Chapter 9: He Wanted to Try It Again Tonight

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Nora Davis seemed to sneer. "That's not good to say. My good sister has always been a poor person. What if she get used to the life of rich mistress and refuse to leave?”

"Oh, it's not her thing. How dare she ask for it? And Dad won't allow her to take your things. Yous are yours. You stay abroad well, and after a year, you return to the country. Everything is as same as you left.”

John Davis's gentle voice was completely different from speaking to Evelyn.

Nora Davis on the phone was relieved to hear what he said, "That's good. But Dad, you have to help me watch her, but don't let my sister get pregnant. The reason why Lucas returning home in hurry was that the old Mr. Hawk wanted to have a grandson eagerly. I do not want a extra baby until I come back.”

"You can rest assured. Dad promise you!"

John Davis was still comforting her. He saw Evelyn come in from outside and said hurriedly , "Okay, I'll hang up. You take good care of yourself abroad.”

After hanging up the phone, facing Evelyn who just entered the door, he said lightly, "Sit down!"

Evelyn felt ironic when she saw John Davis change his attitude so quickly.

She wondered why siblings should be treated so differently.

However, she pretended to be generous, pull up a chair, sit down, and say in an indifferent tone, "What's the matter?"

This was somewhat similar to Nora Davis, but the eyes were different.

John Davis's eyes flashed and his face remained unchanged. He gave her with a pack of white pills.

They had the same faces, but he divided so clearly .

Evelyn smiled bitterly and asked, "What is this?"

" Lucas has come back. The man, will have that need inevitably. Remember to take medicine on time. If you dare to conceive on your own, neither you nor your mother will not ever think about it! ____________

John Davis's voice was full of ice, as if it was not his daughter in front of him, but a tool without flesh and blood.

Evelyn smiled sarcastically, "I don't think you even thought about this."

"This is imported from abroad. You can use it for half a year."

John Davis ignored the irony in her words and continued, "My good son-in-law came back. It's time for me as a father-in-law to meet him. Later you go home and I'll be with you. How do you do it? You should know."

Evelyn frowned. John Davis was really eccentric.

He let Evelyn to become Nora Davis, but it's not enough. Now he wanted to take the father-in-law's route for Nora.

Didn't he rest assured of her?


At this time, the Hawks' Company, President's Office.

Lucas sat behind his desk and buried his head in dealing with the papers piled up like hills on the desk.

Cater came in from the outside and said with concern, "President, you just become better. Why don't you take a rest first? These are not urgent documents. It's okay to deal with them later."

"I'm not in serious condition. I don't need a rest."

Lucas did not raise his head to respond.

Cater couldn't help but feeling helpless.

It was a well-known workaholic who can't spare a day.

Mr.s Hawk, his mother said they must let him have a good rest!

Lucas really felt good now.

Although his ill was bad occasionally, he had no sequel at all this time.

And this was probably related to Nora Davis!

He still remembered that when he was in a trance, subconsciously he grasped the only thing that could be clinging to in a hurry. Leaning on Nora Davis, he felt unprecedented sense of stability.

This feeling, he never felt before witch made Lucas feel a little strange.

Was it a coincidence?

How could Nora Davis have this ability?

But in case it was...

Lucas thought about it, and planned to go back tonight and try again! ____________


At eight o'clock in the evening, just after Evelyn had taken a bath at home, the door was knocked from outside.

She opened the door in doubt and saw Lucas standing outside.

He seemed to have just returned from the outside, with his suit jacket on arms, a loose tie, two buttons unbuttoned at his neck, a sexy throat knot and clavicle, a white shirt outlining a broad shoulder and narrow buttocks, and black pants wrapped in slender legs, which seemed to be full of abstinence.

Evelyn was shocked and surprised. "Are you back?"

Lucas's eyes fell on her.

Evelyn had just taken a bath. Her hair was still wet, and she was wearing a slightly conservative nightgown. However, he could still see a piece of snow-white skin at her neck. She was full of fragrance after bathing. Her fragrance came to his face and crept into Lucas's nose.

He could not help shaking his mind for a moment. The picture of the night when he just returned home appeared in his head.

That night was saccharine, and fragrance accompanied him. Let him linger forgetting to return.

Lucas’s eyes became deeper. He closed the door, then suddenly grabbed Evelyn's waist and put her against the wall.

Evelyn was unprepared for a moment and was shocked. When she responded, she was already against the wall.

Close to her was his broad chest, warm nose and dark eyes.

"You... What are you going to do?

Evelyn looked at him nervously and her breathing was stagnant.

Lucas didn't say a word. He just felt the soft touch in his hands quietly. He didn't feel the so-called sense of stability.

It was impossible. Did he need to turn off the light to feel it?

Lucas frowned slightly, as if hesitating.

Evelyn saw that he didn’t move for a time and her heart was beating out.

That night was unexpected, but it also clearly imprinted in the brain, and now he did like this, what on earth he wanted to do?

May be he...

Just as she was thinking, the light in the room suddenly turned out.

Evelyn was shocked by the darkness of the room. The first thing that came to mind was the situation when he was ill last night.


She spoke in a hurry, but she was hugged violently.

Lucas began to breathe quickly again. Evelyn’s heart almost to stop because of fear. "Lucas, are you all right?"

Lucas did not speak, but he was still conscious.

The darkness in front of him made him feel as if he were in a dark whirlpool.

The whirlpool, like the opening of a monster's mouth, would devour him.

However, there was a woman's call in his ear, but it was so clear that his body temperature was warm again.


At this time, the light in the room turned on again.

Evelyn pushed Lucas away for fear that he might be ill. "Lucas, are you all right? Don't scare me?"

Lucas's forehead was soaked with cold sweat, but his expression was not unusual. He said lightly, "It's all right."

Evelyn took a long breath and said, "Why did you suddenly turn off the light? What if something happens again?

Lucas said, "It's just that I bumped into it carelessly. I'm all right."

Evelyn didn't believe it. "Really?"

She looked at him carefully, and saw that he was really okay, then she took a long breath.

Lucas did not speak, but his mind was full of thoughts.

Now he could finally be sure that this woman really had an impact on him.

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