chapter 9 Bullying others?

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023

At the forefront of the crowd, Andy trembled, his expression a mix of shock and anger.

Initially, he thought that Nick had been intimidated by his son-in-law, Bart. But to his surprise, as soon as he and his clan stood up, they were once again ordered to kneel.


Wenzler directly interrupted Andy and began counting.

Hearing Wenzler's count, Andy's mouth gaped open, his throat feeling like it was choking on a fishbone. He didn't utter a word but turned his gaze towards Wenzler.


Wenzler's expression remained cold as he spoke again.


Andy's heart trembled, and he knelt again.

Although he was filled with endless resentment and frustration, he had no choice but to bow his head when under someone else's roof. He could only temporarily avoid Nick's edge with his clan and then settle accounts with Nick and Wenzler once his son-in-law, Bart, arrived.

With Andy taking the lead, the other members of the Zheng family once again knelt on the ground.

But unlike before, the humiliation on their faces had vanished, replaced by intense hatred. They wished Bart would appear immediately and kill both Nick and Wenzler!

Five minutes later, a high-end car pulled into Zhen Manor and stopped at the entrance. Bart and Amelia, his wife, got out of the car.

"Dad, brother, Philip!"

Amelia saw her father, Andy, kneeling on the ground, and Sampson and Philip, father and son, lying on the ground, covered in blood. She immediately exclaimed in shock.

Although she had just learned everything that happened to the Zheng family over the phone, she was still shocked by the scene before her!

When had the Zheng family ever been so humiliated?

Especially after she married Bart, the Zheng family's prestige soared. Not only in Guishan but even in the entire Sujiang City, they had gained a certain amount of respect!

And now, someone had broken her brother's and nephew's legs and forced all the Zheng family members to kneel?

"You scoundrel!"

At the same time, Bart was also quite shocked and, more so, furious at the scene before him.

As a son-in-law of the Zheng family, he considered himself part of the family too.

Now, seeing the Zheng family being so humiliated, he felt as if he had received a silent slap to his face, utterly losing face!

"Bart, you must stand up for our Zheng family. You must make those two wretches pay!"

Just as Bart was fuming, Sampson roared with intense hatred.

"Bart, you absolutely cannot let them escape!"

Andy stopped pretending as well and showed his true colors, asking Bart to stand up for them.

As he spoke, he caught a glimpse of Wenzler still standing aside. He hesitated for a moment but didn't dare to stand up. Although he firmly believed that Bart could make Nick and Wenzler pay a painful price, he also knew that if he stood up now, Wenzler would take action—Bart might not have time to stop him!

"They must pay a painful price!"

Other members of the Zheng family, as if they had grasped a lifeline while drowning, shouted with gritted teeth. Seeing Andy not standing up, they continued to kneel on the ground.

"You all are incredibly audacious, completely ignorant of life and death!"

Echoing in their ears was the furious shouting of the Zheng family. Bart's gaze turned icy as he scanned Nick and Wenzler. His expression darkened to the extreme.

"All things have their causes, but it seems like you're not inclined to understand the ins and outs of this situation."

Nick looked at Bart expressionlessly and spoke slowly.


Bart said coldly, "You've treated my father-in-law's family like this. Do I still need to understand the details? Kneel, surrender, and accept your punishment!"

As the head of the Armed Forces in Sujiang City, Bart pronounced his judgment from on high.

As his words fell, Bart's aura, belonging to a Seventh-rank warrior, burst forth in an instant. As long as Nick and Wenzler didn't surrender, he would take action!

"First rank to Third rank warrior, refining their skills to 'Obvious Strength'.

Fourth rank to Sixth rank warrior, refining their skills to 'Hidden Strength'.

Seventh-rank to Ninth rank warriors, refining their skills to 'Arbitrary Strength'.

As a Seventh-ranked warrior, Bart was already considered an expert in the mundane world. How could he possibly place Nick and Wenzler in his eyes?

"I see it's you who doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

Bart's domineering words echoed in the air, enraging Wenzler.

Since joining Zhanlong Palace and following Nick in battles up to now, no one has dared to speak to Nick like this!

"You're seeking death!"

Bart's face changed, he roared in anger and charged toward Wenzler.

On one hand, Wenzler's words completely infuriated him.

On the other hand, Wenzler was standing beside Andy and the others. As long as he crippled or killed Wenzler, he would relieve the Zheng family of their crisis.


Nick snorted coldly, and his aura also erupted. However, he didn't activate Genuine Energy but unleashed an aura equivalent to a Ninth rank warrior.

"You... You're a Master of Budo?"

Bart's body was like a speeding car slamming on the brakes, coming to a sudden stop. He looked at Nick with a face full of disbelief.

A Ninth rank warrior, who had refined his skills to the pinnacle of 'Arbitrary Strength'. With only the step of 'transforObvious Strength into Qi' to produce Genuine Energy, he would become a war-god-level powerhouse, also honored as a Master of Budo.

As the head of the Armed Forces in Sujiang City, Bart had seen Masters of Budo, like Barry Yan, the head of the Armed Forces in Jiangnan Province.

At this moment, the aura emanating from Nick was no weaker than Barry's, it was even stronger!

This completely caught Bart off guard and stirred up a huge wave in his heart!

"How could he possibly be a Master of Budo?"

At the same time, including Andy, Philip, and all the members of the Zheng family, they were all dumbfounded.

Although they were all martial arts outsiders, they also knew that a Master of Budo was a top-tier expert in the martial arts field, incredibly powerful, with a prestigious status. Even some major families would show respect to a Master of Budo.

"Aren't you going to make your move?"

Nick stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Bart with a face of shock.


Bart's Adam's apple moved, and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This was a joke.

He was just a Seventh rank warrior, and he was going to make a move against a Master of Budo?

That would be like plucking a hair from a tiger's head, asking for death!

"Although you are a Master of Budo, you still can't violate the regulations of the Long Country Armed Forces, let alone surpass the authority of the Long Country Armed Forces!"

After a brief shock, Bart quickly regained his composure and directly brought up the Long Country Armed Forces, "In the Long Country, no warrior can surpass the Armed Forces!"

"So what?"

Nick squinted at Bart.

"Either you surrender willingly, come with me to accept punishment, or you kill us, and be wanted by the Armed Forces—rest assured, no matter where you go, you will be hunted down by the people of the Armed Forces!"

After bringing up the mighty support of the Armed Forces, Bart threatened Nick once again.

As his words fell, the shock on his face vanished, replaced by a look of confidence as he stared at Nick, as if saying: do you dare to touch me?


Under the night sky, Nick's figure swayed and darted towards Bart.

At this moment, he directly responded with action!

He disappeared as if he had never appeared before.


He simply vanished into thin air...


The next moment.

Just as everyone was looking for Nick's figure, a crisp sound rang out at the entrance of Zhen Manor.

With this crisp sound, Bart, who had just been confident, was instantly sent flying, blood streaming from the corners of his mouth!

He had been slapped by Nick and sent flying!


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