chapter 11 If people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them.

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023
Trembling, the blue bricks underfoot began to shatter.

This was not only due to his weight exceeding two hundred catties but also because of his excessive haste. When the helicopter was still high above the ground, he couldn't wait any longer and jumped down.

He was none other than Barry, the head of the Long Country Armed Forces in Jiangnan Province.

Half an hour ago, he received a call from the Eastern War-God, Bob, and immediately took a helicopter to arrive here.

After landing, Barry witnessed an eerie scene.

Under the night sky, besides Sampson and Philip, father and son, lying on the ground with broken legs and bloodied bodies, everyone else was kneeling on the ground.

Including Bart!

Half of his face was a gruesome mess, looking extremely terrifying.

In front of them, Nick sat cross-legged not far from Alan's corpse.

Wenzler stood with his hands behind his back, like an iron tower, standing behind Nick.

"Chief Yan, these two scoundrels are too audacious. Not only did they harm ordinary people, but they also did this to me. They even dare to disregard the Armed Forces. They must be severely punished!"

Seeing Barry's stout figure, Bart, as if seeing a savior, immediately stood up. He headed towards Barry while angrily glancing at both Nick and Wenzler.

As he spoke, Bart stopped in front of Barry, looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Although he had faintly deduced Nick's extraordinary identity from Nick's unusual reactions, he still firmly believed that the authority of the Long Country Armed Forces was not to be challenged, and Nick would surely be severely punished as a warning to other warriors!

Bart wasn't the only one who thought this way. Andy and the rest of the Zhen family, led by Andy, also looked at Barry with wide-eyed anticipation, as if Barry were their savior.


To Bart and the Zhen family's anticipation and surprise, Barry's face turned cold. He immediately slapped Bart.


The slap was crisp, and Bart was once again knocked to the ground!

"What... what's going on?"

Seeing this scene, the Zhen family was once again dumbfounded!

The person who had come was Bart's superior. Shouldn't he be standing up for Bart? Why was he hitting Bart?

Compared to the Zhen family, Bart's astonishment was even more unparalleled!

Under the night sky, he paid no attention to the pain on his face. He looked up, his face full of incomprehension, and gazed at Barry. "Chief... Chief Yan, what are you doing?"

"You rascal, you've brought disgrace upon me and the Armed Forces Jiangnan Province Branch. You can expect to be dealt with!"

Barry gritted his teeth, wishing he could slap Bart dead.

Bart not only abused his power, releasing the wanted criminal Alan on his own but also allowed Alan to serve the Zhen family, causing the Zhen family to run rampant in Guishan, doing all sorts of wicked deeds!

In addition to this, the Zhen family and Bart had also provoked the Lord of Zhanlong Palace!

That was a twenty-year-old war-god!

At the time, when Barry heard this news, he thought it was a fantasy. But he also knew that Bob would never joke with him about such matters.

At this moment, he was very grateful that, under Zhanlong Palace's premise of having a reasonable cause, the Lord of Zhanlong Palace hadn't gone on a killing spree. Otherwise, it would be like handing a hot potato to the Long Country Armed Forces!

If the Long Country Armed Forces didn't handle it according to regulations, they would lose their authority;

If the Long Country Armed Forces handled it according to regulations, they would thoroughly offend Zhanlong Palace!

In terms of strength alone, Zhanlong Palace was not worthy of the Long Country Armed Forces' fear.

Furthermore, even the Long Country Armed Forces didn't fear any force in the world!

The key was the Lord of Zhanlong Palace.

It was better to offend the old than the young.

Including the Long Country Armed Forces, there was no force in the world willing to offend a twenty-year-old war-god!

Because no one could imagine how a twenty-year-old warrior became a war-god, and no one knew what heights a twenty-year-old war-god's future achievements would reach.

But everyone understood one thing: if this person didn't meet an untimely end when he fully matured, he would stand at the pinnacle of the global Budo!


With Barry's words in his ears, Bart was first taken aback, then realized something. He subconsciously turned his gaze towards Nick.

Under the night sky, he saw clearly that the young man was still sitting there with his eyes closed as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him.

"Hello, Master. I am Barry, the head of the Long Country Armed Forces in Jiangnan Province Branch."

At the same time, Barry quickly came to Nick and, looking at Nick sitting cross-legged with closed eyes, he showed no displeasure on his face. Instead, he spoke with a face full of respect:

"I have mismanaged, which has brought disgrace to the Armed Forces in Jiangnan Province Branch. Please rest assured, the Armed Forces in Jiangnan Province Branch will punish Bart severely and will cooperate with other departments to investigate the illegal activities of the Zhen family!"

It's over!

As Barry spoke, no matter if it was Bart or the Zhen family led by Andy, their moods plummeted.

"Hello, Chief Yan."

Nick then opened his eyes, stood up, clasped his hands together, and saluted Barry.


Nick's voice sounded in his ears. Seeing Nick salute him, Barry couldn't help but be surprised.

Since arriving at Zhen Manor in the helicopter, he had been observing Nick. He found Nick to be as still as an old monk in meditation, unmoving and never once opening his eyes. This subjectively led him to believe that Nick was an extremely arrogant person!

This contrasted starkly with Nick's current humility and even the respect he showed towards Barry.

"You're too kind. I didn't do my job well."

After a brief moment of daze, Barry also realized the reason behind it - the Long Country Armed Forces had chosen to handle tonight's events with justice, defusing the Lord of Zhanlong Palace's anger.

"The follow-up matters will trouble Chief Yan," Nick said.

"Please rest assured, I will handle it as I just promised."

Barry first made a solemn promise, then had a look of wanting to say more.

"Chief Yan, what's on your mind?" Nick saw Barry's unusual expression and asked straightforwardly.

"How long do you plan to stay in Long Country?" Barry inquired.

"As for how long exactly, I haven't decided."

Nick first responded, then understood why Barry was asking this. He voluntarily added, "But please rest assured, as long as you handle tonight's matter impartially, I won't interfere anymore. I operate on the principle of not seeking trouble with others. My people and I won't actively do things that put the Armed Forces in a difficult position."

"Thank you!"

Upon hearing this, Barry couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. For him and the Armed Forces in the Jiangnan Province Branch, Nick was like a Buddha, not moving and not leaving.

If Nick did something else in the future, both he and the Armed Forces in the Jiangnan Province Branch, and even the entire Eastern Legion of the Armed Forces, would be in a lot of trouble!

"Furthermore, Chief Yan, you should already know my identity. I have quite a few enemies. If they find out I'm in the Jiangnan Province, they'll likely cause trouble for the Armed Forces. So, to avoid unnecessary complications, please keep my identity and tonight's events confidential." Nick reminded.

He didn't mind his enemies coming after him for revenge, but he didn't want his enemies to know about his relationship with Harper and Mia!

"I understand. I will report this to General Bob."

Barry nodded. He knew that Zhanlong Palace had eliminated many underground forces overseas in the past few years. Among them, three forces were suspected to be related to the mysterious and powerful Hades Palace!

In such a situation, if news of Nick's presence here were to be exposed, and a multitude of enemies came knocking, it would not be a good thing for the Long Country Armed Forces!

Upon hearing this, Nick didn't waste any more words and directly left with Wenzler.

"What... what kind of person are you after all?"

As Nick and Wenzler were about to leave the entrance of Zhen Manor, Bart snapped out of his daze and couldn't help but roar, his face filled with disbelief.

He couldn't imagine how illustrious Nick's identity had to be for Barry, the person responsible for the Long Country Armed Forces in the Jiangnan Province, to be so deferential.

Because, in his memory, the Long Country Armed Forces had never shown such respect to a warrior!

Even the heads of the major martial arts sects in Long Country and the heads of martial arts families had never received the treatment Nick was receiving today!

There was no response. Nick and Wenzler disappeared into the night with a flash.

"You... you're not qualified to know his identity."

Barry withdrew his gaze and scolded Bart angrily.

Bart was first stunned, then completely collapsed on the ground, like a dead dog.

"How extraordinary does he need to be for Bart to not even be worthy of knowing his identity?"

At the same time, Philip's face was full of bewilderment. He couldn't help but ask himself inwardly.

There was no answer, but he knew he was done for, and the Zhen family was finished too!


Thinking of this, Philip felt like doomsday had come. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with bile. Then his body went into violent convulsions before falling silent.

He... had been scared to death!

Seeing this scene, Barry paid no attention to it. Instead, he looked in the direction where Nick had disappeared, his expression somewhat solemn.

Nick had only promised that he and the members of Zhanlong Palace wouldn't actively stir up trouble for Long Country as long as the events of tonight were handled justly.

This meant that if there were still people with no regard for their lives, like Bart and the Zhen family, who provoked Nick, Jiangnan Province, and even the entire Long Country, would be turned upside down!

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