chapter 8 deterrence

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023
Eight years ago, after nearly killing Philip, Nick disappeared from the Liu family and vanished from Guishan.

At that time, Philip, like everyone else, believed that Nick had fled Guishan like a dog fearing retaliation from the Zhen family.

Today, when he saw Nick reappear, his first reaction was excitement - he could finally seek revenge for what happened eight years ago!

Moreover, he even boldly declared sayings like "opportunities are only found when you stop seeking them." However, his words were cut short by Nick, who shattered his legs, forcing him to kneel and apologize to Harper and Mia, mother and daughter.

At that moment, Philip, while fearful that Nick might kill him in Liu Yard, was also confident that the Zhen family would never let Nick escape from Guishan again!

When Nick actively comes to the Zhen family, Philip thinks Nick is looking for death, and he has even thought about how to torture Nick to death.

But now, the ferocious and powerful Alan, as he perceived him, had been killed. His father had his legs broken, and his grandfather and other clan members were all kneeling before Nick...

This stark contrast left Philip in a state of intense shock, even making him question his life.

"Master Nick," while Philip wore a bewildered and uncertain expression, Andy knelt before Nick and spoke once more, "What happened eight years ago and today was all the Zhen family's fault. Sampson and Philip's current predicament is well-deserved. I hope, Your Excellency, can let this matter rest. What do you think?"

"Dad, my brother-in-law is about to arrive. Why should we bow to him? Do you think he dares to kill all of us?"

Sampson, with his legs broken and writhing in pain, shouted in exasperation upon hearing Andy's words.

"Shut up!"

Andy's face changed, and he scolded Sampson. He knew that his son-in-law, Bart, was about to arrive. How could Andy let things end like this? He only wanted to temporarily avoid Nick's wrath and settle the score when his son-in-law, Bart, who was a Seventh Rank Warrior, arrived. Bart had cultivated his martial arts to the point of Qi Transformation, and he was the head of the Long Country Armed Forces in Sujiang City, with the support of the entire Long Country Armed Forces. He had the power to help the Zhen family get justice and make Nick pay a painful price.

"Boss, this crafty act of playing the injured party is quite convincing, but it's a pity it got exposed by his son," Wenzler sneered. Before coming, he had thoroughly researched everything about the Zhen family and knew that their reliance was on Bart.

As soon as Wenzler's words fell, Sampson's phone suddenly rang, its ringtone unusually piercing.

Startled by the phone ringing, Sampson realized something and quickly endured the pain of taking out his phone. He saw that the caller ID displayed his sister Amelia's name and immediately answered the call.

"Sis, I'm sorry, there's some traffic on the road. We'll be there in another ten minutes..."

On the other end of the line, Amelia, sitting in the back seat of the car, cuddling with her husband Bart, was the first to speak.

"Amelia, someone has come to our Zhen family causing trouble. They've injured me and Philip, and they want to kill all of us. Quickly let Bart talk to them!"

Sampson directly interrupted his sister Amelia.

Who would dare to attack the Zhen family in Guishan?

Bart, raising an eyebrow, immediately picked up Amelia's phone and asked, "Sampson, what’s going on?”

"Bart, it's like this..."

Sampson succinctly explained the ins and outs of the situation to Bart, then howled in anger, "You must stand up for our Zhen family!"

"Sampson, you guys stabilize the situation with that ruffian, don't let him do anything rash. I'll be there shortly."

Bart made arrangements at first, but then he felt it was not appropriate. He changed his mind, saying, "Alright, put it on speakerphone, I'll talk to him first."

"Alright, Bart."

Sampson quickly put the call on speakerphone and then glared at Nick with a malicious look.

"I am Bart, head of the Long Country Armed Forces in Sujiang City."

Bart spoke again, his tone low, his voice resounding, "As a warrior, laying hands on ordinary people is a serious violation of Long Country Armed Forces regulations! I demand that you immediately cease your brutal actions. Otherwise, no matter where you flee afterward, I will apprehend you and bring you to justice! At that time, the Liu family will also suffer!"

"Who do you think you are to order my boss around?"

Wenzler retorted unhappily.


Bart's brows instantly knitted together, his eyes gleaming.

The Long Country Armed Forces was an organization specifically responsible for managing warriors, and it housed countless strong individuals. Whether they were warriors within Long Country or overseas, none of them failed to respect the authority of the Long Country Armed Forces. However, just now, under the premise of stating his own identity and revealing the other party's wrongdoing, the subordinate of the other party was arrogant. This completely exceeded his expectations and also gave rise to speculation in his mind. Could it be that the other party came from some influential family or major power?


Immediately, Bart overturned this speculation.

Because just now, he heard Sampson say that the other party came from the Liu family.

If the Liu family truly had a major backer, how could they have agreed to the forced marriage proposed by the Zhen family earlier?

Thinking of this, Bart coldly shouted, "Don't doubt my words, and don't question the authority of the Long Country Armed Forces!"

"Can you represent the Long Country Armed Forces?"

This time, Nick spoke, his tone calm.

"As I said before, I am the head of the Long Country Armed Forces in Sujiang City. In Sujiang City, I can represent the Armed Forces!" Bart asserted in a high and mighty manner.

"Good, I'll be waiting for you at Zhen Manor," Nick said solemnly.

"Remember, cease your brutal actions!" Bart warned.

This time, Nick didn't respond.

Bart thought that he had intimidated the other party, so he hung up the phone and urged the driver to speed up.

At the same time, the Zhen family members, led by Andy, all had the same thoughts. They stood up in unison, their faces no longer filled with fear, but rather with hatred. They wished Bart would appear immediately and dismember Nick!

Among them, Andy felt some regret.

If he had known that Bart could impose such great intimidation on Nick, how could he have brought his clan to kneel before him?

"Did I allow you to stand up?"

Just then, Nick suddenly spoke his tone calm but causing all the Zhen family members, including Andy, to jump in their hearts. "Wenzler, my previous words still stand. If someone doesn't kneel within three seconds, lend a hand."

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