Chapter 14 Do as you wish

by Evening Snow 17:35,May 09,2020
I didn't control myself at the time. Then I opened the unlocked door, rushing into the director’ s office.

My sudden appearance really shocked the director and the doctor.

“Why do you torment my kid for he is not sick. He is such a little boy, but you keep him hospitalized and let him take intravenous infusion every day. You went too far!” I yelled.

“No, It's not so, Miss Yao. Your child has some healthy problems and does need treatment, so taking intravenous infusion is necessary. It’ s not torturing him. It’s really healing." The doctor explained in a hurry.

“So, the one-million-dollar medical bill is what you made up? Do you know it almost drove me crazy because of the million you said? How much did Jacky Hua actually pay you guys to make up such stories to cheat me?”

The more I said, the more excited and aggrieved I became. Since my child was diagnosed with a serious illness nearly half a month ago, I've been living a life worse than hell. However, now I’ve got to know everything was not true. Of course, it’s a good thing that my child didn’t get any serious illness, but why would they trick me?

As soon as they heard me mentioning Jacky Hua, they looked more panicked. After exchanging glances with each other, the director glared at the doctor, who hurried to explain, “'Well, Miss Yao. This thing has nothing to do with Mr. Hua. It’s my mis-diagnosis. I'm sorry, I apologize to you.”

What I've gone through these days was more than a word of apology. To raise a million dollar, I even betrayed myself…

“I'm going to sue you to let the Haiyu City’s people know Huadong Hospital’ s doctors are with no work ethics who make fake information to cheat patients.” I said this angrily and then left.

The two of them didn’t say anything when they felt my tough attitude. Then I saw the director pull out his smartphone to make a call. He must report this to his superior.

I picked up Lucas and walked out of the hospital. Although angry at being cheated, it was indeed a great thing that Lucas was physically fine.

When I was just at the hospital’ s entrance, Xuanlong Jiang came to me, “Miss Yao, Fourth Brother has already arrived at the airport and he is coming to you. Let me take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau to wait for him.”

“How do you know I am here?”

“You went out alone with the child and the servant told Fourth Brother. Then he asked me to come and see. Please do not mind, Miss Yao.” Xuanlong said.

“You go and tell him that I won’ t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I won’ t forgive him for he instructed the doctors to cheat me. And, please, don't follow me again.”

However, Xuanlong still followed, “Miss Yao, please don't make it hard for me. It was Fourth Brother who asked me to protect you.”

“Be my guest, then.” I dropped the word and waved to get a taxi.

When I got into the taxi, the driver asked me where I was going, but I couldn’t answer. Hao Wu and I got divorced, so I couldn’t go back to the home. As for Jacky Hua’ s villa, it's even more impossible. I didn't expect that after driving around, I still found nowhere to go.

I felt sad and my tears were coming out. Not wanting my boy to see me cry, I hurriedly twisted my head.

“Mom, Uncle Jiang said Uncle Hua is back.” Lucas said in a low voice.

This kid was smart and he knew I was now in anger, so he didn’t dare to say directly that he wanted to see Jacky, just euphemistically reminding me.

I felt even sadder. Children are too young to understand the world of adults. And I can’t explain it either.

In other words, even if he could understand, I wouldn’t tell him and make him feel bad together. So, I really didn’t know how to answer his curiosity.

“Excuse me, where exactly do you want to go?” The taxi driver asked me again.

I could just give him the address of the mall staff apartments.

“You’re not in any trouble, are you? There was a black Audi following us all the way.” The driver said. That was Xuanlong’s car. He didn’t let go of me but just keep following.

After a while, the phone rang and it was from Jacky.

His voice was calm, “Tell the driver to find a place to pull off ahead. Don’t scare the kid.”

Before I could answer, Lucas was suddenly full of surprise, “It’s Uncle Hua’s car!”

I turned my head to see a Porsche next to me running parallel to the taxi. With windows rolled down and Jacky waved with his phone in his hand.

With a sigh, I was surprised that Lucas even recognized his car. It could be seen how important he was to Lucas. If I broke up with him, how could the child be parted from him?

I had to ask the driver to stop, and Jacky’s car stopped then. I was still paying my fare when Lucas opened the door and got out of the car, heading for the back.

By the time I got out of the car, I saw Lucas was lifted up high by Jacky, smiling happily.

I stood there, looking at this man that I couldn’t see through, with a mixed feeling in my heart.

At this point, Jacky said something to Lucas, who obediently let Xuanlong carry him away, and then Jacky walked towards me.

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