Chapter 9 The drug effect

by Evening Snow 17:35,May 09,2020
With his hands up and down, he had almost touched my whole body.

Seduced by the drug effect and his flirtation, my inner desire to have sex grew stronger and stronger.

But at this moment he suddenly stopped and whispered to me: “ You’re really cheap.”

These words were like a pot of cold water, which woke me up immediately. The inner feeling of shame overcame the body's desire.

I sat up at once and grabbed my clothes to cover my body.

"How could you dare to go home with that bastard? Even sleep with him? Don’t you feel you are so cheap?" He said contemptuously.

"No, it's not like what you think, he put the philtre in my wine ..."

"If you don't go back home with him, how could he have a chance to get you drunk? If you don't get drunk like now, how could he have a chance to set you up?" He asked coldly.

I didn't know how to answer him for a while. I feel being wronged, but there’s no way to explain it.
Tears couldn’t be stopped and streamed down my face.

“Do you feel lonely? Are you a whore? Even without money, anyone can fuck you, right?” He said with coldness.

I bit my lip to keep my tears from streaming, “I am grateful that you can help me, but this doesn’t mean that you can humiliate me at will!”

He hummed, picked up his coat, walked out and smoothly closed the door.

I crawled into the bathroom, rinsed my body with cold water. After that, I put my fingers into my throat to force myself to spit it out. I want to get rid of the shameful drug effect inside my body as soon as possible.

After two hours of toss and turn, I was exhausted, but finally recovered my strength.

Worrying about the child, I walked out to find out which room the child lived in. The nurse was guarding by the door and told me the child in the next room had fallen asleep after drinking hot milk.

I sneaked in silently. The child was sleeping deeply. The toy area next to him was full of toys I saw in the hospital. The child's beautiful little face still had a faint smile of happiness before going to bed.

I gently lay down next to the child and heard him calling his mom in the dream, then followed the name of Uncle Hua.

Suddenly, my heart was up and down. There were so many questions and thoughts in my head, which made me unable to fall asleep all night. Until it was at dawn, I finally fell asleep.

Because of the habit of getting up and going to work, I woke up early in the morning.

The child was still asleep. I tried to keep quiet as much as possible so as not to wake him up..

Although Jacky's words hurt me, he really treated me so nice, I could feel it. Thus I wanted to make a breakfast for him to express my thanks. After all, there is really not much I can do.

But I did not expect that breakfast was already prepared.

The breakfast was real good, with fried eggs, coffee, bread, sandwiches, porridge and noodles.

The nurse said she didn’t know about my appetite, so she prepared different kinds of food.

I was so flattered, I was always the one to serve others. I’ve never been treated like this.

I said “Please take care of my children. That’s enough. I’m not particular about the food, as long as I can fill my stomach.”

“Mr. Hua said you and Lucas are staying here temporarily. He will handle other things well. The hospital informed that through the review, the child's condition has improved a lot. During this time, Lucas doesn't need to stay in the hospital. If really needed, the hospital will
let us know. ”The nurse said.

I don't want my child to live in other family with me, but for now, I really couldn’t find a better place to live.

After I hurriedly ate the breakfast, I asked the nurse to take care of my child. Then I left the villa and took a taxi to the mall for work.

My mind was in a mess along the way, everything was like a dream. But it seemed to be all was arranged.

When I arrived at the mall, my colleagues all looked at me strangely and gossiped with each other from time to time. I looked at them, but they shut up again nervously.

I dragged Sister Zhou who was my best friend to the corner of the mall and asked what was going on. She raised her thumb at me: "Kiki, you’re so brilliant. We all saw what happened in the wedding video. You’re so cool that stealing the bridegroom at the wedding spot! Now you’re the hostess, do you still need to come to work? "

I knew the explanation was useless. I just smiled bitterly.

I said “It is not like what you thought.”

Then the manager came over with a serious face and asked me to go to his office. I was restless again.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the office, the manager immediately put on a smile. He asked me what do I think about the current business situation of the mall and if I can propose some good suggestions for him.

I really did propose some good suggestions before, but they were all scolded back by the manager, saying that it was none of my business, a little salesperson shouldn’t worry too much.

Now that the manager's attitude had changed drastically, I knew why, but I just didn't want to talk about it.

I said there was no suggestion for him. I have recently been in a bad state because of the child. I just hoped the manager wouldn’t push me so hard.

The manager was very nervous. He said: “If you feel tired, don’t worry about the work. Just take a vacation of eight or ten days. The salary and bonus will be paid to you as usual. ” He also mentioned that he had prepared an independent office for me in the next door.

It's funny. I was an ordinary salesperson, what do I need an office for?

Just when the manager tried hard to please me and I tried to reject, a colleague came to report and said a group of unidentified people came to the mall and smashed things all around.

The manager quickly went out to see what happened, of course I followed him. We heard the sound of smashing the glass counter. Someone was shouting:“If you don't hand over Kiki Yao today, I will smash everything here!”

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