chapter 2 Tell me, how do you want to die?

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023
The night at Liu Yard was brightly lit, with almost all the members of the Liu family present.

All of this was because tomorrow was the wedding day of Mia and Philip Zhen!

Mia was the granddaughter of the Liu family's patriarch, Levi.

Normally, Mia's wedding should have taken place at the Su family, but twelve years ago, Mia and her mother, Harper Liu, were expelled from the Su family and returned to the Liu family.

In a room on the west side of Liu Yard, Mia stood by the window, gazing at the lotus flowers in the pond outside, lost in thought.

Tonight, she was wearing an ink-painted cheongsam, perfectly outlining her exquisite figure.

In terms of physique, she was the kind of woman who could make any man's blood boil, regardless of the era or location!

In terms of looks, she had a standard oval face, delicate features, eyes that sparkled like stars, fair skin, and even without makeup, she could easily outshine some of the plastic surgery-enhanced internet-famous female artists.

"Mia, I'll go talk to your grandfather again and try to cancel the wedding tomorrow!"

Watching her daughter's dejected figure, Harper felt a pang of heartache, along with an undisguised anger.

Mia possessed outstanding business acumen. Since taking over the Liu family business, she had turned the family's fortunes around, ensuring the Liu family continued to hold a prominent position among the Guishan clans.

Even recently, when the Zheng family, the first family of Guishan, launched a relentless attack on the Liu family, Mia withstood immense pressure and prevented the Liu family from falling into ruin.

As a result, to end the conflict, the Liu family agreed to the Zheng family's demand—to marry Mia off to the dandyish Philip!

"Mom, it's no use. If Grandfather wasn't willing to give me up from the start, he wouldn't have agreed. Now that the rice is cooked, how could he possibly change his mind?"

Mia turned around and spoke softly, her pretty face devoid of any emotional fluctuations.

"Mia, since you know all this, why did you agree to marry Philip at your grandfather's behest? Just because the family said this whole thing started because of you?"

Harper's eyes were red, but there was also a hint of incomprehension between her brows.

When the Zheng family proposed that Mia marry Philip to end the conflict, not only did the Liu family agree immediately, but Mia's uncles and cousins also pressured her to prioritize the overall interests of the Liu family.

"Yes and no."

Mia sighed softly.

"What do you mean?" Harper asked instinctively.

"Mom, as you said, I've done a lot for the Liu family these past few years. It's enough to repay Grandfather and the Liu family for their kindness and favor toward us."

Mia turned around, once again gazing out the window at the distant horizon. In her mind, the figure of a young man appeared, "The Liu family adopted Nick and was willing to protect him eight years ago. I'm helping Nick repay this debt!"

With Mia's words ringing in her ears, Harper also thought of the young man named Nick. Tears flowed uncontrollably.

Nick was the child she and her husband had adopted.

Years ago, her husband tragically passed away, and for Nick's sake, Mia committed a grave error. Both she and Mia were expelled from the Su family and returned to the Liu family.

Eight years ago, on that day, Philip of the Zheng family attempted to harm Mia.

On that day, the twelve-year-old Nick wielded a wine bottle, striking Philip down. Like a mad dog, his eyes red, he grabbed a shard of the bottle and stabbed Philip eighteen times until he lost consciousness.

That day, Philip was rushed to the hospital, where he was resuscitated after ten hours. The Zheng family demanded that the Liu family hand over Nick, or face irreconcilable differences!

That day, Harper and Mia, mother and daughter, knelt in Liu Yard, begging Levi to protect Nick. Levi ultimately agreed, but Nick's whereabouts remained unknown.

"Mia, you should know that your grandfather back then was willing to go to war with the Zheng family to protect Nick because the Liu family's strength was still superior to the Zheng family's. And Philip was in the wrong from the start. If the Liu family had compromised with the Zheng family back then, it would have lost all face."

Harper wiped away her tears and spoke again.

"Mom, of course, I know. At that time, whether it was my grandfather or the other members of the Liu family, their willingness to protect Nick was for the sake of the Liu family's reputation. But the Liu family still has a debt of gratitude towards Nick."

Mia sighed gently. "Now, the Liu family is no longer a match for the Zheng family. If we don't stop the conflict, we will surely fall."

Harper fell silent.

She knew that ever since Amelia Zhen married the head of the Sujiang City Armed Forces, the Zheng family had been soaring in prosperity.

"Mia, what if we go to Richard Su and ask him to intervene and stop the wedding?"

Harper suddenly made a suggestion.

Richard was Mia's grandfather, and it was he who had made the final decision to expel them as a family of three from the Su family.

"Mom, it's useless. If the Su family cared about family ties, they wouldn't have ignored us for so many years. Even if, by some chance, the Su family did care about family ties, they wouldn't risk offending the head of the Sujiang City Armed Forces just to help us."

Mia gave a self-deprecating smile.

The Long Country Armed Forces were an organization specifically responsible for managing Long Country warriors, while also bearing the heavy responsibility of defending Long Country.

In the flourishing era of Budo, the Armed Forces wielded immense power!

"But, Mia, marrying that bastard Philip is a means of revenge and cruelty towards you. It will ruin your entire life! You might even wish you were dead!"

Harper had also heard about how the Armed Forces were the most powerful department in present-day Long Country. She felt powerless, and tears streamed down her face.

Mia's mind was clear as a mirror, but she remained silent.

Furthermore, she was thinking even further than Harper—Even if she refused to marry Philip, would the Zheng family and Philip spare her?

They wouldn't!

They might even go after Harper!

She had already decided that after marrying Philip tomorrow, she would take her own life.

By then, even if the Zheng family was displeased, for the sake of reputation, they wouldn't harm the Liu family or Harper—after all, Mia would have died in the Zheng family!

This way, she would save Harper and help her brother repay the debt owed to the Liu family.

"Little brother, I wish to see you one last time before leaving this world."

Suddenly, Mia faintly saw the blurry figure of the young man on the distant horizon. Her heart ached, and she couldn't help but mutter, two clear tears welling up in her eyes, streaming down her makeup-free face, and slipping into her mouth.

The tears were bitter.

"Mia, open the door and greet your husband!"

Just then, a mocking voice suddenly echoed from outside the door.

Philip's face was flushed, and alcohol fumes emanated from his mouth. He led a group of dandies and approached Mia's residence.

Earlier, he and the dandies with him had been drinking in a nightclub. Someone had congratulated him on being able to enjoy Mia's exquisite body tomorrow night!

Inebriated, upon hearing these words, he became even more intent on defiling Mia tonight and decided to come directly with his entourage.

Because, for the Zheng family, this marriage was about forcing the Liu family to submit, abandon resistance, and submit to the Zheng family, achieving maximal benefit without fighting.

For him, it was about avenging past wrongs. After thoroughly violating Mia, he would discard her like trash!

"According to tradition, the bride and groom should not meet tonight. Take your people and leave!"

Harper walked out of the room, her face grim, looking at Philip and his group.

"What kind of nonsense is this tradition? Get out of here!"

Philip shouted angrily, then headed straight for the door.

"I won't let you meet Mia tonight!"

Harper stood at the doorway, unmoving. She looked like a mother hen protecting her chick at all costs.

"Get out!"

Seeing this, Philip coldly ordered. With a swift kick, he knocked Harper to the ground. Without waiting for her to get up, he directed his dandies, "Hold this old woman down!"

"Philip, what are you doing?!"

Before the dandies could respond, the door opened again. Mia saw Harper clutching her stomach, fallen on the ground. She glared at Philip and shouted.

"Do what married couples do, Mia."

Philip leered and moved forward, grabbing Mia's arm.

"We're not married yet. Let go of me!"

Mia struggled fiercely, yelling loudly.

"Soon or later, what's the difference?" Philip sneered.

"Philip, you beast!!"

Seeing this, Harper immediately became frantic. She struggled and cried out to Phillip, hating that she couldn't tear him to pieces, all the while unable to break free from the two dandy's restraints.

"Mia, take the initiative to close the door, undress, and obediently serve me. I'll have them take your mom away, ensuring her safety. Otherwise, you'll be escorting her to the hospital." Phillip paid no attention to Harper's screams. He looked at Mia with mockery, as if she were a mere plaything.

"Tell me, what's your choice?" Mia's face turned pale, her body trembling violently. She bit her lip hard, not uttering a word. At this moment, blood trickled from the corners of her mouth, her face filled with humiliation and despair! Originally, in order to protect Harper and repay her debt to her brother, she had decided to take her own life after completing the wedding ceremony with Phillip tomorrow. But she hadn't anticipated that plans could change so swiftly—Phillip, in order to have her body ahead of time, was resorting to a life-or-death threat against Harper!

"Mia... Mia, don't agree to this beast. Even if I die, I won't let him succeed!"

Seeing this, Harper immediately became frantic. She struggled and cried out, desperate to prevent her daughter from falling victim to Philip's cruelty.


Mia's eyes were bloodshot, her body trembling, her face filled with despair.


Before Mia could finish her sentence, a furious roar erupted like thunder, booming above Liu Yard!

"Bastard, tell me, how do you want to die?!" Under the night, Nick's figure appeared in the Liu Yard, rushing towards Harper and Mia!

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