Chapter 16 Mu, i want divorce

by Nan Yu 08:00,Jan 01,1970

“It won’t change if i say again! Mr Mu,do you mean you are free to steal a horse but i can not look over the hedge?” Shenwei hums, thinking of the scene in the hall, shenwei is a little annoyed. Munanshen was too closed to Minglan, he has no right to blame me!

“Jiangci, do you want to die!” Munanshen grabs her neck, his eyes are so crazy that shenwei feels a strong sense of crisis. He will kill her.

Shenwei‘s heart frozen. She can’t breathe with his hands pinched her neck. Slapping his arms continually, shenwei feels deeply about the gap between men and women, and the gap between her and Munanshen.

She doesn’t want to die. The strong desire for survival quickens her actions, she cuffs and kicks violently, but her face becomes redder. Finally, she can’t even get a little air. Tears rolling down from her face and then falling down on Munanshen’s arms, he gets a pause, and then loses her neck immediately before shenwei loses her breath.

Shenwei can’t hold herself, falling down suddenly and sucking for more air for a moment.  Hanging her head and tightening her fists, shenwei shouts out firmly,” Munanshen, divorce now, right now!” 

Her mind is chaotic because of temporarily short of oxygen. Her throat is swollen and her voice is hoarse. But all of these can’t influence her thoughts.

Munanshen pauses a little, apparently, he doesn’t expect that she would raise this requirement this moment. He squeezes and sees her getting up from the earth, her fragile look makes him frowned,” what do you want to do? I warn you, those who calculated in front of me has died!”

 Shenwei’s heartbroken again, but she still keep smile on her face and never appear her mind on face. After fighting for herself, she says,” Mr Mu, YOU are such a ruthless character, i dare not calculate you anymore. But this time, i am ready to divorce with you, it’s true, not kidding.”

Munanshen stares at her to find something from her. However, he cannot see through her. In the past, shenwei’s minds are all on her face, he needn’t to waste time and energy to guess her thought. She has changed since falling down the lake last time. The one can do everything to achieve her purpose disappeared, she turned to brave and astute.

If not the same face, Munanshen would think the woman in front of him is not Jiangci.

Of course, its shenwei now, Munanshen can’t foresee its two totally different women just because they have a same face and a same body.

“Are you breaking up with me? For Muyunze?” Munanshen thinks a lot, the only reason that Jiangci changed is the emotion to Muyunze.” do you want to be with Muyunze after we divorce?”

“What’s wrong with you!” shenwei can’t help herself to show her whites of eyes.” i want to divorce with you not for anyone, just for myself!”

“Really?” Munanshen doesn’t believe her words apparently, “you two were so intimate just now, didn’t you promise each other?”

“Munanshen, don’t think me filthy , i have told you, i don’t love you anymore, that’s the only reason and the major reason, i don’t want to live with you and spend my life on you. Now that you have your beloved, why not promise me my requirement? You should be glad now.”

Shenwei knows that Munanshen has mistaken the relationship between her and Muyunze. She doesn’t want to make troubles,so she won’t touch with Muyunze any more, although she is really curious about their relationship. “That’s my words and explains, believe it or not.”

Munanshen frowns,” i won’t interfere in your relationship, but i have to tell you thay even though we have divorced, you and Muyunze are impossible! Don’t ride the tiger!”

“Okay, thanks for your reminding, now, can you be quick? We can divorce right now if you agree.”

Munanshen sees her significantly,” i am really curious about what causes your changes.”

Shenwei’s face turns pale suddenly, but she still pretends to be calm after thinking, “nothing, it’s just the lake cleared my mind. In the past, i sentimentally imagined that only if i pay out enough, you will return me your love. I was so fool! You don’t love me, that won’t change no matter what i do.”

“You are very self-knowledge.” Munanshen looks at her meaningfully.

Shenwei wants to refute him, but she stops, since they will divorce sooner. After they divorced, Munanshen may have no interests to know what kind of people she is, and it’s not necessary to know her.

“Come to me after the party.” Munanshen leaves after leaving the words.

Shenwei takes a deep breath after he left. She pats her neck and feels scared now. She is going to die again when Munanshen seized her neck. Luckily, she is still alive.

Until 24:00 the party ends, it’s too late, so Minglan is left by Muqian, they come to Muqian’s yard to rest.

Shenwei cares nothing about that. She comes back early and is waiting for Munanshen.

Munanshen upstairs directly after the party ends, he pulls the door open, finding shenwei wore a conservative pajamas sitting there.

Munanshen pulls his tie and takes off his suit, then unties the watch band slowly and sees her casually.

“Do you finish your things?” shenwei hands him in a cup of water, seeing him seriously.” then we should talk about the details of our divorce.”

Munanshen raises his eyebrows, pinches the cup with his slim fingers and drinks a little, “are you serious about that?” he looks at her seriously.

Shenwei nods,” according to that agreement, you should give me 50 million, and we owe each other nothing from now on. I would move out of Mu family and wouldn’t pester you”

Munanshen squeezes and massages between his eyebrows, he sits on the sofa walking across Shenwei, then crosses his legs and says lazily,” 30 million.”

Shenwei tightens her fists and snaps,”Munanshen, don’t push me!”

“Hum! Push you?” Munanshen looks at her, she can see her shadow in his shining eyes, but there is no emotion in it.” Jiangci, you should clear that if I really want to push you, you will get nothing!”

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