Chapter 17 Rich kids

by Evening Snow 17:35,May 09,2020
The next morning, when I finished washing face, and got ready to go to work. I met Jacky in the corridor who emitted heat from the whole body. He might just come back from the gym on the first floor.

I stopped at a side of the corridor and beckoned to him with “Morning”

He merely said “H’m” and walked by me chillingly.

After a few steps, he turned back and said, “We take our child to school later and meet my parents at night.”

I got nervous when heard I have to meet his parents.

I wanted to ask shall I have to go there, but he went away.

Lucas was already so excited when we had breakfast. Children had no idea about the best kindergarten. What interested him was that there were so many children playing with him and so many fun facilities.

On the way to school, Lucas kept asking questions all the time. I was kind of impatient, but Jacky answered all the weird questions asked by Lucas.

The patience he showed to Lucas surprised me. He seemed to be another person in front of child. His care to Lucas even overwhelmed mine, Lucas’s biological mother.

All sorts of luxurious cars parked at the door of Nanxing International Bilingual Kindergarten, which is the most distinguished, with a variety of facilities and which are also the most expensive ones in Hai City. There were three classes with only ten students for one, which was classified into were high, middle and basic class respectively. So if you want to be one of the class members, money just was not enough to earn it, but also eminent family background.

Jacky got off the car and gave a high five to Lucas, “Come on, see you after school.”

“See you. Goodbye mom, goodbye uncle Hua.” Lucas waved and went into the kindergarten, following two teachers who welcomed him.

I couldn’t help asking Jacky, “ Children in this school are all rich kids. Will Lucas be bullied?”

Lucas turned and got into the car and said coldly, “He is also rich.”

I didn’t know how to respond for a while.

“You don’t have to go to work today. Xuanlong will take you to Yihui Hall and we will meet my parents at night.” Jacky gave me a order.

I didn’t say a word. Basically, I had no right to change what he said.

After driving him to the Hua Group headquarters, Xuanlong Jiang took me to Yihui Hall and gave me a VIP card.

I’d seen the advertisements for Yihui Hall on TV and knew that this was the first-class hall for females in Hai City. There were six floors, which including all items needed by women such as beauty salons and spas. They were only available for members and the seats were also limited.

I was nervous when I walked into the hall. The staff noticed my nerve and comforted me considerately, saying that do not worry, they would give me three choices of image consultants and give me some advice on my haircuts and other aspects. And also said that I would be moved by my beauty when I got out of here.

In fact, when I saw myself in the mirror a few hours later, I did not be touched by the beauty, but be stunned.

I never expected that being so exquisite in my life. The beautiful woman with delicate skin and stylish haircut in the mirror turned out to be me.

It felt like in a dream. I pinched my leg stealthily. It hurt, oh it was not a dream.

The car arrived Maple Villa on time at five. I went downstairs and Jacky stood by a tree in the courtyard, staring at me quietly.

I got my hair and skin care did, changed into the black skirt he gave and wore the earrings and necklace he bought, even the high-heeled shoes and socks were new.

I was a little shy and peeked up at him, noticing that his eyes were bright. I was so pleasant for the moment.

“Mom, you are so pretty.” Lucas exclaimed.

That made me feel embarrassed and gave Lucas a glance.

“ You should say that when you see beautiful girls.” Jacky whistled instantly.

He taught Lucas how to chat with a girl and Lucas followed likewise. However, he failed to make it.

"You will lead him astray being like this." I couldn't help snorting.

His mouth cape rose with a wicked grin and showed Lucas how to whistle again without responding to my words

I could’t do anything to stop him.

I bent down and got into the car, and he helped me with skirt’s hemline. I was surprised to feel sweet in my heart.

Lucas told him what he saw and heard in kindergarten all the way. Jacky listened carefully and responded at intervals, and emphasized to him, “ If anyone dares bully you, you bully back, and if you can’t handle, just tell me. You are a man, whom cannot be bullied.”

I could not help worrying that the child being raised like this must be another Jacky. But then I thought, maybe not too bad like that.

The car was parked in front of the mansion, which was called ‘White House in Hai City. I got nervous again.

It was not long before I was used by Jacky here to be a person who grabbed someone else’s husband. Today, I came here again, but to visit Jacky’s parents.

I couldn’t help worrying about the situation I would be facing. It could be predicted that his parents were not going to be nice to me.

At this time, a hand reached out and held my hand, “ Since I take you here, I won’t let you be wronged.”

I was relieved a little. He enfolded Lucas in his arms and walked to the mansion.

I followed him, and he gave me a hint to take a quick step to walk side by side with him. Seeing I was still nervous, he carried Lucas on his shoulders with one hand and freed the other hand to hold my hand.

A middle-aged man in a suit walked over and bowed to Jacky, “ Brother Four, Madam said that you don’t have to come, please go back.”

I felt awkward that it was even worse than I thought. I was sort of thinking that I would be troubled, but unexpectedly, she stopped us coming through the door.

Jacky was expressionless like freezing frost as if hearing nothing, but he took me in without any hesitation.

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