chapter 19 Attitude determines the future

by Arthur 16:30,Sep 28,2023
Just as Bill had deduced, regardless of who the mastermind behind the attack on the Su family was, Nick would stand up for them.

On one hand, he had been adopted by Robert and Harper since childhood, and the Su family had raised him.

On the other hand, Richard entrusted Mia with steering the Su Group, and Nick had to clear the path for her.

After ending his call with Bill, Nick put away the satellite phone. He sat cross-legged on the bed, calming his mind, focusing on his breath, and immersing himself in martial arts meditation.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed when he heard the sound of brakes coming from the courtyard. He knew that some of the Su family's members had returned, so he stopped his meditation and got up, walking to the window.

Simultaneously, a Mercedes S600 and a Pala Mela parked one after the other at the courtyard gate.

The driver of the Mercedes quickly exited the car after parking, opening the rear door and raising his hand near the top of the door to prevent the person inside from bumping their head.

Soon, a middle-aged couple stepped out of the car.

The man had thick brows and large eyes, maintaining a good physique. He wore a sharp suit and exuded an air of sternness, giving off an aura of authority.

He was Richard's eldest son, Dave Su, currently serving as the General Manager of Su Group.

The woman was Dave's wife, Hannah Xia.

Hannah, in her fifties, had gained weight and her figure had lost its former grace. She wore loose-fitting clothes, but they were adorned with pearls and jewels, radiating opulence and wealth.

She also worked at Su Group as the Deputy Minister of the Finance Department. However, she treated herself more like the Chief Financial Officer, not only bossing around the people in the finance department but also giving orders to the highly-paid CFO that Richard had hired.

Dave was dominant, Hannah was fierce, and this was widely known within Su Group.

"Dad, why did Grandpa suddenly organize a family gathering?"

As Dave and Hannah were about to step into the ancestral home of the Su family, a young woman descended from the rear Pala Mela, quickly caught up and asked.

Olivia Su.

The only female of the third generation of the Su family besides Mia.

She also worked at Su Group, holding the important position of Corporate Secretary.

Today, she was dressed in a Hermès dress, with the latest Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf clover diamond necklace around her neck. She held a limited edition Hermès handbag and exuded the air of an affluent young lady.

"I have no idea."

Dave replied with a serious expression, equally puzzled.

With that, the three of them, Dave, Hannah, and Olivia, entered the courtyard.

"Big brother, sister-in-law, Olivia, you're back."

Harper had just checked on Richard in the room and, upon seeing the three, smiled and greeted them.

Upon hearing Harper's words, Dave was momentarily taken aback when he saw Harper's visibly aged appearance. Then, he slightly furrowed his brows.

He knew about Carter introducing Bart to Richard and deduced that Richard did this to help Mia and the Liu family. But he never expected that Harper and Mia would return.

"Harper, why have you come back?"

Just as Dave was momentarily stunned, Hannah, with a displeased expression and a frown, seemed none too pleased about Harper's return to the Su family.

The precious medicine that Mia stole for Nick years ago, which was originally prepared by Richard for Carter, was intended to help Carter become a warrior.

Even though Nick's family of three had been driven out of the Su family, Hannah couldn't let go of this matter.

In addition, after Robert passed away, his shares in Su Group were transferred to Harper's name. Richard never distributed those shares among his three sons: Dave, David Su, and Clark Su.

During this time, with Richard's health deteriorating, Hannah had more than once considered how to transfer Harper's shares into their hands once Richard passed away.

"Sister-in-law, I..."

Taken aback by Hannah's questioning, Harper looked embarrassed and didn't know how to respond.

"Uncle, Auntie, and Grandpa personally brought us back."

Just then, Mia emerged from her room and spoke up.

"Tsk tsk, Mia, you're back too, huh?"

Upon seeing Mia, Olivia raised an eyebrow, her tone laced with mockery.

As a child, Richard had treated Mia as his treasure, which had stoked Olivia's jealousy. Their relationship had never been good.

"Yes, Olivia."

Mia could sense the mocking tone in Olivia's voice, but she didn't pay it much mind. Instead, she replied with a smile.

"Mia, back then you stole the Qi and Blood medicine from my brother, leading to your family of three being kicked out of the Su family. A few days ago, Grandpa couldn't bear to see you forced into marriage with the Zhen family's wastrel. He specifically had my brother meet with the Director of Sujiang City Armed Forces to intercede for you, to cancel the engagement with the Zhen family's wastrel. My brother is broad-minded, he put aside past grievances and did as Grandpa instructed, letting you escape the clutches of the Zhen family's wastrel. But what did you do? You took advantage of the situation and came back - are things not going well for you in the Liu family?"

As Olivia spoke, the smirk on her face turned into a cold smile, adopting a scolding tone. "If I were you, I wouldn't even have the face to step into this house! I wonder how you'll face my brother later!"

"When I meet Carter, I will apologize to him for what happened back then and express my gratitude for this time."

Although Mia knew it was Nick who resolved the trouble with the Zhen family, she didn't defend herself, nor did she pay attention to Olivia's sharp and bitter scolding. "Apologize? Do you even realize that because you stole that medicine and gave it to your illegitimate brother, my brother lost the best opportunity to unlock his physical potential, seriously affecting his path in martial arts? As for gratitude, what's the value of your thanks?"

With a stern face, Olivia pointed at Mia, her words pouring out.

Back then, after Robert and Harper adopted Nick, apart from telling Richard the truth, they told everyone else in the Su family that Nick was Robert's illegitimate child from an affair.

Because of this, when Carter was a child, he would openly insult Nick as the illegitimate child, and Mia would stand in front of Nick, almost coming to blows with Carter. It was thanks to Richard's timely arrival that a fight was averted.

That day, Richard slapped Carter.

Since then, no one in the Su family has insulted Nick as an illegitimate child.

Yet today, Olivia mentioned the term again!

"Olivia, I was wrong back then, but I won't allow you to insult my brother!"

In an instant, the smile on Mia's face vanished, replaced by a look of anger.

All because of the two words "illegitimate child" in Olivia's words.

Meanwhile, Nick stood by the window in the room, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Clear lines of right and wrong.

That was his life creed.

Originally, to repay the Su family for their care, he had decided to help them out of their troubles and support their rapid development, making them one of the leading families not just in the Su family, but in all of Jiangnan City. Everyone in the Su family would have an unimaginably bright future.

But the behavior of Dave and his family had changed Nick's decision.

He would help the Su family, but he would treat each member of the Su family differently.

Yesterday, he entrusted the decision to the Long Country Armed Forces because of his biological father Leo.

Today, for his foster fathers Robert and Richard, he entrusted the decision to each person in the Su family.

How each member of the Su family treated Harper and Mia would determine their future. The difference was like night and day!

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