnel, once Munanshen leaves company, calls her immediately. After 30 minutes, Minglan finds a car Munanshen used to drive driving in.

Minglan’s driver is a clever young man, seeing the car, he drives directly behind it. When the car stops and Munanshen gets off the car, they meet coincidentally.


Holding the train of the dress, minglan gets off gracefully. She walks slowly to Munanshen, calm and elegant, but her eyes have explored her. She puts her eyesight on Munanshen and never leave a moment.” shen, what a coincidence! Why you come back late,too?”

Munanshen squeezes, nods and looks at Minglan,” I have work to deal, how about you?”

“Emily had many guests today, I had to wait for a whole day to make up,” Minglan smiles wittily, then turns around in front of Munanshen,” how do i look today? shen? Emily has a better skill now.”

“Yes,” Munanshen nods, when he sees the dress, he falls into thought.

Seeing that, minglan’s heart dances with joy, but still keeps shy and smiling on her face,”shen, this is Dream i told to you before, my favorite designer vivi,xuru’s work.”

Xuru? Munanshen frowns, “yeah, it’s nice.”

“shen, let’s come in together!” Minglan takes him arm-in-arm gently and naturally.

Munanshen just glances at her but doesn’t refuse her, “okay!’

Munanshen, the god’s favored one, the master of Mu family, the most famous people in Tong city, wherever he comes, he is the most attractive one forever. Minglan, the daughter of Ming family, which is a literary family, also, she grows up with Munanshen.

The man is handsome, the woman is elegant, when they stand together, they become a perfect match.

The moment they enter in the door, they have been the center of attention.  The crowd become quiet and all of their eyes fell on them.

Munanshen has nothing differences only frowns a little at the first, then he becomes cool and noble again.

As for Minglan, she stands with Munanshen together and smiles brightly, later, she attracts much more attention of the public.

“That’s Miss Ming? Oh my God! They are perfect matched!”

“Yes! I heard that they grew up together, they were childhood sweethearts!”

“It’s said that Mr Mu stayed away from those women to wait for Miss Ming!”

The discussions are loud enough to make others know the two people have deep relationships.

Munanshen is not a people like explaining, so that’s Ming lan’s purpose.

Minglan is clear that Munanshen never introduced Jiangci although they have been married for two years, even nobody knows he has married.  That’s why Minglan stands with Munanshen together today, she wants to tell everyone she is the perfect woman for Munanshen, and nobody deserves him.

“Oh gosh!that’s Vivi’s proud work Dream?”

“Yes, it is. My god, Miss Ming is so dream in the dress, just like a princess!”

“auh, she is so matched with Mr Mu!”

The compliments is continuing and Minglan enjoys the atmosphere, especially Munanshen says nothing about these words.

“shen, can i invite you in the opening dance?”

In Munanshen’s birthday party, he has to order a people to dance with him at first. In the past, he usually danced with his secretary, but after Minglan comes back from abroad, the one is her. It is certainly not changed this year.

Munanshen never cares this kind of trivial matters, so he just nods at random.

“Thank you shen!”

At the corner of the southern house, shenwei comes lately with white evening dress, conservative but can show her figure perfect.

 Shenwei has to admit that Jiangci’s figure is really perfect, even better shaped than her former body. However, Jiangci wasted her advantage in the past, the clothes she wore is really terrible.

Today, although shenwei just powered on face and drew her eyebrows, she still attract many attention,  She can sure that if she dressed up carefully, she would be the most shining one in the party .

The fact is that today’s shenwei is unimpressive, she tries to hide herself in the crowd, eat in the corner, and watched Munanshen and Minglan’s perform by the way.

In a stranger’s view, the two people are really perfect matched. As for Jiangci, although she is beautiful, she is not clever enough to stand beside Munanshen, it’s really poor for Munanshen to marry Jiangci.

It can be understood that Munanshen disliked Jiangci, normal people would choose Minglan rather than Jiangci. 

Looking at the two golden couple, shenwei decides personally: she has to divorce with Munanshen, not only for herself, but also for Munanshen.

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