Chapter 4: Today, I Will Teach You a Good Lesson

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Evelyn gnashed her teeth in anger and angrily threw her mobile phone onto the sofa.

At this time, the phone rang again.

It's the ringtone of a text message.

Evelyn stood in situ for a long time before she reluctantly took it back.

Then she saw the message on the screen: Nora, can you come to the Changting?

The sender was a number without note.

This mobile phone belongs to Nora. This person called her so intimate that she must be someone she knew.

Although Evelyn wondered who it is, she didn't think much about it. She tidied up her clothes a little and went to the appointed place.

The Changting is located on the waist of a hill behind the villas.

Although the family was well-off and a villa group was built here, there is still a large villa area nearby.

Those who can live here are either rich or expensive in Jing Du.

Therefore, Evelyn can see large areas of expensive trees and blooming flowers as she walks along the road.

About 15 minutes or so, Evelyn arrived at the Changting, but she didn't see the person looking for her.

Just as she was wondering, she suddenly heard steady footsteps on the cobblestone path ahead.

Evelyn looked up and saw a slender figure coming leisurely.

Silver gray suit, with white shirt, handsome appearance with a hint of elegance, a noble spirit, natural and unrestrained uncommon.

He was still holding a large gift box with exquisite packaging.

When Evelyn saw this man,she didn’t feel good.

Because, this person is Austin Wilson! ! !

At this point, he has come to stand in front of her, with a warm smile on his mouth and a slight tenderness in his eyes. "Nora, here you are"

Evelyn heard the word "Nora" and her hair stood on end.

After a embarrassed laugh,she asked, "Well ... what’s up?"

As if to recognize the estrangement in her tone, a little lost flashed in Austin's eyes , but soon faded away, he smiled lightly: "Nothing, didn't you say before that you wanted Givenchy's high-order dress, which is limited to the world. This time I went to Milan on a business trip, I met a friend who had it, so I paid a high price and asked her to give up her love ... for you!"

He said, holding the gift box in his hand in front of Evelyn, with a hint of expectation in his eyes.

Evelyn took a look, she was a little embarrassed.

According to information provided by John Davis, Austin Wilson is not only young and promising, but also a refined and noble son of Jingdu.

He also had an engagement and was the son-in-law of a provincial leader in the south.

The two are also suitable for each other. They are talented and beautiful.

Later, for some reason, he declined the marriage.

Now, it seems, perhaps because of Nora!

But Nora seems to only regard him as a friend!

"Austin ... thank you so much for remembering my preferences, but this gift is so expensive, I can't accept it. Besides, I am now the hostess of Hawk family. Anyway, You should not make an appointment with me in this way. If it goes out, it will make people misunderstand. "

Evelyn tried to put the words very politely.

Austin heard this, looked dim, "I know this is unreasonable, but Nora, you know, I ..."

But before he had finished speaking, she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the ground from the rear, gradually approaching.

Looking from Evelyn's position, she saw Amelia coming in this direction.

She was immediately frightened.

Damn it!

This woman always wanted to find Nora fault, if she sees her and Austin are together at the moment, will certainly take advantage of the problem.

By then, she will not be able to wash herself even if she jumps into the Yellow river!

Think of this, Evelyn said nothing and turned back to leave.

Austin also saw Amelia.

His face was slightly heavy and he gritted his teeth in exasperation. "It's her again!"

Evelyn saw that he was still standing, hurriedly reached out and pushed him, "what are you doing, why not hide quickly? Do you really want to be discovered by her? "

"But this dress ..."

"Shut up! If we are misunderstood today, we can't even be friends! "

Evelyn was almost anxious and irritated. She could only interrupt him irritably and threateningly.

Austin heard this, sadness flied over his eyes and he finally turned to leave in frustration.

After he walked away, Evelyn's expression returned to normal.

Amelia just came to her. She looked around sharply, as if looking for something.

Evelyn was nervous, but pretended to be calm and said, "What a coincidence! How can I come out for a walk and meet you?"

"Save it ,Nora Davis! I clearly heard someone talking here just now. You have a lot of nerve, even if you do some shady business outside, but today, you even dare to do it here. I'll see how you can justify it when I find evidence. "

Amelia said scornfully, and then did not give up searching around, as if she really wanted to find out someone.

As a result, nothing was found!

Evelyn languidly sat at the stone table in the Changting and said: "Have you found anything yet?? Do you want me to call someone to prove what you said is true? "

"You ..."

Amelia was so angry that she could not say anything, she could only curse in her heart: "Bitch, bitch!"

She clearly heard the voice of a man just now, but it was gone!

She dodged another bullet!

The same was true for several times before. She did not find the goods on her, while she was taught a lesson.

Thinking of the last time this woman slap her in public, Amelia’s resentment immediately poured out.

Her eyes suddenly grew grim and her arm which had been hanging on her side, rose highly and was about to slap on Evelyn’s face .

Evelyn quickly tilted her head, avoided the slap. A layer of anger covered her eyes.

"Amelia, what are you doing?" She stared at Amelia and said coldly.

"Nora, do you really think you are in Hawk family, you can always do whatever you want? I tell you, as long as I am here, you can’t! Today, I will teach you a good lesson for Lucas. "

When the words fell, Amelia raised her hand again to slap.

Evelyn quickly got up and took two big steps back to avoid it.

As a result, the whole person could not help leaning back because she didn't pay attention to the slope at her feet and stepped on empty.


Evelyn exclaimed aloud, subconsciously stretched out her hands, wanted to catch something to stabilize the body, but still caught nothing.

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