Chapter 18 Family feast

by Evening Snow 17:36,May 09,2020
For the family feast, I searched the information of Jacky’s parents and became to realize that the other day the woman who robbed my child was called Xiang Feng, who was Jacky's mother. And Jacky's father was a well-known figure, who was the vice chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hai City, the chairman of the board of the Hua Group, and the top ten economic figures of Hai City for several consecutive years, and his name was Yaohui Hua.

Xiang Feng showed obvious anger when Jacky took me in.

“Have I not told you not to come in?” she shouted.

I didn’t say anything, just looking at Jacky.

Jacky’s face turned colder, “ We didn’t want to come, but dad asked to. We are already here, and you don’t allow us in. What do you want with us?”

“Haven’t I made it clear? You won’t come back if you are with this women.” Xiang Feng pointed to me.

I still said nothing. Although it was magnificent here like a palace, I didn't want to come actually. I didn't care whether the old woman let me in or not.

“I am coming in to emphasize something and then I leave. First, I get married with Kiki Yao. From now on, she is my legal wife, and respecting her is respecting me, while hurting her is bullying me.”

And then, this is my child, not a commodity, even not private property of the Hua’s. No one owns the right to take him. Third, I was really not willing to come back. I've finished my talking, let’s go”

Jacky took me away and I followed him.

“Stop.” in the mean time, an elder came out of the next door, that was Yaohui Hua. I met him at the wedding. “Jacky, you should not be so rude to your mother.” Yaohui Hua said in a deep voice.

Although talked to Jacky, he stared at Lucas.

"When came to the door, she didn’t let us in. We have to leave.” Jacky said.

Yaohui Hua came over and was getting closer to Lucas, “What’s your name?” said he tenderly

Lucas looked at me and I nodded slightly, then he responded, “I’m Lucas.”

His tone was more conciliatory, “Have you eaten?”

Child would not lie and realized that Yaohui Hua was kind to him. So he became active and said no with his childish tone.

Yaohui Hua laughed, “ Such a good boy, then have dinner before you leave.”

A bigwig is always a bigwig. Compared with the unruliness of that old lady, he was more magnanimous.He also despised me, but he would not be so rude like Xiang Feng.

“No, we have to go.” Jacky said.

There was a little chill on Jacky’s face.

“Then go after dinner.” I said on my own.

Jacky glanced at me in surprise.

He must think that I was eager to escape from here because the owner here didn’t like me and it only was embarrassing to stay here.

But I had my own thought, Yaohui Hua was the owner of this family and it was a good thing that he likes Lucas. I didn’t care whether he likes me or not. But I didn’t want to damage our relationship. Since I had married with Jacky, I would not be able to disassociate myself from this prominent family completely. No matter what happens, we have to meet in the feature.

Although there is something which cannot be avoided, it’s better to face them. If I can get the support of Yaohui Hua, I don’t have to worry about the threat of Xiang Feng. So I need to act properly to prove to him that I am not a puppet.

Yaohui Hua gave me a meaningful look with kind of praise in his eyes. Obviously, my choice to stay here surprised him and satisfied him, because I eased the contradiction.

Jacky put Lucas down and also gave me a meaningful look. Unexpectedly, I also saw something approval in his eyes.

The dinning hall was even larger than normal parlor. The milky white marble dining table was surrounded by a circle of gold edges, which was noble and elegant. Jacky and I sat in a row, opposite Yaohui Hua and the sullen Xiang Feng.

Lucas was being taken care of by someone on the next small table. It was the rule of a big family that kids cannot stay with adults at the same table.

“Marriage is an important matter, anyway, you should let us know that whom you get married to.” Yaohui Hua said softly with dignity and a little reproach.

“Kiki also didn’t want to marry me. So I stole her household registration book to apply for a marriage certificate.” Jacky said.

My heart was burst with gratitude. His words made me feel at ease. In the eyes of his parents, I was naturally greedy for vanity and wanted to marry someone. That's why Xiang Feng despised me. But Jacky's words were powerful refutation to those defamatory words that had not come from their mouths.

I looked at him with gratitude, but he still with the same cold composure.

“That’s true? You must be set up by a trick.” Xiang Feng said enigmatically.

“It’s me who set me up. I like her and I will make her and our child happy. I hope to receive your blessing, but I will still do that without your blessing.”

I was about burst out into tears. I never thought that he should support me.

Xiang Feng still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Yaohui Hua with an eye contact, “ Let’s eat.”

And then we got back to eat, Yaohui Hua talked something about the business with Jacky without being interrupted by others.

We sat in silence for a few minutes after dinner, then rose to leave.

Lucas fell asleep in the car. Jacky picked him up to his room when we arrived Maple Villa.

After putting the child to bed, I said to Jacky gently in the aisle, “ Thanks for what you said tonight.”

He looked at me and kept quiet for a few seconds, “I just said to them, so you don’t have to take them seriously.”

My heart sank again and nodded, “ Well, I know, I won’t”

He passed by me wordlessly and walked to the third floor, then took out the key to open the iron door which always be locked.

The servant said that Jacky never allow anyone go there, even the cleaning lady. It was always locked and only he had the key, only he could get in.

No one knew what was up there on the mysterious third floor.

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