Chapter 13 Manipulation

by Evening Snow 17:35,May 09,2020
When seeing that I didn’t speak, his tone became even colder, asking: “Don’t you like this proposal?"

Not until that time did I realize what happened. I asked him: “You want to marry me? How could it be possible?”.

“I just want to give you a reasonable identity and a good future for your kid. If you don't agree, just forget it”. The voice of Jacky was getting colder.

I really didn't mean to disagree with that idea. The incident happened suddenly, and I was a little confused and surprised.

“Mr. Hua…”

He turned around and waved to interrupt me, “Others like to call me Fourth Brother, and you can call me like this in the future."

“Fourth…Brother.” It's the first time I've called him that way. It's a bit awkward. “I have a question. Why are you so kind to Lucas and me? I once asked if Locus your biological son? You said no. But now, you said you want to…"

It's a sensitive topic, which made my sequencing of words a bit incoherent. My face felt a little hot.

“This issue is not important. Since I'm not married to Ruoxin Chen, I have to explain it to my family. When we get married, our child's household registration will be transferred to me. I can protect him. He will have a better life, grow better, and develop better in the future. Don't you expect that as a mother? " He asked.

“But it’s important to me. I want to know why you are willing to marry me?” I kept asking him.

“Is it because of your inner distrust of me so that you keep asking me? His tone froze again. “Do you think I will hurt the child? Or do you want our child to continue to recognize the father who is surnamed Wu?”.

On the question of who will be the guardian of my child, whether Hao Wu or Jacky Hua, it is almost a choice that hardly needs to be considered. Of course, I would choose Jacky Hua.

What's more, the child's medical treatment also required a huge amount of money. If I didn't agree his proposal, Jacky would inevitably turn against me. I will fall into a dilemma then.

“I agree.” I nodded for agreement.

Jacky Hua looked at me deeply and said: “That's right.”

I don't know why, I always felt that in his eyes, there were many things that I couldn't understand but scared me.

He turned around and said to Xuanlong Jiang, “Get the car, let's pick up the child.”

“Fourth Brother, are you really going to have a head-on conflict with Madam Hua?”Xuanlong said.

Jacky loosened his tie, and his face frosted, “Go.” Then he turned to look at me, saying: “Just wait at home, I will bring the child back home.”

The word “home” warmed my heart again. I believed in my heart that he would definitely bring Lucas back, so I nodded.

I waited in anxiety. About an hour later, Jacky's car finally came back.

When the door opened, Jacky came to me with Lucas in his arms.

I walked towards him. He handed me Lucas, saying: “I promise, I can do that."

Lucas hugged my neck tightly, saying: “Mom, I hate that grandma, I don't want to see her again.”

“I’m sorry, Lucas. It’s me who didn’t protect you well. My tears fell again."

“If something happens in the future, call me first and don't put up with it by yourself alone.” Jacky looked at his watch, telling me: “I'm going on a short business trip right now. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Take your Hukou book and we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau then.”

He then hurried away. It seemed that he thought of something again. So, he walked back, reached out to touch Lucas's head, saying: “Be a good boy at home, and take care of you mother. Ok?”

When he said this, his eyes were clear, full of warmth and indulgence. He didn’t look like as cold as usual.

My heart softened. There was a long-lost feeling of being protected and warmth.

This feeling was really good.

Lucas said goodbye to him. When his car was no longer visible, Lucas still waved reluctantly. It could be seen that the child also had an attachment to him.

“Lucas, do you like Uncle Hua to be your father? " I asked softly.

“Yes, I do. My father is a bad father. I believe Uncle Hua would be a good one.” Lucas was happy about that.

After hearing that, I felt more relieved.

Although Jacky was hard to understand, he was good to Lucas. There was no doubt that he would treat Lucas well. As long as he can do that, anything else didn't matter.

The next morning, I got up and started dressing. When I opened the wardrobe, there were some clothes sent by Jacky, which were all famous brands that I didn't dare to think of before.

I picked one of my favorite ones and sat down in front of the dresser to start dressing myself up. It had been a long, long time since I have dressed myself up so seriously last time. The pressure of life made me almost forget that I was actually twenty-four years old.

After breakfast, Xuanlong called and said that Fourth Brother might not arrive until noon. He asked me to wait at home first.

I thought that the Civil Affairs Bureau was not far from the Huadong Hospital, so I took Lucas out of the house and was going to the hospital to ask the doctor about Lucas's next treatment plan.

After I came to the doctor, I asked him how Lucas would be treated next, how long the treatment cycle would be, and what preparations we needed to make.

His reply was a little vague. At last, he said that he would discuss with the director and let me wait first.

I was afraid that Lucas's situation was getting worse, and he deliberately concealed something from me. So, I followed him quietly outside the Department’s main room and heard their conversation.

“Director, that Miss Yao is here again, asking me about the child's treatment. How should I answer?” The doctor said.

“Answer as you should. Why do you want to ask me?” The director replied.

“But director, you also know that all the data in the inspection reports are made false by Mr. Hua. That child is not seriously ill at all. We can't pretend that he is ill. If she takes her child to other hospitals for check, the fact probably will be revealed.”

With a bang in my head, Lucas was not ill? The examination report was fake? Mr. Hua asked them to give me that fake report?

Which Mr. Hua? Was it Jacky? Was it all his manipulation behind this?

Why did he do all these things?

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