chapter 12 One misstep leads to eternal hatred

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023
The night was deep, but the lights in Liu Yard were still on. Everyone in the Liu family, including Levi, hadn't slept. They all gathered in the hall, waiting for news about the Zhen family.

"Dad, I just received word. Guishan Police Department just mobilized and sealed off the entire Zhen Manor. They strictly forbid outsiders from entering, and we can't find out exactly what happened." Calvin Su, Mia's younger uncle, came to the hall and reported to Levi.

"Do we even need to find out? That guy who doesn't know any better must have gone to the Zhen family and got himself killed. Because he's a warrior, this matter needs to be kept under wraps," speculated Zeron, Mia's older uncle, subjectively. Then he reminded Levi, "Dad, we should go to the Liu family immediately to make amends. If we delay any longer, it might be too late!"

"What's the rush?" Levi reprimanded, then took out his phone and dialed the head of the Guishan Police Department.

"Hello, Director Wang. I just heard that your people have sealed off Zhen Manor. What happened?" Levi got straight to the point as soon as the call was answered.

"Mr. Liu, you don't know about this?" Director Wang of the Guishan Police Department sounded a bit skeptical.

He had heard about what happened in the Liu family tonight and knew that someone from the Liu family had gone to the Zhen family. He assumed that the trouble at the Zhen family tonight was caused by the Liu family.

"Wang Director, if I knew, I wouldn't be calling you," Levi said.

"Mr. Liu, here's the situation. The Zhen family was harboring a wanted criminal from the Armed Forces, and they committed many illegal activities. Our police department is cooperating with the Armed Forces to handle the case. We just helped the Armed Forces take all the members of the Zhen family away and sent them to the Armed Forces office in Sujiang City."

On the other end of the line, Director Wang of the Guishan Police Department pondered for a moment and told Levi the information he had received.

"Uh..." Levi was momentarily stunned.

"Mr. Liu, the Zhen family is in big trouble this time. Guishan's future development will rely on your Liu family."

Director Wang of the Guishan Police Department saw that Levi wasn't speaking and took the initiative to extend goodwill.

With trouble in the Zhen family, the Liu family would once again become the number one family in Guishan, just like in the past.

"Thank you, Director Wang. I'll host a banquet at home to invite you another day." Levi snapped back to reality, smiling.

"I look forward to sharing a drink with you, Mr. Liu."

Director Wang of the Guishan Police Department responded happily, then exchanged a few polite words with Levi before ending the call.

"Dad, what's going on?"

Seeing Levi hang up the phone, Zeron couldn't help but ask.

The other members of the Liu family also looked at Levi, puzzled and expectant.

Just now, they all saw Levi smiling brightly while on the phone.

This made them realize that something had happened to the Zhen family, and they were curious about what exactly had occurred.

"The Zhen family was harboring a wanted criminal from the Armed Forces, and they committed many illegal activities. The Armed Forces and the police are handling the case!" Levi said excitedly, his smile growing even brighter. He seemed to have rejuvenated by ten years in an instant.


"That's great!"

"Guishan will be ours again in the future!"

As Levi's words fell, the hall erupted into a chorus of exclamations and cheers.

"Dad, what about that kid Nick? Could he have been taken away by the Armed Forces too?" After the excitement, Zeron thought of Nick and couldn't help but ask Levi.

The next moment.

Before Levi could answer, the burly figure of Wenzler appeared at the doorway of the hall.

In an instant, the hall fell silent. Including Levi, all the members of the Liu family turned their gaze to Wenzler.

"My boss asked me to tell you that he has already repaid the favor the Liu family owed him back then. From now on, he has nothing to do with your Liu family. Don't disturb them tonight, or you'll be responsible for the consequences!" Wenzler looked at the jubilant Liu family members, cursed them in his heart, and then conveyed Nick's message.

With that, Wenzler turned and left.

He didn't want to see this group of ungrateful and short-sighted Liu family members. It would make him feel like he'd dirtied his own eyes.

"Dad, what does he mean? Could it be that tonight's trouble at the Zhen family was caused by Nick?" Watching Wenzler leave, Mia's aunt realized something and couldn't help but ask Levi.

"It's impossible! Dad already said it was the Armed Forces who dealt with the Zhen family. How could it be related to that kid?" Zeron sneered.

"Shut up!"

Levi's furious shout drowned out his excitement, replaced by deep regret.

Through Wenzler's words just now, he was certain that the trouble at the Zhen family was definitely because of Nick!

Though he didn't know how Nick managed it, reason told him that Nick had the kind of power that he couldn't even fathom, enough to easily expel the Zhen family from Guishan.

In such a situation, if Nick were willing to help the Liu family, not only could they secure their position as the leaders of Guishan, but they might even become the new elite of Sujiang City and Jiangnan Province!


In this world, there were no "ifs."

One misstep could lead to eternal regret.

Their agreement, or rather, their insistence for Mia to marry Philip, meant that the Liu family would forever miss this opportunity!

Just as Nick had said, he would have no more dealings with the Liu family!

Meanwhile, in a room to the west of Liu Yard, Harper was pacing back and forth anxiously, feeling like an ant on a hot plate.

Mia sat by the window, chin in hand, looking out into the corridor, her face filled with worry.

Both mother and daughter were worried about Nick's safety and were waiting for his return.


Suddenly, Mia spotted Nick's figure in the courtyard. She got up excitedly and, along with her mother Harper, rushed out of the room, only to find Nick standing at the door.

"Mom, sis, I'm back," Nick said with a smile.

"Are you okay?" Harper and Mia asked in unison.

"I'm fine," Nick replied with a shake of his head.

"Okay?" Harper approached, a little concerned. She circled Nick, checking him over, and only then did she completely relax upon finding no injuries on him.

"What about the Zhen family?" Mia asked hesitantly.

"It's been taken care of," Nick answered, but he didn't go into specifics.

"Whew... that's a relief," Mia breathed a sigh of relief.

"Let's go inside. I'll make some tea for Nick," Harper suggested.

"Mom, I'll do it. You have injuries; it's not convenient," Mia said.

"Mom, take this pill. It'll stop hurting, and after a good night's sleep, you'll be completely healed."

Hearing Mia's words, Nick felt a deep sense of self-blame. He then took out a pill bottle, poured out a pill, and handed it to Harper.

The pill was a specially designed healing medicine for warriors, capable of quickly mending a warrior's injuries. It was expensive.

To Harper's injuries, the warrior-specific healing medicine was like using a cannon to kill a mosquito - overkill. But Nick didn't mind at all. He just hoped Harper could be relieved of pain in the shortest time possible.


Harper nodded, not asking any questions. She directly took it, and within minutes, she was dozing off.

Seeing this, Nick and Mia helped Harper back into the room.

"Shall we chat on the rooftop?"

After Harper had fallen asleep, Mia blinked and made the suggestion.

Back when they were both still very young, she and Nick had climbed to the rooftop to stargaze.

"Sure, since mom is already asleep, she won't give us a scolding."

Nick's heart warmed at Mia's words, and he grinned silly.

Back then, when he had proposed going to the rooftop with Mia to look at the stars, Mia had initially disagreed, saying that mom would scold them. In the end, she agreed to his suggestion.

With that said, Nick took Mia's delicate hand, and then leaped.


Mia exclaimed and then realized that Nick had carried her up into the air. In an instant, they were on the rooftop.

"Are warriors really this amazing? It's so magical."

Mia stood on the rooftop, holding Nick's hand, marveling with astonishment.

"For ordinary people, warriors are indeed a rather miraculous existence."

Nick smiled and then pulled Mia down to sit beside him.

"Nick, why did you leave without a word back then? What have you been through all these years? How did you suddenly become a warrior?"

Mia sat beside Nick, unable to hold back her questions and doubts...

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